122: The Captives – Arrivals

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“What business did you do with the women in Paris” That was Joel.

I told him that it was a long story and that it was non of his business.

“Joel i have worked with you before and i gave you extra money after that operation. You know how i do my things. If you can’t take this job, just say it and i will get out of here” I raised my voice.

The man who was smoking before we came said that if i raised my voice again, they would shoot me right there.

“When are you going to call them” Joel asked again.
That was the question i waited for.

“8pm, i will call Chike by 8pm and tell him i was at the Gein Station” I said.

The digital clock in my phone revealed that it was almost 8pm. Time was so fast that i didn’t realize i already spent half an hour with the bad guys.

Joel had said that it was already 8pm. That had prompted me to check the time on my phone.

I called Chike immediately. “I am going to the African Kitchen now. I will stop in Gein Metro Station in 30 Minutes. You can come there for some drinks and food if you are hungry”

After a few moments, he excused himself and promised to call me back immediately.

I thought he would call Joel immediately but he didnt. It took the whole of five minutes before he called me back.
He Said he didn’t like walking to African Kitchen all alone and asked if i could wait for him in the small park in front of the gym near the metro station.
I agreed.

Naturally, i was expecting him to say something like that. He knew it was going to be suspicious to ask me to wait at the metro station. He also knew that as soon as i entered inside African Kitchen, it would be difficult to do anything to me inside the restuarant. His best bet was the small park where the Local Government built some concrete slab chairs for children to play.

As soon as i agreed that i would wait for him at the park, he cut the call and called Joel.

“Its him” Joel said as he showed Chike’s phone number to me.

I nodded and asked him to answer the call.

“Dont tell him you are in Gein, tell him you are in Bulewijk. He knows the two places are close enough” I said to Joel before he picked the call.

“Yes, what is it. I hope you dont repeat what happened before. I told you to call me only when you see him” Joel said on the phone.

Since the phone was not on speak out, we didnt hear what Chike was saying but after some moments, Joel said on the phone, that he and his friend were in Bulewijk.

When he finished with Chike on the phone, he announced, “He said we should go and wait for you at the Children’s park near the metro station. He aslo said that i should call him immediately we get there”.

“Very well My man. In twenty minutes, call him back and tell him that you captured a Nigerian Man sitting there but first of all, ask him where he is. We need to know the area where he is before you tell him you saw me” I said and sipped my Vodka.

We discussed what was going to happen as we waited for Chike and his new allies.
“How much are we going to ask them to pay?” One of the guys smoking in the apartment before we came said.

Before i said anything, i looked at Joel to get his approval; he nodded.

“We have to get them first, then we tie their hands and legs. After that, we discuss what they will pay. We also have to let them know that we mean business”.

He puffed his Marijuana Smoke. “What if this doesnt work?”.

“It will work” I said with faith.
That was where faith was needed.
Faith according to the scriptures, was a gift that enabled us to believe without doubt.
To some extent, that was correct. But i had a different view of what i wanted faith to be for me.
I wanted faith to be under my control. Imagine faith under your control, it also meant that fate was under your control.
Now imagine your fate under your control.
How could you have lost a war if your fate was under your control?
How could you have misbahaved if your fate was under your control?
Life was more of physicality than divinity but for some reasons, we were told to just believe and have faith; everything was going to be alright.

Joel reminded me that it was time once more, he seemed to have been more anxious than i was.

“You can call him now” I said.
He did. “We have him now, come with the balance of our money” Joel said.

“Yes, i am sure” Pause.
“You said he would be at the park” Pause.
“What do we do to him?” Pause.
“You want us to wait until you come” Pause.

“Ten minutes, OK, Call me when you get to the metro station” Joel said and stopped.

“What did he say?” I asked for the sake of asking.

From the little responses i heard from Joel, I already knew what transpired between him and Chike.

“He said they are coming to Gein in ten minutes. I will go and pick them up” Joel said.

“No, you are staying here Joel. Send one of them” I said as i pointed to one of those guys already in the apartment before we arrived.

All of a sudden, one of the doors inside the apartment opened and two people came out; a boy and a girl. The girl was not more than 15 years.
From the look of things, they were apparently coming out of some intensive sex tournament.
It was the norm for the Suriname young girls. They liked to get pregnant as early as possible so that the Dutch Government could start taking care of them and the kids.
All over the street, they were hundreds of them, carrying children who were almost as big as themselves.

It certainly wasn’t my business but i hated surprises. I almost wanted to ask Joel why he didn’t tell me people were in one of the rooms but i quickly understood that i was at their mercy, it was so good to be the idiot at that moment.

We were still arguing over who should go and pick them up when they called.
After talking on the phone, Joel said they were at the Metro Station.

“Send one of them to go and pick them up” I said calmly.

From the sound of my voice, Joel knew that i wasn’t joking.

“OK, You go bring Nigeria man from metro” he said to one of the two smokers.

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