116: The Vital Information

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I relaxed as the girls talked to their friends.

Some of them were very difficult to convince; they believed i was just deceiving the girls.
Some said they never believed there was anything like human rituals in Europe. Some said they would also like to run away but nobody to help them out.
Some wanted to come to Amsterdam as soon as possible.
One said that Kate has made the biggest mistake of her life because Olokun would definitely kill her.

At the end, Tina begged that i go and pick up one of her friends in Paris.

“No, i have to fix you girls up before anything else. I was in Paris to pick just one person but ended up returning here with three. Just give me her phone number, i will see what i can do” I told her.

When we were done with the calls, we turned our attention to Paris.
Miss Nneka had been acting frustrated, calling and sending text messages.
She would threaten to come to Amsterdam and kill me.. Then she would curse and say that God will deal with me. Next she would curse and say it was Devil that will deal with me.

I eventually called her back.
“Why are you killing my battery?”

“What you are doing to me is not fair. They said that any girl you took never returns. Some said you use them for rituals. I have a very important information for you. But i can only tell you if you agree to send my girl back to me immediately” Nneka Shouted.

“What information is that?” I asked. I didn’t want to rush into any agreement with her. Even though i knew i wasn’t going to agree to any of her terms that exclude sending money to me and forgetting Tina at the same time.

“I want to talk to Tina first. I want to make sure she is not dead. After that, i will tell you the information; then you send her back to me, she is the only source of money i have here” she said.

Source of money?
Her Only source of money was Tina.
How could this idiots not know that it was them who were the actual ritualists?
They sent people out to contract cold outside yet the pointed fingers at me?

I resisted the urge to shout at her. “Tell me what it is and you speak to Tina. She is here with me and i am considering sending her to you since you are my Igbo Sister”.
That was just an attempt to make her believe things were different with her.

She hesitated a little before she said, “They are calling a meeting for you here in Paris and some people will come from Italy. I am just telling you because they will use all kinds of Voodoo powers to track you down and kill you. They invited me because they knew that Tina followed you. Madam Model is the head of the group and she said she knew one of your friends in Amsterdam who can take them to you”.

That was a very nice piece of information from Nneka. We spoke through out in Igbo and made it difficult for the girls to understand what was going on.
I valued the information she gave me because if they eventually organised themselves and get to Chike with a large amount of money, he would sell me out.
There was no way Chike would not sell me out for as low as 5000 Euros. The way things were for him at that moment, he would definitely shoot me by himself if he was given that kind of money by those evil women.
I had no doubt that they would raise that kind of money easily since they were going to be many in numbers. I was sure that even the people i didn’t take their girls would also contribute money. All they needed to join up was just a good orator who would remind them that if nothing was done, i could show up someday to pick up more girls.

My first security threat had suddenly become Chikelue.
As a result of that useful information from Nneka, i decided to allow her to talk to Tina.
I knew that Tina would not agree to go back to Paris. She had witnessed a better life without oppression or someone telling her to wake up by 6am. She has been promised United Kingdom and possible migration to Dublin. Only a foolish girl would get all that offer and still return to the cold streets.
We were already stepping into the Winter gradually and the cold has started to descend over Europe.

“Your Aunty wants to talk to you. If you want to go back to Paris, you can go. She wants you back” I said to the hearing of Nneka on the phone.
But i shook my head, signifying to Tina not to pay attention to what i was saying.

“Aunty” Tina said and kept quiet.
Nneka was obviously talking while Tina listened.

“Aunty i don’t know what came over me, i am sorry. It was because my friend followed him. I was confused and scared something was going to happen to Kate, so when she called me, i traveled to Amsterdam. I am sorry” Tina said in the middle of the phone call.

We didn’t hear the rest of what they discussed. I had deliberately decided not to put the phone on speakout because what Nneka would say could negatively influence the other two girls. If she was going to convince anybody, let it be Tina alone. I had only decided to give her that privilege of talking to Tina because of the all important information she gave me about the meeting of the Association of witches about to take Place in Paris France.

“Story” Tina had said after the phone conversation with Aunty Nneka.
I knew what ‘story’ meant in that context. It was a disapproval of whatever Nneka had suggested to her on the phone.

For the rest of the day, i didn’t go anywhere. I had left the sitting room for the girls to watch film while i went to my room to rest. Queen had followed me to the room but for some reasons, i had sent her back to stay with the other girls.

“Go and stay with them” I had turned and said when she followed me to the room.

She had frowned her face. “I don’t like Nigerian movies”.

“Then start a conversation with them. Tell them about the United Kingdom because they will soon be there” I said.

She had tightened her face more in an attempt to get sympathy from me.. But my unchanged face had reminded her that i was not joking; therefore she had reluctantly returned to the sitting room.

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