12: Bastian Von Austria

Chapter 12.

Jacob was out of the way.

In the business of prostitution, one needed no extra baggage.

Jacob was going to drag me to where i might not know how to return, therefore i felt no remorse over what i did.

The chain of events that took me to Milan and led to the Money i found in Ano’s apartment, started with Jacob but that didn’t give him the power to dictate to me.
He was supposed to know that i would one day, change from the naive little girl she knew back at Madam Philo’s Restaurant.

The day the Police arrested Jacob and his friend, i didn’t go to work.
I had called Uncle and told him what happened and he said i could take some days off if i wanted.

Melissa and I spent the entire day at home, considering our next move.

Jacob was still a security threat, despite being locked up in Prison.
It was only a matter of time before he would be allowed to make calls.
If he had Ano’s phone number, or knew who knew Ano, he could ruin everything for me with just a phone call.

For some reasons, it seemed that our apartment was no longer safe but we had to stay there whether we liked it or not.

I didn’t want to tell Melissa about everything going on in my mind. She could get scared and the last thing i needed at that stage was a scared girl.

On the evening of that same day, i received a call from Aunty Philo. She said she heard about what happened to us.

“You should have called me to come and deal with that useless Igbo Boy” Aunty Philo had said.

She knew that it was Jacob who took me to Milan in the first place and despite that action leading to the money i gave her, she was still angry that Jacob took me to Milan without her approval.

Lilian also called out of the blues.
I was sure it was her who heard the news first and told Aunty Philo.
She said she wanted to make sure i was alright.

It seemed that Lilian wanted to make up with me. One way or the other, she had discovered that i wasn’t really a girlfriend to Max. She must have heard that i lived alone in my own apartment and she must have known that i used Max to get what i wanted.

I always knew that it was a matter of time before she apologized for what she said about me.
I was the person who bought my freedom and despite being young, i was almost a celebrity in town.

Everything returned to normal the following day, it was time to return to work.

With the help of my mirror, I painted my face with lipstick and powder, wore my short skirt and a blouse, then went to Uncle’s place.
There was only one girl present when i arrived.

I found a corner in the luxurious sitting room and relaxed.
Five minutes later, uncle came in and asked if i was ready to go and meet a customer.

“Sure, why not” I answered.

“He is coming here to pick you up” He said and left.

Another ten minutes went by before the customer came.

Outside the restaurant, i opened the Mercedes Benz ML and entered through the passenger front door.

“How are you?” The man asked as he engaged the automatic Transmission.

“I am Ok, you?” I said.

“Good Good, i am good too. Call me, Bastian” He said.

He drove towards the middle of the city as we talked.

Bastian was an Austrian who worked in Italy.
According to him, he had lived in Italy for eight years and could speak the language fluently.

I didn’t know where Austria was but since he was white, i knew that it was also a country in Europe.

We got to a compound outside Castel Volturno and stopped.
The duplex in the facility looked well designed and maintained.
The dwarf fence separated the walkway from the Building.

Bastian opened a small gate beside the building wall and led me to the back of the house.

At the back of the main building was a swimming pool and not far away was also the Sea itself.

At the swimming pool, four long chairs were mounted, two on both sides of the Rectangular Swimming pool.

“Sit down there” Bastian said as he unlocked a door and entered.

I sat on a single Chair and looked towards the swimming pool.

Three minutes later, Bastian came out with a bottle of Champagne.

He kept it on the table beside me and also kept two glasses.

He sat on another chair beside the table and opened the Champagne.

“Long live” He said as he poured drinks into the two cups.

“Cheers” He said as he lifted his glass cup.

I lifted mine too and did what i always saw people do in occasions.

We sipped our drinks and kept it back on the table.

“Do you know how to swim?” Bastian asked.

“I don’t but i guess this pool is not deep” I said and smiled.

Ever since i entered the house and saw the pool, i had been waiting for an opportunity to tell him that i wanted to swim.

The pool looked beautiful and quiet and as i sat there and talked with him, i imagined how beautiful it would be to swim in it.

Summer had returned and the weather was perfect for swimming.

Luckily enough, i wore a tight pant that was good for swimming.

“Some parts are deeper than others but if you want to swim, you can use the floating tube” he said.

“Thanks, that’s OK” I said.

“I am going inside to get my swimming trunk, you can go into that room and remove your clothes” He said.

“No Bastian, you will remove my clothes right here when you return” I said.

It was time to act the Bitch that i was.
The alcohol in the champagne had started its work and that was the best time to take control of the situation.

“That’s Ok, you can follow me to the house” He said.

I kept my glass on the table and followed him.

The Interior of the duplex was unique.
It seemed Mr. Bastian loved Paintings because about four beautiful arts hung on the walls of the sitting room.

He saw me looking at one of the arts and pointed at it.

“That’s Van Goh’s work. Do you know about arts?” he said.

I never heard that name until that moment and i knew next to nothing about arts.

Back in Africa, we struggled to survive. We had no materials to study important subjects such as Mathematics and there was the Austrian asking if i knew about Drawings.

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