117: The Area boys again

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”I cleared the bus with my money and I need it back” the man with the papers had said.

”Right. You are coming to the station with us” the leader of the Police squad said as he slammed a handcuff on the tiny hands of the office owner. We all got down and walked to where the bus was located.
The Police leader asked if any of us could drive.
Ifeanyi could drive but he had no license with him.
One of the Police volunteered to join him in the bus. I asked my cousin to join them too. It was true that my cousin was not happy he missed the market but he was apparently enjoying the drama.

We all got to the Sanya Police station and packed the bus along the road behind my car.

The two men on cuffs were dragged inside while we followed.
They were pushed behind the counter where they were presented with a paper to write their statement and involvement in the whole business.
I was also told to state my own case.

On the statement paper, I wrote that I had given Chukwudi N200,000. I wrote the date and the banks I used.

Chukwudi on the other side didn’t deny. He was also shouting that we had no right and warrant to search his house.

”By the time you spent 3 years in jail, you will know if we have the right to search your house or not” one of the police men had said to him.

Sometimes, the Nigerian system was great, especially when the law was bent to your favour.

At the DPO’s office, the man whom Chukwudi worked for had been accused of working with a criminal and a drug dealer. He had denied working with Chukwudi and had asked for the case to be settled in the Police station rather than going to court.

I had been called into the DPO’s office to know if I would like the case to go to court or not.

”Officer, I have my passport now and since I had paid this man N200,000, it was for the clearance of my bus. However Mr Chukwudi must find money to settle the people whom I had recruited to carry out the recovery operation. I am sure he still
have some money in the bank” I had said.

The office owner had agreed that I take my bus as long as I signed that I won’t go to court.
Chukwudi was asked if the money I gave him was still there.
He claimed to have used N50,000. He was careful to avoid the Visa issue. He would have been in a more serious trouble if he had agreed that he ran Visa deals.

The Police had agreed that Chukwudi would pay them N50,000.

After begging me, I had agreed to just go with the bus and forfeit every other expenses.

”I told you that I will recover my Money from you Mr Chukwudi. You cannot cheat everybody” I had said to Chukwudi as I walked past him to where the bus was packed.

A few minutes after we drove into my compound, The area boys showed up. They said that we must pay hem N5000 before we offload the bus in Surulere.

I called Kola out and told him that we had seized the Bus from the man who took my Money. I also told him that the police took over the case and that it was the reason why I didn’t call them to intervene as planned.

I told him that We will not off load it. He had agreed and took N1000 from me.

My Money in the hands of the area boys was increasing…

”A prudent man is he who neither hopes nor fears anything from the uncertain events of the future”

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