12: Time For The Game

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When it was time to start contacting the Madams down in Italy, i refused to call Madam Tessy. When Zuby asked why, i lied to him that Madam Tessy was part of the people that brought me to Europe.

I eventually called Aunty Adesuwa. She was a friend of mine that lived in Napoli. She was new into the business of bringing teenage girls to Europe and currently has about four of them. She was also good at bragging about her achievements and for that reason, it was easy for me to chose her first.

“Maria, where are you? This is not Italian number” Aunty Adesuwa said from the other end of the phone.

The phone was on speak out as Zuby has instructed.

“I am in Sweden Aunty. Things got dry in Napoli and Castel Volturno, so i called my friend who lives here. She told me to come. Things are moving well this side. If not that you have children, i would have asked you to come here, the Police don’t disturb like they do in Italy” I lied.

Zuby nodded as i talked.

Before the end of the call, I was able to convince Aunty Adesuwa to send her girls to Sweden. I told her that i would harbour them until they were able to stand on their own.
Aunty Adesuwa agreed to send two of her girls to Sweden in about one week time.

“Call another person, one week is too far” Zuby said as soon as i finished with Adesuwa.

I called Aunty Joy in Venice.
I had a history with Joy, she was my mentor during my little stay in Venice where i took my asylum. She also occupied the same room with me when i was posted out of the asylum camp.

I didn’t do much with Aunty Joy because i left Venice.
One day while eating at an African restaurant in Napoli, I heard a rumour that an Edo woman killed her white boyfriend in Venice and took his money. They said her name was Joy.
The way they described what happened, i decided to call Aunty Joy since i had her phone number.

Aunty Joy denied that she killed anybody. She said she made her money through some business deals she brokered.
The good news was that Aunty Joy had money and as a result, she started the same business all of did; importation of teenage girls from Africa.
Zuby was massaging my back as i called Aunty Joy in Venice. She said she had girls and would send one or two to Sweden if i promised to take care of them.

The following day was a Sunday. I forced Zuby to follow me to the Church. I wanted to walk side by side with him to the Church as husband and wife. It was one of the things i dreamed to be doing when i get Married.
He initially refused to go to the Church but after convincing him that we needed God in our lives, he agreed to go.

After the Church, i followed him as he approached a white Rev. Sister.

She asked the Sister if and when he could visit Fatimah at the convent. He was told that Tuesdays were the visiting days but warned that he didn’t take anything to her. She said the convent didn’t take gifts from the outside.

Inside the cab back home from the Church, i received a call from Aunty Adesuwa. She said she would send one of her girls to Sweden on Tuesday evening.
When i asked Zuby if it was OK since we were traveling to see Fatimah at the Vadstena Convent the same day, he said i could stay behind and receive the new girl.

“No way. I am going to see Fatimah with you. Don’t forget she is my girl and if you think i could start a problem there, think again because i can’t possibly win there at the convent” I had said.

Zuby agreed that i go to visit Fatimah with him on Tuesday but warned that we must leave early in the morning so we could return on time to receive the new girl coming from Italy.
After cooking and eating our food that Sunday evening, we went to town to watch movies. I was falling in love with Azubuike again. I only prayed that it lasted longer this time, I could see that he loved me too. We would kiss at every opportunity.
The moment was everything i ever wanted.
I was no longer angry at what happened between me and Zuby back in Italy. I felt that i would not have been there in the cinema hall, with my head on his shoulder, watching a movie together if what happened in Italy didn’t happen.
Every event in life directed us to something and somewhere else.

The following day, we went to a nearby library and searched for a new apartment. After chosing about three of the ones we found, we set out to inspect them.
William, a friend of Zuby who lived in Stockholm with his family drove us to check the apartments.
We settled for the second one on our list, it was a 2-bedroom apartment with a large sitting room. It was perfect for a couple who wished to live with one other person.
My joy knew no bound, i was going to be the woman of the house.
Whatever girl we rescued from the streets would be under me.
It was also time to realise my dreams of living with Zuby. We were going to be making love wherever we wanted inside the apartment.
I believed he was no longer afraid i could harm him.
Within the space of one week, he has managed to integrate me into his plans and system to the extent that i thought i had been with him forever.

We set out to fix our apartment first. At the mall, we bought the needed electronics and more kitchen utensils. Everything we needed was in the apartment before the end of the day.

Due to how happy i was, Zuby had joked that i had always wanted to live with him but didn’t know how to say so.
The only down time of the day was when Zuby asked why i kept diabolical objects in my apartment in Castel Volturno.
I didn’t say anything to his question and as a result, he had said, “I hope you didn’t ask your friend in Castel Volturno to send the diabolical items to you up here.”

I knew what he said was not bad but i felt he shouldn’t have put it that way and for that, i started crying, hoping that he would come to hold and pet me but he didn’t.
Rather, he sat there and sipped his Brandy as if my tears didn’t matter.

The i learnt that Sometimes, we just have to take responsibilities of our past actions.

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