119: Journey To Freedom Part 2

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We are at our very best, and we are happiest, when we are fully engaged in work we enjoy on the journey toward the goal we’ve established for ourselves. It gives meaning to our time off and comfort to our sleep. It makes everything else in life so wonderful, so worthwhile


The problem facing me was how to pay this money without being scammed. Madam Philo was a devil. I didn’t know how much money she would ask me to pay but i knew it won’t be more than what i had with me.

As i sat there, i considered the best way to pay her. The first option was to do it in the presence of more than three other people. Those people would be my witnesses if she ever denied being paid.
We had heard rumours of Madams denying the money given to them and i believed that Aunty Philo was more than capable of following that evil route.

Melissa was on her way. I was sure going to tell her my plans but i also knew that she won’t be the only witness.
I needed a witness who could stand Madam Philo if she started trouble later on. I wouldn’t mind paying whoever it was for the witness job.

As i thought about everything, i started feeling headache. It was time to relax and wait for Melissa before my head exploded.

Two hours after i called Melissa, she called and said she was at the Central Station.

I had told the hotel receptionist that i would vacate the room before mid day. He had told me earlier that morning that i would have to pay again if i didn’t leave by mid day, that was when i went out to buy the sim card.

I jumped down from bed and walked to the Station. I found Melissa standing near a tobacco kiosk.

We hugged each other and before we went back to the hotel, i asked her to follow me for breakfast.

Inside an Italian restaurant, i ordered for Spaghetti with Ram meat and wine.

“That’s expensive” Melissa had said.

“Its OK, i can pay for you too” i said as i brought out a 100 Euro note.

After taking our orders, the chef took the note and returned 32 Euros to me.
Our bill had amounted to 68 Euros which when divided into 2, each of our meal would stand at 34 Euros. That was the most expensive plate of food i had ever ordered anywhere and i was sure the same was for Melissa. The money was enough to cook five pots of Egusi Soup which was the major food of the Nigerian Immigrants all over Italy.

After our food, we returned to the hotel.

“You sounded scared on the phone, what was it?” Melissa had asked as soon as we entered my hotel room.

“Nothing, i just wanted to discuss something with you. My Aunty has been calling me since i left Castel Volturno for Milan. I dont know how she would react if she sees me, so i decided to call you first” I said.

Melissa went on to tell me not to fear.
“She can’t do anything to you. She should even be happy that you came back. I know many girls that left and never returned. If that’s the problem, you dont have to worry, lets go to Castel” She had said.

Her words were good but then my problem was different. I wasn’t a bit scared of what Philo would do, i was more concerned about the money with me which i had somehow decided not to tell Melissa. I knew she was my friend but cash was cash and cash was anybody’s best friend anywhere.

“There is another problem Melissa” I said.

When she asked what it was, i told her that i found a boyfriend in Milan and that she had agreed to pay for my freedom.

“I dont know how much Aunty Philo will ask me to pay, so i think we need a good Madam who can help us negotiate the price” I said.

After telling me how lucky i was, Melissa said she knew one Madam who could help us.

“When we get to Castel Volturno, we will go to her apartment and tell her to help you. If she ask for money, we can beg her with 200 Euros. I am sure she will accept it” Melissa had said.

At Half Past 11am, we left the hotel and walked to the Napoli Central Station where we boarded a Castel Volturno bound train.
Inside the train, Melissa called the Madam she said would help me.
The woman said she was at home and asked us to come to her apartment.

While inside the train, my whole mind was with the money. I knew the danger i was into. I was an illegal immigrant who was not even allowed to be in Castel Volturno but there was i with enough money to buy 20 Used cars.

We got to the apartment of the woman and pressed the bell.
Inside the apartment, we sat down and waited until she finished what she was cooking.
She gave us food and despite having eaten in Napoli, we accepted the Fried rice she gave us.

When it was time to talk, Melissa told the woman why we were there.

“That’s not a problem” The woman started.
“Since last year, Madams has been accepting 18000 Euros if the girl would pay at once. But it is very difficult to see any girl who pays at once. But if the girl will pay normally like others, she must balance up to 25,000 Euros” The woman said.

I was already feeling excited before she finished. I had even braced myself up to pay 25000 Euros at once and forget the ones i paid in the past.
There was just one objective for me, and that was to be on my own.
I knew that if i was on my own, i would go out when i wanted. I would chose the kind of men to sleep with. I would determine my own price and many more if i were to remain in the street but above all, i would chose what to be doing instead of standing day and night in a cold European Street.

“Thanks Aunty. I will call my boyfriend and tell him what you said. He said that when we are ready, he will come here to make and witness the payment” I lied.

While lying, i considered which man to present as my boyfriend.
I knew Jacob would gladly do the job for me but like every other Igbo guy, he would demand for something in return.
Max would also do it.. However, The transaction was likely to happen at Aunty Philo’s apartment and Lilian was likely to be around. I didn’t know how she would react when Max arrived.

I went on to narrate to the woman how Aunty Philo would kill me if i returned to her house. I told her how i left for Milan against her wish and all the threats she made.

“You can sleep in my place if you are sure your boyfriend will come in two days” she said.

That was a big relief because i didn’t want to be moving around with 30000 Euros.

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