10: The Twin Sisters

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The Alicante Airport was situated between Elche and Alicante. One could easily access both cities from the airport.
For a brief moment, i considered whether to go to Alicante or Elche.
My decision was eventually influenced by the first bus that came to pick passengers from the airport; it was going to Alicante.

Most of the people who followed the bus to Alicante were tourists; therefore, the bus took the tourists to a hotel where they got down before the bus left, I figured it was on a special arrangement.
I wanted to stop at the hotel too but from the kind of building and environment, i felt that it was an expensive hotel. I didn’t have much money with me; therefore i needed to be economical with funds.

We got to the middle of the city where i found a hotel and paid 鈧�40 for a night.
At that moment, i had no plans on how to capture Ikenna; seeing him wasn’t going to be a problem but getting him where i wanted was.
There were some ways to get him where i wanted but they were going to cost a lot of money.
First, i needed to sleep and rest my brainbox, it usually worked faster after relaxing a bit.

After taking my bath, i lay on the bed trying to shut down my brain but it refused. I didn’t know any place in Alicante; i would have gone out to look for street hookers.

Out of doing nothing, i started writing a text message; first, i sent to Johnson asking him to send me 鈧�2000 to Alicante Spain as early as 8am. After that, i sent to Maria informing her that i arrived in Spain safely. Finally i sent to Patrick, it read, “Our train has crossed Over to Spain. Hopefully , i will be there before 11am in the morning. How do i get you?”
He replied the message, informing me that he will go to the foreign office for interview in the morning but that he was going to send someone to pick me up when i arrived. He said he will give the person my phone number to contact me in the morning.

I slept and woke up around 7:20. The first thing i did was to check my French phone, sure enough, a text message and two missed calls were there. I didn’t know when they came because i switched my phone to silent mode to avoid waking me up.
Inside the message, the person said he was directed to pick me up by Patrick that morning. He asked that i call him when i get the message.
It was the same number that called twice that also sent the message.
The number was the same number Ikenna called me with two days before.
Ikenna was sent to pick me up when i arrived in Alicante.
Since i had no plans and venue yet to meet with him, i didn’t call him back,
Rather i waited until 8:30 when he called again. I didn’t answer the call but i sent him a message telling him that the money in my phone remained very small and that it would finish quickly if i take his call.

‘I will buy a Spanish Sim Card and call you back soon’ i wrote and sent to him in SMS.

Immediately after sending the message, i left the hotel and walked to a small boutique shop where i bought a face cap, then I stopped a cab and went to the Beach.
Since it was Summer, early risers were already Enjoying themselves in the beach. Some of the hotels where the tourists lodged were at the beach which meant that they just woke up and walked to the beach.

As expected, there were single girls from all over Europe and the United States. Half naked and drinking cocktails.

The United States Government laws restricted teenagers from drinking alcohol, as a result, they usually trooped to Europe where they drank and Smoked however they wanted.

There was a small stand where two black girls were camped. One was swimming in the edge of the beach while the other was sipping her drink slowly.
I strolled slowly towards the one drinking. She was sitting on a small mat on the sand.
When i got there, i squatted and said ‘hello’.
She greeted me and smiled.

“Do you speak English?” I asked.
“I am a Ghanaian and should be able to speak English” She joked and laughed.
I laughed too for the sake of laughter.

“Well i thought you are American, you look exactly like them” I teased.

“Oh, how does Americans look?” She asked.

“Bold, beautiful, refreshing and all that” I said.

“You mean i look all those things you just mentioned?” She said.

“Yes, and even more”.

“I guess i have to say thank you then” she said.

“Its not necessary, what’s your name?” I said.



“Yea, it is Juliet but call me Yulia” She said.

“Oh, i get it now. How about i take you out. We go looking around and have some more drink” I said.

“We are two, the girl swimming down there is my twin Sister” she said.

“That’s great then, we all go out. Maybe i call my friend to join us too. Bill is on me” I said.

“Of course bill is on you, its your proposal” She said and laughed; I smiled.

“I will ask Jane when she comes up” she continued.

“Do you live here in Spain or elsewhere?” i asked.

Julia said she lived in Alicante with her mother. They came when she and Jane were just 10 and since she said she was 23, it meant they already spent thirteen years in Europe.

When Jane came up from the waters, she watched me like a hawk. She instantly knew that I was a Nigerian even without asking. She was the first born of the twins and naturally, those first borns usually turned out to be more reserved and perhaps careful than the seconds. They also came in smaller sizes compared to the seconds.
The way she stared at me and talked, showed that she was going to cause trouble if i didn’t do something very fast.

“She is even as beautiful as you are” I said to Julia.

“Yea, that’s what people say all the time” Julia replied.
Great, i killed two birds with one stone. Things could have gone bad if Julia didn’t like that remark.

“Hi Nigerian man, what are you doing with my sister?” Jane asked.

“Just begging her to tell you to join us in looking around the city, i just arrived for the first time from Amsterdam and don’t know anywhere here” I said.

“Hmm, we need to tell our mom first” Jane said.


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