11: The Unavoidable Visits

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Chapter 11.

“I know why you want to follow me everywhere i go. You think i may disappear from you. That is possible but i would never do that intentionally. That’s the reason why i allowed you to keep the over 3000 Euros with you. That money alone is capable of transporting you to any part of the World. So you dont have to be scared of anything. Secondly, i left some money in the big bag. Check your Red trouser, i put another 1500 Euros there. I didn’t want to tell you about it because I believed you will locate it eventually since you like wearing the trouser. I am going out to meet with many people including the Police. My mother is in town too, i want to introduce you to her but not today. They all dont expect me to come with a girl today” I said.

Before i finished, she new that i had made up my mind to go alone. She knew that i would not have told her about the money in the red Jean if i was to be convinced.

She didn’t let the tears drop, she just sat on the bed and kept quiet. If she was that intelligent, she must have known that a situation such as that would occur. She was never going to tag along with me everywhere i went.

“If you get hungry before i return, go to the Hotel restaurant and eat. Dont venture outside this hotel and keep your phone very close to you at all times” I said as i picked up my small Gucci Bag and opened the door.

I stood at the door and looked at her for a few seconds, she didn’t shift. I returned to the room and kissed her on the lips, she didn’t respond but i left anyway.

At the reception, i paid for another one week and left with my younger brother.

The first port of call was at my sister’s place where my mother had been waiting for me.
I stopped the car in front of the house and took a small bag from the boot. In it was the shoes and clothes i picked up for them back in Amsterdam and Belgium. People always expected the guy from Europe to give them something from abroad no matter how small.
After sharing the contents of the bag, i called the Ify girl and asked where she was. She was excited to hear that i was around finally. She had been waiting to see me ever since we started chating on phone more than one year ago.

I drove to where she said she would meet with me and waited.
I had seen her pictures before. She sent them to my Yahoo inbox but she looked more matured and more beautiful in real life.

My younger brother who was sitting in front of the car had decided to relinquish that position for her and moved to the back of the car.

Ify had decided to follow me to the rest of the places i planned to go for the day. I had suspected that it would be that way and that was the reason why i made sure Queen didn’t follow me.

Our next visit was to where my brother’s wife was staying with her Sister. As expected, she wanted me to be crying and wailing because of the missing brother. She didn’t know that i had managed to become a machine in Europe. Crying was no longer my thing. It was for women and No matter what happened to me, crying wasn’t going to come out of me. It wasn’t my way of life anymore.

We talked about many things including how she delivered the Ransom money by herself and how she answered the calls form the kidnappers when it happened.
I had a lot of pity for the pregnant woman. She was heavy with the third Child and didn’t deserve to be going through such trauma but there were things we couldn’t just avoid.
Misfortune and fortune were parts of our everyday lives but we never wanted to accept the bad sides of anything. It was the reason why we behaved as if the World would end whenever something unfortunate happened to us.

I asked how the investigation was going but unfortunately it happened that she had never gone to the police station to follow things up.
The people that reported to the police didn’t follow it up either. The case file was abandoned together with one of the suspects who was arrested two days after the kidnapping incidence.

It meant that i had a million things to start doing. It was at that stage that i discovered that nobody would ever take up your matter more than your own blood sibling.

I was still with my brother’s wife when Queen called. In the midst of all the anger, i had forgotten to call her.

“Hey how are you?” I said on the phone.
The new girl, Ifeoma was sitting beside me and as a result, i didn’t want to call Queen any pet name. I didn’t even dare call her Queen.
As things stood, i haven’t told the new girl much, i was still busy running around for information. She knew what was going on.

“You haven’t called as you promised” Queen said from the other end of the phone.

“I haven’t have to even eat anything since i left. But i am rounding up now. I will be through in an hour or two” I said.

“So, it means you will be with me in about two hours?” She asked.
It was a delicate question that needed just simple coded answers.

“Yes” I said.

I had wanted to ignore her call when it first came but that could have made things worse for her. She didn’t believe that i would return to her in the first place let alone when i start to avoid her calls.

I was lucky she didn’t want to talk much on the phone. For the fact that i even picked up the call made her believe that everything was still fine with us.

“Who is that?” Ifeoma asked.

Here we go.
Did she have the right to ask such question in the first place?
It depended on the context quite alright but i believed she didn’t have that confidence and encouragement to ask me that question at that stage. She was just getting to know me for the first time and due to the circumstances, we haven’t even done a proper introduction. I had expected her to be shy, that was what women did whenever they were with the man who wanted to marry them. They usually pretended not to be forth coming in conversations and all that.

“A friend” I said, adopting my good old dependable short answers.

“Is it the one they said returned with you from Abroad?” She asked.

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