116: Bring me the bus

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Jude called Chukwudi and told him to drive the Bus to Surulere where he would be refunded to the tune of N220,000.

”My Oga said that we must pay his money in the bank before going out with the bus” Chukwudi had said.
The phone was on speakout.

I knew that since Chukwudi wasn’t running the clearance with his money, there were going to be some glitches. That was why I involved the Police in the first place.

”Officer, I think it is time to move to plan B” I had said.

He asked what it was and I told him that we needed a search warrant to go and search Chukwudi’s house in Oshodi. Since we already had an incriminating phone recording, it wasn’t difficult to convince the DPO.

The DPO said that we needed the warrant from court but told me that he didn’t need any warrant to search Chukwudi’s house.
Nigeria was indeed a super nation.

He gave me three Police officers who followed Jude and I to Oshodi. We got to Daodu street and entered the compound where I had seen Chukwudi gone into. A woman was washing cloths inside the compound. She jumped up as soon as she saw the Police Uniforms.

”Where is Chukwudi” one of the Police officers said to the woman, who had started drying her hands with a dry cloth. I thought she was going to run.
Nigerians feared the Police so much that one can even admit what he or she didn’t do.

”Oga, he no dey house. Him house dey locked” she said as she pointed to a room adjacent to where she was.

One Police office moved closer to the locked room and inspected the key. It was a difficult lock to break, therefore we looked around and found a metal bar.
After a few minutes of trying, the key was damaged.

The three Policemen went inside with Jude while I stayed at the entrance door and watched.
Less than ten minutes later, they came out.
Among the things recovered were my International Passport.
I had Atleast succeeded in recovering that. I had wondered the kind of lies Chukwudi would be telling me just to hold on to my passport. Not that he would want to keep it but he must have known that the passport should be returned to me with some money. It was going to be very difficult to get my money from him because No Igbo man parted with money so easily even if the money didn’t belong to him.

I asked Jude to go out and buy another key. After about fifteen minutes, he returned with the new key which we used to lock Chukwudi’s room, Then we left and drove to wharf.
One of the officers had called the DPO and told him what we had recovered. It included:
4 International passports,
A small hatchet of Marijuana,
And Five sim cars,

We got to the wharf and headed to Their office where Chukwudi, Ifeanyi, the Owner of the office and his secretary were sitting and waiting for us to confirm that we had paid in their money into their account Number.

Chukwudi jumped up as soon as he saw me.
I had told the Police men that I would like to implicate Chukwudi first. As a result, I had asked them to give me my passport. They had agreed.

”I have my passport now” I said as I flashed the green back passport in front of Chukwudi.

”You entered my house, how did you…” Chukwudi said and stopped half way.
It was enough. His Master sitting behind the big desk had heard him.

”Yes, Mr Chukwudi, the Nigerian Police entered your house and recovered my passport. They also recovered other passports plus Marijuana. You are in a serious trouble” I had said.

One of the police men was motioning me to keep quiet.

”Mr Chukwudi, you are under arrest for Possession of Illegal documents and drugs” he had said as he slammed a handcuff on his wrists.

The owner of the clearing company who had been watching us quietly called for attention.

”Can somebody tell me what is going on here” he had asked.

”Your worker is a thief and a drug dealer. We have evidence that this man had paid him N200,000 which he is denying” he said as he pointed at me and flashed the bank tellers i had paid in the money with.
”I am denying” Chukwudi said.
Great! More implications.

The office owner watched me as i told him that I had given Chukwudi the money the very moment the bus was bought in Germany. According to me, The money was to be used in clearing the bus.

I needed to complicate issues for him since he had said he wasn’t denying.

Chukwudi wanted to talk but one of the officers had hit the back of his head and he had remained quiet.

”Leave whatever you wanted to say until you go to court” the police man had told him.

I asked Ifeanyi to give me the original papers, he said that the man sitting behind the desk had them.

More complications.

” Well, I believe that life is very
complicated. And in a way, the only
way you can show life in a truthful
way is to show how complicated it is
as an individual, but also your
relation between a complicated life
and the complications you have
inside you”

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