12: Lisa must stay

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Chapter 12.

I woke up early in the morning the next day and started making calls. The events of the recent days had prevented me from talking to some of my people around the World.
My first call was placed to Dublin. Ify wasn’t happy that i didn’t call her in the past three days. She wanted to know if i had found another woman.
The truth was that i had found another woman but i didn’t tell her. The heart of woman could be dangerously jealous which could lead to inflicting pains on herself.
I had analysed her question pretty fast and said, ”How can i look at any other girl when i am missing you” she had laughed and believed that i was missing her. I was missing her and Samson quite alright but not enough to avoid women entirely. She had complained that she didn’t have money, and as a result, i called Amsterdam and asked Robin to forward €1000 to her through western Union.

I called Jennifer in Berlin. We haven’t spoken for weeks prior to the call. She had eventually came to terms that i was gone and no longer belonged to her. According to her, life wasn’t too rosy but they were getting along. She was a single mother and she was enjoying it better than when she lived with her boyfriend.
I told her that i will send her €500 before three days.

I called London. A man picked Efuah’s mobile phone and asked who i was.
I told him that i was a friend of hers. I gave him my name, then he said that he knew me. He was polite enough to tell me that Princess was doing good. Efuah had come in and taken the phone from him.
”That was my husband, what did he tell you”? she had said when she realised that it was me.
”She told me that you, Princess and the new kids are doing well. He is a good person” i said.

I called Nigeria and talked to Chinelo. She was Married already to my cousin Andy. She had said that i changed phone number more often in the past few days.
Only if she knew what was happening with me in France.
”I am in France now. I came to process a document that will make me to be able to come to Nigeria” i had told her.

After making the calls, i called Naomi and sent her to buy more recharge airtime cards downstairs. When she left, Lisa came into the sitting room where i was and started kissing me.
”Naomi just went out to buy cards for me. She will be back here in 10 minutes. We need to stop this Lisa” i said.
She ignored me and continued. My manhood had gotten excited and she was rubbing it. Time started to run fast.
Naomi knocked on the door and Lisa stood up instantly. As she walked to open the door for Naomi, i sneaked into the room and lay face down on the bed.
I had configured my Nokia E63 to brows the internet, therefore i browsed with the phone while laying face down with my stomach on the bed. My manhood was erect and since i didn’t want Naomi to see it, i had to lay face down. She had given me the cards and had sat on my back, something she had learnt to do every now and then.

”I am going out soon. I want to go and check On something in Paris. Please don’t go out. The thugs are very pissed now and they could hurt you if they see you in Paris. Stay here with Lisa until i return” i said.
She demanded for €10 to go with Lisa to the mall for ice creams.

I took a little pity on Naomi. I wondered if what Lisa and I were doing behind her back was fair. According to the ethical rules, it wasn’t fair but according to natural lust laws, it was fine.
Naomi was just a girlfriend. It was true we were in love but we were not engaged in anyway. Lisa on the other hand had seen some opportunities to feel loved as well and she was taking it. It was only a matter of time before it caused a problem between three of us. I knew a day was coming when a small jealousy war will ensure in our little peaceful apartment.

After the first encounter with Lisa, I had approached Naomi at the dirty hotel room in Juvisy and said, ”Do you know that if Lisa is not living with us, we could be making love everywhere in the apartment; kitchen, bathroom and even on the passage and veranda”
she had agreed that it was true and would be lovely but had also condemned anything that could chase Lisa out of the apartment. According to her, She and Lisa had gone through a lot together. They had stuck together during the first winter they met in France. They had nearly died of cold when they newly arrived to Paris from the Southern city of Marseille. They had found a room together in an apartment that belonged to a Camerounian. The man who owned the apartment had wanted to sleep with them but when they refused, he had asked them to leave. They had stayed in a cheap tiny hotel room where they paid €25 daily until they found another room somewhere in Guy Moquet area. They had lived there for months until the owner relocated to the German Border city of Strassbourg. He had asked them to join him there but they didn’t want to leave Paris. As a result, they had moved back to another hotel room.
It was an emotional story because i was going to spend just three months in Paris. It meant that they would be out in the street again as soon as i leave Paris.
I had decided that if i managed to get her pregnant, i would take her with me or atleast find a one bedroom apartment for her and Lisa. It never for once crossed my mind to reside permanently in Paris. It was just a city of Love and Romance. It was true that i started experiencing love through Naomi but i knew that it was only a matter of time before i go back to my usual fortified mental state where nothing would be able to penetrate; not even love from Naomi. I had been there before.

I gave Naomi €10, called Lisa and gave her €5 and told them to go to the nearby mall and buy Ice Creams for themselves.
As i handed the money to them, i said, ”Now that i have two beautiful girlfriends, i wish to make both of them happy”.
We all laughed at the joke, only that there was a serious truth in the Joke.

” Favour is deceitful and beauty is Vain” Psalm 31.

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