118: You all owe me

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I called Ifeanyi in front of Kola and his gang and brought out a piece of book where I wrote down all the money I had given him. It totalled N15200.

”How much is your money now” i had asked him.
He said that I had only given him N5000 or so. He was expecting another N15,000 from me…

One problem Nigerians had was that we always expected the people who gave us works to sponsor everything, every damn expenses on the head of the employer so that when we get our own bulk money, we must have spent nothing.

No, Ifeanyi No. In the World of Ozoigbondu, the rules was re-written and as long as it was my operation, my rules must be followed.

”Ifeanyi, the balance of your money is N4,800 and that is what you are getting from me” i had said while handing him the piece of paper where I had written all the money I gave to him.
He started shouting and that brought Kola and his squad into the matter.

I explained to Kola how much I had promised to pay Ifeanyi and how I had paid the money. He looked at the book and asked Ifeanyi if he had received monies in that manner from me, Ifeanyi said yes, but also said that it wasn’t part of his agreement with me.

”We had no agreement of how i was going to pay you. We only agreed that you will get N20,000 from me. If I had given you all the money once, you would have not done your job properly” I said as I turned to him and asked him to leave my place while handing him the remainder of his money.

He was visibly angry and disappointed. I was sure that he would not have done his job efficiently if I had given him the whole money initialy. We all had that poor attitude in Nigeria, therefore we must protect ourselves in which ever way we deemed fit as long as we fulfil our promises. Our commitment to work hinged around money here in Nigeria.

A school teacher in Nigeria, after working for a month, earned less than N15,000 in 2006. I knew that because my mother was a teacher then. They paid for transport, food and other expenses from that money. Government didn’t pay for their transport and others.
However if Ifeanyi believed that all the N20,000 would go to his savings account, he must have been silly.

Kola had told him to leave the premises or the N4,800 he got would be taken from him. That was why he left but not after threatening to have revenge on Ozoigbondu.
I didn’t doubt if he could get his revenge on me. Anybody could revenge on anybody. But like I wrote somewhere in the past chapter, if and when I close a deal with you, anything you did after that would be considered a new start and would get its own settlement afterwards.

Good bye Ifeanyi. You did great at helping me to recover my money but it was not free. I paid you.

”Lets meet at good day hotel tomorrow” i had said to Kola and his gang.
They agreed and left.

My money in their hands was close to N17,000.

I had no idea how to recover it and it was a delicate matter.
I knew that if the ‘Operation get my money from Area boys” failed, living in Surulere would be hell for me. It was their area and I was new.
They already knew my car and my house. Getting their revenge on me could be disastrous.
The only consolation I had was that I had finished ‘Operation Chukwudi” and had paid Ifeanyi off.
I had all the time in the World to plan on how to deal with the area boys.
Ii wasn’t really interested in getting my money from them, I was more interested in returning the slap they gave me.

They were already my friends and believed they were protecting me too. I however, I still considered them area boys who had slapped me for nothing.

One thing for sure was that I was never going to be in a haste to revenge on them. They had numbers to their advantage but I had time, yes time to plot.

”He who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not, will definitely be victorious”

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