118: Advent of the final war

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The first call of the next day was from Nneka. She wanted to know when i would send Tina back to her.

“I am going to tell you the truth. I have spent some money on her and you are going to pay me back. I am even discussing this with you because you are an Igbo girl. I must also warn you to stop that business and find something else to do. It is not just illegal but extremely against human rights” I said.

She stammered. “Bros i don’t have money and i am afraid that even if i borrow money and give you, i won’t still get her back. Madam Model told me that..”.

I wasn’t interested in such negotiation that early morning, therefore i cut off the call.
She called back but i ignored her.

“Baby switch the phone off, i am still sleeping” the girl beside me said.
Queen was still a little angry from what happened the day before. She was expecting me to pet and beg her before she returned to normal but i decided that was not going to happen. I wanted her to start learning that tagging alongside me wasn’t going to be rosy all through.

“Queen, this is my business phone. If i switch it off, there won’t be business for me” I said calmly.

She continued. “What kind of Business do you do by this time of the morning?”

I wanted to ask her the kind of business she did by midnight back in Paris but i decided that was extreme. She would definitely get hurt if i followed that line of argument.

It seemed that i didn’t really know how to treat women but how was i supposed to be treating women?
I was a street soldier and begging women wasn’t part of the brochure.

We were still arguing when Chikelue called. Under normal circumstances, it was too early for him to call but based on what Nneka told me the day before, there was something going on.

“My man, how are you doing?” I said on the phone.
I was really supposed to shout at him for calling me by that time of the morning, i decided to play the ignorant guy.

“I am fine. I even forgot to call you yesterday. When am i coming to know your apartment?” he asked.
Mistake number one.

Being a master, i wouldn’t have started that way. I would have concealed my original intention and played casually. But since he chose to go straight to the point, what Nneka said was being confirmed.
But if Chike was clever enough, he would have known that it was I who introduced Madam Model to him and that no matter whatever happened, there must have been some chances of me picking up something along the way.

“I am not in town now. I traveled to Eindhoven and i slept there. I will return to Amsterdam this afternoon and take you to the house” I lied.

He accepted what i said and cut his call instantly.
Mistake number two.

He should have tried to say something else after discussing about the planned visit to my apartment.

It was always important to start with something else and end with something else especially if you were seeking for a favour.

If you go to a Man’s house to ask him for money, it was important That you find a different appealing topic and start nibbling around it; then move tactical to why you came. It would be disastrous to just show up in his house and start asking for money.
Even if you didn’t succeed in getting money from him, it would also be important that you changed the topic and discuss something else before you leave.

The day seemed to be going to be a big day and as a result, i called the Woman who helped crossed Ngozi to the UK.
I told her that i was ready to move the girls and that the money was available.

The money in my position at that moment was more that enough. Since i was going to send the girls to the UK no matter the outcome of the impending war, it was better that i did that as soon as possible.
I needed them out of the way. There were chances that someone could track me down to the apartment in Almere and if that happened, it would be extremely difficult to protect the three girls.

Dealing with Queen alone would be easier, she had European passport and that was a ticket to some level of security.

The Woman i called told me to come with the girls by 10 am.
After the calls, i spent the rest of the morning watching football in the sitting room while the girls cleaned up the house. The first lady was still frowning her face all over the place but that was the least of my worries.

“We are going out in an hour” I suddenly announced to the girls.

“I am not following you to anywhere” That was the Queen.

She wasn’t among the people i was going to take to the Woman; therefore it was even better she stayed at home.

“If you don’t come with me, you won’t get ice cream” I joked.

“I don’t need your ice cream” she fired.

After eating my food that morning, i called a Snoda and drove to Amstelveen to meet the woman.

She said the girls would be moving in two days and that they should get ready.
I gave her the entire 4000 Euros.
I wasn’t scared of losing the money because she always invited me to her apartment. That was the mistake i made with Mr. Williams, i would have asked that he took us to his apartment the day i gave him money. I knew that if the woman wanted to steal my money, she wouldn’t have asked me to come to her apartment.

On our way home, we stopped in Amsterdamspoort. I gave the girls 300 Euros each to buy clothes and shoes. I knew it was going to be difficult for them to shop in the UK, they needed to settle down there first.
I didn’t even know what they were going to be doing over there but i knew that street sex was out of it. There were Yoruba Families in the UK who would be advising them to find something else to do rather than selling themselves but the major purpose was to set them free from the evil clutches of their Madams.

I hide inside the Mcdonald restaurant and drank Milk shake while the girls shopped.
From the position where i was sitting on the first floor, I saw Chike and a strange woman.
Her back was turned to me as the walked but i knew that i have seen that woman somewhere. I knew.

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