113: where is my passport

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I got home and called Chukwudi. He didn’t answer my call. I sent him a message that read:
”The two weeks is up in a few days. You should have some information by now”

He replied:
”The person who gets the visa from the embassy traveled to Port Harcourt”

I tried to read meanings into his reply but couldn’t. What did someone’s travel to Port Harcourt had to do with anything.

I called him. He answered, hoping that he had given me a clever excuse on why I should not disturb him.
I also switched on my dependable recording application.

”Chukwudi, let me give you one advice. It will be better for you if you just package my passport and my money together and bring them to me. I will pay you for your troubles. I am not interested in who went to Port Harcourt. You have until the end of next week to send those things to me. If I don’t get them, I will teach you how to swindle people” I had said.
He let out a long laugh and when he stopped laughing, he said that there was nothing I could do. He boasted that me and my Juju cannot do him anything.

”If you disturb me too much, I will eat your N200,000 and deny you. I didn’t give you any receipt and we didn’t sign anything. If you like, call the police, they won’t do anything” he had also said.

The following morning, I went to the Police station near the Sanya Bus stop off Apapa-Oshodi Expressway. The DPO was an Igbo man.
I explained to him why I came and played all the recordings of the phone calls I had with Chukwudi.
He was impressed with the Motorola phone.
He advised me to wait until the next few days when the agreed two weeks would be over.

”Officer, I know how to get my money from him. I came to you because I want to recover my international passport. I already have a plan on how to get my money” I said.
I told him about the mitsubishi bus and how it was being clear by Chukwudi. He listened until I finished, then he said that I had a criminal mind.
He asked what I did back in Europe and why I didn’t join the SSS in Nigeria. I told him that I had no University education.

Since I now knew where Chukwudi lived, reported him to Kola and his crew, reported him to the Police, I wondered how he could escape my net. The fact that I had already engaged him with the mitsubishi gave me assurance that he won’t run away from Lagos anytime soon.

I called Irene. She wanted me to pick her up but I asked her to use the public transport. She stopped at Sanya bus stop where I was waiting for her.
She loved the new house as I expected. She wore a red gown with leather Sandals. She looked better than the last time I saw her.
We sat on the Long sofa and talked. She was happy that I invited her. According to her, she thought I would never call her again.
”You are my sweet baby, how can I not call you again” I had told her.

We gradually drifted from talking to touching and kissing and squeezing and finally, we found all our cloths on the floor. She had freshly shaven her pubic hairs and had applied some fresh body cream. She smelt good as I thumped her slowly. As expected, her cunnt was as tight as ever. I had struggled to penetrate easily but knowing that I had Fvcked her before, I didn’t doubt if my dicck would go in. She held me tightly while I Fvcked her for several minutes until we climaxed.

”Pi pi piii” I heard a car horn in front of our house. I slowly peeped through the glass window and saw the Toyota Rav4. Maria, the Napolitan had arrived.

”the moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us”

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