117: A time to Steal

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I needed to have a serious thought. Nneka, the only person i had hoped to get money from for the transportation and crossing of Tina and Kate to the United Kingdom had suddenly turned to an informant, in an attempt to get her girl released for her. For some reasons, i had felt that i should just fort about her and find money from somewhere else.

As i lay on the bed, the little noises coming from the sitting room wouldn’t let me concentrate but i had no option than to think properly.
I needed money to execute my plans. I had a couple of thousands but it wouldn’t be enough to send the two girls to the UK, not to talk of taking care of our planned travel to Nigeria.

From inside the room, i called the woman who did the UK travel for Ngozi. She said she would take 4000 Euros for Tina and Kate.

I called Mr. Osei, the travel agent whose complimentary card has been in my wallet for years. He said the KLM airline to Nigeria would cost between 1100 and 1200 Euros depending on when i wanted to travel.
That brought the total money to approximately 6500 Euros.
Queen and I would need to do some shopping before going home. The last time i traveled to Nigeria, i bought most of my clothes in Mandilas Lagos. I would do the same this time but i still needed to buy some things there in Amsterdam.
Since i started running, clothes and cosmetics became forgotten.

2000 Euros would be needed for our shopping.
That brought the total to about 8500 Euros, then the cash at hand.
Queen and I were going to spend not less than one week in a hotel in Lagos. I had hoped that we take the one week to run around for her documents before i head to East to rest.
I never liked the fast life of Lagos where everyone was always in a haste.

According to the research i made, a good hotel room was between 5000 and 8000 naira.
A week in a Lagos hotel would then cost us about 50,000 Naira which when loosely changed to Euros, would be around 350 Euros approximately.
I budgeted 750 Euros for it.

By the time i rounded up my calculations, i came up with a 10,000 Euros budget.
How i was going to come up with the money was still not known but i knew that i would get it.
There were actually a lot of ways to get that money but they were all illegal and wrong but i wasn’t planning on staying in Amsterdam. I was going home to Nigeria and if i had to steal from Lucifer to achieve that, i would do so.

I called Queen into the room.

“How much money do you say you have?” I asked.

She brought out her hand bag and threw it at me without saying a word. She was trying to let me know that she was angry with me for sending her to the room.
I didn’t care anyway because i just opened the bag and poured the contents on the bed.

“Why did you do that, i gave you the bag just to take the money” She said and started beating me softly.

I ignored her and continued arranging the money.
Six pieces of 200 Euro notes(1200),
Eight pieces of 100s (800,), some 50s, 20s and lower denominations. I arranged them properly and counted, it was enough to pay for our two tickets. That was good because every dime counted at that moment.

I added the money to the one i have with me and came up with close to 5,000 Euros.
We needed another 5000. Euros or more because we still need to do some shopping for Tina and Kate before they leave for the UK.

I started making calls.

Drug business in Amsterdam depended heavily on trust. If your drugs arrived. The way it worked was that if someone in Africa or South America or anywhere sent you large quantity of cocaine or Heroine or whatever other drugs sold in the city, you would just pick up your phone and call your friends or colleagues or even people you didn’t know every well.
You would tell them that you have this or that and also tell them the price; although drugs were just like stock market, it goes up and down almost on daily basis and everybody usually knew that in a matter of minutes.

During my first time of dealing on Cocaine, i lost over One Kilogram of my goods to thieves.
These thieves were people who Would come to your place and tell you that their customers needed drugs. You would give them a certain amount to go and sell but at the end of the day, you would never see them.
Either they called and told you one story or the other about how they saw Police and threw the stuff away or how they met some Suriname people in the lift and were forced to release the stuff to them.
It would be one story or the other which at the end of everything, they would agree to pay in the future.
A year or two would pass and they would continue to tell you that things has not been good for them; they even asked that you lend them money sometimes.

Such thing happened to me in three occasions and to avoid troubles, i had to pay the owners of the drugs with my own money because that was the only way they would send you more.

After counting and arranging the money we have at hand, i decided that i was going to pay someone back for all my drugs that was stolen.
I was going to go and take drugs from someone and disappear after selling it. But since the intention was to complete the money i needed to go to Nigeria and sort the girls out, i decided that i won’t take much drugs from whoever was going to fall victim to me.

At that time, cocaine was sold at 30 Euros for one gram. It meant that with 3000 grams of good white cocain, i would get 9000 Euros. Or even 8500 Euros. Yes, i would have to dispose of it fast and leave town because whoever was going to give me the stuff would begin to call me an hour after giving it to me.

After deciding that i was going to be a thief, i started fixing dates for our various travels.
The two girls were going to leave first, then Queen and I would find a way to sneak out of town and move too.

After thinking for several minutes, i relaxed on the bed and intentionally slept off. I needed to cool my head and reconsider what i was going to do about the drugs i would borrow.

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