111: Not limited to one Tribe

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“Your food is in the room” that was Queen she was still holding my hand.

“What? room”

“Yes, i didn’t know when you will come back so i decided to keep it in the room for you” She continued.
The surprise pack of the night was the way queen intimidated the other girls. Something definitely happened behind my back but i wasn’t interest in asking any of them anything. I wanted to wait and see how the fight would turn out.

Kate and Queen were alone when i left. For some reasons, i did not define anybody’s position in the house.
They must have known that they both came from Paris.

“Thanks for the food, sit down” i waved towards the chair.

Tina has been craving for attention which Queen seemed to have hijacked.

“Welcome to Amsterdam girls. This is a very quiet and good city to live. I would have loved to address you now but i am tired. We will talk in the morning. Tina and Kate, this room belongs to you for now. Queen will stay in my room. Tina and Kate will be taking care of food and cleaning the house. Queen will be going out to buy things we need here. If you people ever fight, i will send you back to Paris. We will talk in the morning” I said and walked into the room.

The plate of Rice was seated on top of my small fridge inside the room. I opened it in front of Queen who was still excited that she got the Master all to herself.

“Who cooked the food?” I asked.

“Two of us”

“Who was in charge?” I asked again.

“She was in Charge but that was because she didn’t want me to do anything”.

I took three spoons and asked her to return the food to the Kitchen.

When she returned, i said, “I am tired and i need to sleep. It means that you won’t disturb me. Do you understand?” I asked.

She nodded.

I went into the bathroom and took a hot shower, then i returned and slept.

The ringing phone woke me up early in the morning, it was a French Number.
Out of Curiosity, i picked it up.
The strange voice said she was Nneka.

“What do you want Nneka?” I asked.

“I got your phone number from Madam Model. One of my girls is missing and she said you might know what happened to her. She said you were in Paris yesterday” She said.

I was a little confused.
Nneka was purely Igbo name and her intonation suggested she was Igbo too.

“Where in Nigeria are you from?” I asked.

“I am from Anambra State” She said.

I was right. Our Nneka was from Igbo. How she joined the prostitution ring was yet to be determined.

I cut off the phone and got up.

“Queen, i need you to come out to the sitting room now” I said.

Nneka was calling again but i ignored it.

“Baby i am still sleeping” Queen said.

“Good, you can sleep. Let me go and chose Tina or Kate as my girlfriend” I said as i walked out.

She got up instantly and followed me.

A knock on the girl’s door brought them out after five minute.

“I know its early but we need to talk. Who among you belongs to an Igbo Woman? I asked.

Tina said it was her.

I asked what the name was and She confirmed it was Nneka.

“Why didn’t you tell me since we met?”

She kept quiet.

“Your Nneka called me this morning” I said.

“She called me too”.

“Where is the sim card i gave you at the Amsterdamspoort Yesterday?

She said she kept it in the room.

“Go and put it in your phone. You are not to have any contact with France again for now, even your friends. The same goes to all of you.
My name is Austin, I am from Enugu State in Nigeria. I came to Europe in 2002 and have lived in many countries. I have been helping many Teenage girls like you. I have sent some of them to England, to Ireland and to Germany. Some are in Sweden and other places too. They are all doing fine now, are you people listening well?”

They all nodded.

“Good, I am traveling to Nigeria very soon and i will take Queen along with me. There are things she needs to do down there. But two of you will be relocated to England. The money for that Journey will come from your Madams who brought you to Europe. If in years to come, you make a lot of money, you can contact them and pay them the money they spent on you. The purpose is that i want you not to see yourselves as slaves or sex workers. You are too young to be on the street. I was 22 years when i joined the street and despite being a man, i knew how i suffered.” I said.

Their eyes has cleared and they were all paying serious attention.

“When i started helping teenage girls, your Madams in Paris called a meeting and told you people that i was a ritual man who comes to Paris to take girls for rituals. But it was all lies” I said.

Kate jumped up from her seat while Tina stared at me as if to say ‘So it was you’.

“Sit down Kate” I said.

“Brother i am scared. So it was you, my aunty told me to…” She sobbed.

“The door is open. If you want to leave, i will give you money for transport back to Paris. If i am a ritual man, i will not tell you people” I fired.

“Kate, it is true. If he is a ritual man, he won’t let us know” Tina said.

That was assuring because Kate sat down again.

The Queen of England seemed not to understood what was going on. I believed she hasn’t been told that part of story yet.

“Before mid day, i will call some of the girls i helped, you will hear their voices and know they are not in any danger” I said.

Nneka was calling again and i decided to take the call.

“What is it?” I asked her on the phone. The phone was on recording and speak out.

“Please, why did you take my girl, what did i do to you?” She asked.

“Are you not ashamed Nneka? You buy girls and put them in the street to sleep with men and make money for you. Is that right?” i asked.

“I went through the same process. It is not your business what i do with my money. Please send her back to Paris immediately” She said.

“Listen carefully Nneka, she is no more your girl. She is free now. She will thank you one day for bringing her to Europe but before then, forget about her” I said and cut the call. I knew she would be calling daily.

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