During the dinner time, I saw Agnes and Joan seated at the back end of the hall. Melinda did not come, so I walked up to them and sat down.

”I am so disappointed in you Solo” Agnes said with anger.
*atleast she had said something, that was a good start*
”why” I had asked.

*I learnt the tricks of using single words when you are not certain of the outcome of anything*

” Melinda has been walking around and telling everybody you are her boyfriend now” she said.

*Deny! Deny!! deny!!!*

‘what are you talking about’ I asked the silly question.

‘look Agnes” I continued, ” I don’t know what you heard or where you heard it from but the last time I checked, we were not married.
Secondly Melinda is not my girlfriend, I am just trying to divert John’s Attention from me” I lied.
” John’s Attention, what do you mean by that” she asked.

*the ball has just entered my court*

” John” I began ” had been threatening to kill me if I don’t stay away from you. He had punched me two days ago and it was the intervention of the Police that separated us” I continued.

” Right now, I am afraid to go out of the camp alone because I fell in love with you”
She looked so surprised when I mentioned the Police and punch.
I had managed to arouse her pity and it was all me against John from then.
She said she was going to warn John and report to the authorities if he ever stalk or touch me again.
I told her that it was her that I had wanted but since my safety was at stake, it was probably better to stay away from her for now. She agreed.
I also tried to let her understood why I needed to be hanging out with Melinda so that The Psycho John would think that I was with Melinda. She didn’t bought into that silly excuse but she said nothing. I refused to escort them back to the ladies hostel since we could run into Melinda and complicate things.

Days went by uneventfully in the camp except that new people came into the camp, more Nigerians and Camerounians, Ghanaians and Malians, Guineans and Senegalese. The older campers were being sent out too.
Tomorrow was my Interview day. It was the interview that determines where you will be posted from the camp and how many months you will be getting in your Ausweiss. It was that interview that determines whether the Germans bought into your lies about why you came to Germany and it was the same interview that will decide whether you will be deported or not.
Most Africans spent a day to the interview praying while the other races spent it rehearsing what they would answer. It was a strange world where Africans depend on God while others depend on intelligence and facts.

I spent that very day running after a Kenyan teenager who had just arrived to the Camp. I had gone to the train station to escort Melinda who was posted out of the Camp to Her permanent base which was Magdeburg, a city an hour away from Berlin, the German Hauptstadt. (Hauptstadt means capital city).

Melinda had just boarded her train to Berlin where she would connect another train to Magdeburg when I turned to go and found a girl loitering around the station. Her name was Awiti, which she told me meant ‘someone born after great misfortune’. According to Her, her parents had searched for a child for over twenty years before they born her.
After introducing herself to me, she said she had been posted to the asylum camp and didn’t know which way to follow after getting down from the train.
I told her that I was going there. She thanked God and followed me. When we get down from the bus in front of the Camp, I took her to the gate and waited for her to be properly cleared. I took her to the admin blocks afterwards where she got her room number, sheets and other things such as soaps and tissues. I took her to the female hostel and showed her the room. I helped her clean the place and spread the sheets. She was not more than 18 and her body was still very very tight and smooth.
She told me how she had come to Germany. She had boarded a ship in Mombasa and had spent three weeks inside the ocean until they got to Brussels. Then someone had suggested that she go to Germany since the refugees got better packages over there.
It was a nice story but I only listened because she had no other friend yet. I had heard enough of the same bullcrap before her arrival.
According to her, she was told that she will meet many Nigerians in the Camp. She had asked if I was Nigerian and I had outrightly denied. I was a Camerounian and I wish to remain that until I got out of the Camp.
The ladies rooms had bathrooms inside, so I waited for her in the room while she took her bath and changed. Unlike men, women usualy came to camp with their cloths.
When she came out, I offered to show her around. I ignored Agnes, Joan and one other Malian girl I had fvcked. I took Awiti around, showing her everywhere that mattered. We went for Lunch and Dinner together. She kept thanking me every now and then and I told her not to worry, that I also had no friends in camp except her.
According to me, there was no girl that caught my interest until she came, she looked innocent enough to me to associate with since I came directly to Germany from a seminary school.
She bought into it since it still baffled her how I could abandon everything and everybody and spent the whole day with her.
After the dinner, I saw John Bighead and his squad going out of camp, their interview had been conducted yesterday and there were just waiting for their dispatch notice to know where they had been posted. The notice board had showed nothing that day. As soon as John and co left, I walked back to the female hostel with Awiti. She didn’t know that men were not allowed in the hostel after 7pm. I stayed in her room until it was 8pm, and by then, it was too late to leave. Someone would have caught me if I attempted to leave, so I stayed back.
At 8pm, I stood up and pretended to go, then I suddenly looked at my watch and shouted ” oh my God”
” what is it” she had asked me.
I told her the standing rules about no male going close to female hostel after 7pm. I told her that I had interview tomorrow and that if I get caught, I could be expelled from the camp and even sent back to Africa. She suggested that I sleep over and leave in the morning. A suggestion I grabbed with both hands.

The bed wasn’t big enough to contain two people but there was another bed in the room. We chatted until 10pm. She suggested that I took a bath before sleeping. I did and after the bath, I came out with just my boxers and singlet. There was a little cold in the room but I didn’t care. If anything was going to happen, seeing me semi nakedd could catalyse the whole process.
When I came into the room from the bathroom, I went straight to the other bed and lay down. We were not quite ready to sleep and exchanging chats from one bed to another could let people know that a male was in the hostel. She told me to come over to her bed. I did and lay down beside her in the bed. She covered me with the same blanket and we lay there like twins. She kept me warm as we chatted in low voices until some how, I gathered enough courage and kissed her soft lips. She didn’t respond. I tried it again after 10 seconds and this time, she took over from me and kissed me. It was sweet kiss, coming from lips that had been washed a few minutes ago with toothpaste. But she was an amatuer.
We kissed more and more before my hand slipped inside her gown and touched the pubic hairs. She didn’t fight it. She was without underwear. I kept kissing her while my hand was massaging the mouth of her cunnt. She was enjoying it and twisting her body. When I tried to dip my finger inside her cunnt, it was very tight. I became alerted.
”baby are you still a virgin” I asked in a low tone.
She said yes and kept quiet. I asked why she didn’t tell me and told her that I didn’t want to hurt her by breaking her hymen. She said that one way or the other, she was going to do it one day and that she didn’t see a better candidate than a stranger who took the responsibilities of making her comfortable in this strange place. I kissed her after that and told her that I loved her. It was the truth. I loved her, maybe temporarily but love was love, no matter how long it lasted.
I continued pushing my finger inside her cunnt until one finger finally got in. It must have been hurting her a little but she didn’t show it. I kept rubbing and massaging the cunnt while sucking her hard and standing bosoms.
* I could have swore that her bosoms had never been touched by any man too. Every single touch tingles her*

When I felt that my joystick can enter inside her without much pain, I removed my boxers and pulled out her gown. She lay on her back while I climbed on top of her. I tried several times to penetrate until I finally succeeded after over two minutes. She held my back and kissed me while I fvcked her slowly. She was a sweet little girl but I did the work alone. When I released inside her, I feared she could get pregnant but then, I have noticed that every black girl in Germany wanted to get pregnant.
There was some small stains of blood around the base of my joystick, I got up and took her to the bathroom and cleaned us up. Then we went back to the bed and fvcked again.
We lay on the single bed after the sex and kissed and talked in hushed voices. I reminded her that I had my interview in the morning. She offered to pray for me. I wondered how God answered such prayers of sinful people but we were told that His ways were not our ways.

In the Morning, I waited until 7:30am before leaving the ladies hostel.
My interview was coming by 8am……

Watch out for the Interview…. The funniest and the most dangerous part of asylum

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