113: How it Happened – Kate

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“How did you end up in the street?” I asked Kate.

She said it was a long story.

“Tell us the long story”.

“My Madam died in Italy” She said and started crying.

That was a new one. Her Madam died and she was still in the street. Why didn’t she just rejoice and take her freedom.

“It was two weeks after i came to Paris. They said she died of AIDS but some said it was a lie. I didn’t know what to believe. I didn’t know what happened but they said they were going to hold a meeting on what to do with her corpse and her things. A week after they took her to Nigeria to Bury her, i was told to follow Aunty Franca. They said i would be giving my money to Franca to balance those who contributed money for the corpse and its burial. That was how i went to live with the woman. Brother, i saw hell in that house. I was a slave there, doing everything. Everyday when i return, she would search my Bag and take everything that resemble money, then she would leave the condoms. I ran away to Lyon one day but they came there and told me to return. One of them said that my madam came to her in dreams and said that i must return to Franca or die. I was scared, so i followed them back to Paris and continued living in hell” She said.

Queen was surprised than all of us. She thought she suffered until she heard the stories from Tina and Kate. She was crying for them; i saw tears in her eyes as she held me tight.
Since she was a beautiful thing, i allowed her to continue holding me tight.

“When you said you will take us to Amsterdam, i knew that i was going to follow you. When Tina said that we must leave the hotel, i followed her because i wanted to go and get my bag. I didn’t believe her when she told me that you could be the ritual man that was pursued in Marcadet. I told her that if it was you, you would not have allowed us to leave the hotel” She said.

“When i got home, i told my Aunty that there was a man who came from Amsterdam and said that he will take me there. I told her that you said that people make more money there and that i will be sending her money every week. She asked what you looked like and i told her. She said she wanted to see your face so that she would know who was taking me. She told me to be communicating with her through text messages until she see your face. When i sent her text message that she can come and see you in Gare du Nord before we leave for Amsterdam, she said she was coming. Then you disappeared from the station with my phone. When i got your number and called again, we met in Marcadet. Then we saw my aunty Again while our Taxi was leaving. I begged you to stop so that she can just see your face and allow us to go but for some reasons, you refused. I didn’t know what was happening until when you asked me to get into another taxi in front of the Hotel near Clichy, then she came there with that man and started pursuing you. You ran away from them and i didn’t know what else to do. I thought that you Won’t be coming back, so when my Aunty returned, i asked her why she was pursuing you. She didn’t answer me. Then i told her to look after my bag so that i can buy something, that was how i disappeared” She said.

She stopped there. I wanted to ask how she came to Europe but i already knew she might have come through boat.

“But Brother, why was she pursuing you?” Kate suddenly asked.

I ignored her question and called Naomi in Paris. The phone was switched to speakout.

“Where are you?” Naomi asked.

“I am in Amsterdam” I said.

“Always here and there. Don’t you want to settle down?”

I laughed. “I will settle down when i have enough money to take care of a woman. I was in Paris yesterday and i saw your Former Madam”

“Wow, you came to Paris without telling me. Where did you see that wicked Franca?” She shouted.

“I saw her in Marcadet, with Ernest. You remember the Ernest that helped us find the apartment in Grigny Center?”

She said she knew Ernest and asked that i see her when next i visited Paris.
She also said she would have come to see me in Amsterdam if she had papers.
I didn’t ask about her French boyfriend because i didn’t want to go into such discussions.
The purpose of calling her was already achieved.
The new girls has heard her voice and it was time to continue with Kate and her Story.

“The girl i called now is Naomi. She was the first girl i helped in Paris and her Madam is the same Franca that pursued me, your Aunty” I turned and said to Kate.

I continued. “As you can now see, your Franca is pure evil. She was after me in Paris because she knew who i was. I am now sure it was she who started the news of me being a ritualist. She was trying to destroy my name but it won’t happen. I am going out now to buy some airtime. You people will start to call all your friends in Paris, tell them that the ritual news was all lies and that you heard it from a reliable source. This is the only way you can help your friends because, as for me, you people are the last group that will benefit from this personal project of mine. The signs are there already that something could happen to me. You all saw what happened in Paris in the past few days. You will spread this message by yourselves” I finished.

“But how did you come to Paris?” I asked Kate.

“Do you know that a white man came to adopt me in camp back in Italy. He said he has no child and would like to have me as his daughter. He was old and said he lived alone. He said he would train me in school. I was happy things were going to be better for me. Until she came to the camp. My Madam. She was sick. She said she would have come earlier but was in hospital. She had come to Edo State and picked me up in Ubiaja. I was in the Polytecnic. She said she owned a Restaurant where i would work part time while i studied. That was it. My mother said it was a better option. She bought Okada Motorcycle for my Father and bought some clothes for my mother” She said.
She was crying, they all did.

Dedicated to the victims of the drowned immigrants boat off Libya Coast 3 days ago

Dozens Dead after boat drowned off Libya

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