115: Time for Strategic control

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“I am going out to buy recharge cards. I will be back in an hour. You will make calls to your friends. But until then, take care of yourself” I said and stood up.

The first lady stood up too. It was her right to follow the boss wherever he went.
Wait a moment.
It was me who mistakenly assigned that position to her.

“Can we come too, we want to see Amsterdam” Tina said.

Kate was still emotional and was still lying on the chair.

“Alright, get ready, all of you, lets go” I said.

The electromarkt in Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena was built beside the Magnificent Ajax FC stadium. Everything that had electronics undertone was sold there; Ipods, microwaves, DVDs, phones, sim cards etc.

With the three young girls, I arrived at the Markt and climbed the stairs to the first floor.
As expected, the girls saw the phone section and rushed towards it.

The reason why i agreed to take them along in the first place was to solidify the claims that i was not a ritual man. I wanted them to feel as free as anything.
But as soon as we left the apartment, i handed my keys to Kate. I did it to the knowledge of Tina and Queen. I knew i was going to answer some questions about that later but i didn’t care.
I gave her the keys because i also knew that a situation could occur where i would have to run and escape without the girls.
The act from the Ghanaian bastards taught me something.

While they touched and admired every mobile phone in the shop, i went to the sim card section and picked up two sims, then i activated and loaded them up with recharge cards.

As soon as i finished what i was doing, i sneaked out of the shop. In front of the shop, i called Kate.

“Where are you people, i am no more in the shop”

She said they were still inside and didn’t know when i left.

My reason was simple. One or all of them was probably going to ask that i buy a phone for her. It would have been nice to do that but since they all depended on me, i was going to be spending money on them. It was important that i cut costs intelligently.

As things stood, Queen was not going to fetch us any money. Her Aunty who brought her to Paris already forgot her since she ran away.
As for Kate, her main Madam who would have come looking for her was dead. I wasn’t sure Franca was coming to search for her; she would not have used her as a bait to capture me if she really cared.
I was sure Franca knew how slippery i was since she tried to capture me during the Naomi Saga. If she really wanted to keep Kate, she would have secured her by never trying to let her come close to me.

That left us with Tina. Her own Madam was an Igbo Woman. I was sure bringing out money was going to be very difficult for her.
I knew she didn’t spend much on Tina’s travel to Europe, just a couple of thousands here and there. But as Igbo girl, she must have calculated how much she was going to make from Tina. That greed was the only bait that could make her pay.
The good news was that i wasn’t going to Be scared of her in anyway. She wasn’t going to scare me with Olokun because she wasn’t from Edo State, Olokun worked for Edo Only.
She wasn’t also going to dare me with Amadioha or Agbara, those were deities i knew more than she did.

My plan was that if i was able to raise 5000 from Nneka, i would use it to send Tina and Kate to the UK.
As for Queen, i already decided that she would be on my expenses. She had some small money with her which i decided not to ask of.
I knew she had the money, she knew i knew the money was with her but i wanted her to know that i wasn’t after money.
In any case, the money was going to help us very well. From what she told me already, she could afford her flight ticket to Nigeria, pay for her documents too. Where i could come in was the bribes it would take and accommodation plus food. Those ones would be covered by me.
But altogether i was already being careful with funds.

I waited in front of the Electromarkt until they came out, then we walked straight down to Amsterdamspoort.
I already vowed that i won’t run away from anybody again. The little mistake i made the day before nearly cost my life and my freedom.
I had thought about the whole thing that happened the day before and found out where the biggest mistake was made.
I could have taken Snoda with Tina. I could have stayed back in Amsterdamspoort and waited for Mr. Williams to come.
I should not have started running like a common thief just to evade the useless man.

I needed to show the girls around town as early as possible because i had a feeling that Amsterdam could witness an invasion by the Paris Madams and their thugs. And as soon as that was the case, there would be no more going out for the girls.
The good news was that Almere was outside Amsterdam.
The area where i lived was dominated by the middle class Whites and few Blacks. One has to have a very good reason to be loitering there because it won’t cost the whites anything to call the cops.

Inside one shop, i bought a pack of kitchen knives. Different sizes and about 6 of them. Not that i needed them since i had two already at home but i felt more secured knowing that i had them with me.

Some Nigerians greeted and waved at us as we smiled and greeted. Of course i knew why they were greeting and smiling at us. I was with three young beautiful girls whom they didn’t know where they came from.

Queen found a cloth she liked and asked that we waited for her. After bargaining the price with the owner, she paid for it and we continued walking.
We bought burger and chicken and ice cream in the Mcdonald near the bookshop where i left Tina the day before.
We bought few more cheap items and when we got tired, we took a Snoda back to Almere.

It was time for the girls to call France and tell their friends that they have not yet been used for rituals.
I lectured them on what to say and what not to say. I gave them the new sim cards which they put in their phones before the Tsunami of phone calls began.

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