121: The Secret Apartment

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We took a Snoda and drove to the Secret house. It was in Gein.

Gein, like i said in the past, was a no go area for Dutch authorities.
Not that the Police didn’t visit there but they always did with a lot of reinforcements.
It was rumoured that the Suriname people had killed some Police there in the past.
Gain had the highest concentration of the Suriname in the entire Amsterdam South East. It was part of the place built in late 80s when it was imminent that the Colonial Masters were going to hand over power to the indigenous blacks in South Africa.
Due to the high concentration of the Netherlands in South Africa, the Netherland government had started developing Gein and the entire Bijlmer to accommodate those that would be deported from South Africa. But When the South Africans were Finally given the power, a certain Nelson Mandela had mounted the Podium in Johannesburg Stadium and announced that the blacks would live alongside the whites in South Africa.
The Dutch government were then left with a city without people.
As a result, they had opened up to their colonies in South America, especially the Surinames, to come over to the Netherlands.
That was how the dreaded people came to occupy Bijlmer.

When the Ghanaians and Nigerians started migrating to Amsterdam, they naturally chose Bijlmer because the Suriname people were also black like them.

Joel, his friend and I arrived in Gein with a Snoda and waited at the bar near the metro station until it was 7:30pm in the evening before we separately sneaked into the secret apartment.

Two other men were smoking Marijuana inside when we came.
Naturally i was wary of the environment but it was either i did what i was going to do or risk running and hiding for Chike and his new Madams.

“This is the secret room” Joel said.

One of the guys smoking in the room said something to Joel in a language i didn’t understand but based on the expression on his face, he didn’t like that they returned home with a stranger.

Joel said something to him in the same Language which i understood to be that i came with a deal.

“What business you bring us” the smoker suddenly asked.

I asked Joel and his friend to sit down first.
They sat down and brought out two guns from their coats.

Gawwd! Those two gangsters were with guns all along and i sat and drank with them at the same table. I even entered the same car with them to Gein. If the cops had somehow controlled us, there was no way i could escape going to jail whether i was with a gun myself or not.

And to crown the panic moment, they were waiting for me at Chike’s place with the guns.
It seemed our Madams came to kill me in Amsterdam.
It seemed to be the closest i had brushed with death yet but looking back at the things that happened to me in the past, that was just another escape from death.

My phone started ringing before i said anything, Queen was calling.

“Don’t you want to return home again?” She asked.

It wasn’t time to Shout at her or blame her. It was time to pet and make her happy because she could do something stupid if i wasn’t careful.

“Baby i will return after midnight or in the morning. Did you keep my food in the room?” i asked her.

She said she would go and get my food for me when i returned; she was apparently missing me and despite that i made her feel at home in the Almere apartment, she was still scared.

When i finished with Queen on the phone, i turned to Joel and began, “I saw two of you today at the long house near the Strandvliet Metro station”.

“What do you mean?” The second guy asked.

I continued. “I also saw two of you in Amsterdamspoort. Someone hired two of you to capture me. Two women from Paris. They paid two of you to catch me and kill me. There is also the Nigerian guy, who found two of you and took you to the women”

At this stage, everything has started making sense to them because Joel had suddenly interrupted me and asked. “How did you know all this?”.
It was a question i had hoped that he would ask. I had been planning this operation since the evening and i knew that i would drag him into asking me that question.

“The same guy who contacted you also called me and told me that you guys are coming to his place with guns. He told me to call Police and arrest you people but when i saw Joel in Amsterdamspoort, i recognized him. He has done a job for me in the past. So i cannot set him up” I said and stopped.

I had just played into Joel’s fantasy and i knew he would now defend me if things got bad in the secret apartment.

The second guy had suddenly stood up and grabbed his gun.

“Tell me why i should believe you” He shouted.

I didn’t say a word, it was a delicate situation and any word from me could trigger the gun in his hand.

“Calm down, let him finish” Joel said.

“I drove past two of you under the tree with a black Passat. If i wanted anything to happen to you, i would have called Police. I had some business with those women in Paris and they came her to harm me. We are going to harm them and get money from them. As for the black guy, we will deal with him later” I said.

“What do you plan to do?” Joel asked.
His friend had dropped his gone and was back in his seat.

“We are going to call them, i will tell them that i am in Gein. They will call you to go and catch me. After some time, you will call them and tell them you have captured me. They will come to see me, then we will hold them hostage and make them pay. Any amount we get from them, we will divide into two, you take one and i take one” I said and stopped.

None of them said anything. Joel just arranged Marijuana and smoked while i helped myself with the Cheap white Vodka sitting on the table.

“Do you know that if they recognize this place after that, the police will close here down” The second guy said.

“Then we must get big money from them, i will give money for another apartment from my share” I said and waited for the next question from them.

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