11: No need to pray

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Chapter 11:

I saved up some money and bought some more drugs. Mike had planned to send some drugs to Germany. For some reasons, i decided to add some things of my own. We had purchased and prepared the goods as usual, then we sent  it to Germany.
We had sent it to some guy in Hamburg whom Mike claimed to have known. The entire business was master minded, organized and prosecuted by Mike. I didn’t know the man in Hamburg. All that Mike told me was to trust and pray.

Trust who and pray for what?
Those bigots and confused individuals never ceased to amaze me.
Why exactly should i pray?
The big great book made it clear that what we blessed or cursed on Earth was the Same in the Christian Heaven. As a Christian, wasn’t it hypocritical and silly to pray for the success of a cocaine deal? Cocaine was something the law of the land condemned and outlawed. Cocaine was probably outlawed up there in the sky paradise according to the book.
Any business you did and kept praying was never a good business. I was a drug dealer. I didn’t need to pray after sending my goods to some guy in Germany or anywhere else. If i was required to do anything, it was only to trust and hope. I hated trust and what it stood for. Trust and Betrayal were like husband and wife that could never be separated. I was sure that if we managed to get our money from Hamburg, we were going to package more goods and send it back to the guy over there. Then we would continue praying and trusting until of course, the day he would either decide to seize the whole money and change his phone number. As soon as he changed his phone number, everything would just collapse and end. The whole money would be gone. The worst part of the whole silly business was that we can’t just travel to Hamburg to get our money. There were chances that we won’t see him if we got there, there were also chances that we won’t do anything if we wee him. Hamburg was in Europe, not Nigeria or Africa where i could take laws into my hands. We were also dealing with outlawed drugs which we can’t talk to the police about.

Well, there was nothing else to do then if i expected to make some reasonable money. I had to agree to the Hamburg deal out of nothing else to do.

That was how we sent our drugs to Hamburg. As usual, Mr Hamburg promised to return our money in one week. There was nothing else to do except wait and pray. And praying we did until the end of the one week.

”Patrick’s number is not connecting again” Mike announced while playing Formula 1 with me on the playstation 2 machine. I had watched him dialing numbers several times on his phone. He had hissed after each attempt. I had suspected that some kind of bad news was coming. As a result, i had fortified my nerves and mind to be able to receive whatever story i was going to be told about the Hamburg deal.

”Which Patrick” i asked, pretending not to know what he was taking about.

”The one we sent the stuff to last week” Mike said.


His battery is dead” i said, just for the sake of saying something.
Phone batteries didn’t die easily in Europe. In fact, through out my previous stay in Europe, my phone battery never died. There was all-time electricity.

”Did you talk to him since we sent the package to him” i asked.
He said he talked to him once.

The worst part of the drug business was that you can’t even trust your partner. No, you can’t. Money had a way of corrupting good people.

As we sat and played our game, i thought about how long it took me to raise that small capital that was sent to Hamburg. If anything happened to the money, it would mean starting all over again. However, there was the option of calling money from home but the truth was that no matter where you got the capital money from, the same fate awaits it.

”I thought you said you know him very well” i suddenly asked.

”Yes, i met him in Belgium last year and we exchanged numbers” Mike said.
What was he talking about? I thought he knew the guy. Meeting someone and exchanging numbers after some introductions and chats was never classified as ‘knowing someone’.
If i knew that was the level of friendship he had with the man, i wouldn’t have agreed to involve my money on the business.
Mike had told me the town where Patrick Hamburg came from and i had thought they knew each other back in Nigeria. I didn’t know it was a train station meeting. If that was the case, then i personally knew half of the Igbo men in Germany. I could asked Mike to contribute money to buy goods and send to any of them. The biggest mistake i made was trusting Mike himself. It was unlike me. He had offered me accommodation and that endeared him to me.

But every single soft spot i had for Mike disappeared right there in the sitting room. It was time to start getting turf again.
Mike was from Anambra state, Dozie was from Anambra state too. According to Mike, Mr Hamburg was from Nanka in Anambra state too.
Three was about as much as i could take from them. I always knew that there were many ways to kill a rat. I was playing the good guy in Amsterdam because i knew that there were a lot of guns flying all over the streets of Bijlmer. If i made one miscalculated move, i could get shot. But after the Patrick and Mike deal, i had decided that it was time to come out of my shell teach Bijlmer how to handle issues.

The good news was that many people didn’t know me yet.
As for Mike, i was going to play along and find out how things eventually turned out but he better pray that we got our money because if we didn’t, he would somehow pay.
Unfortunately for him, my first strategy was going to be such a surprise to him and by the time he realised what i did, it must have been too late.

”Continue trying his number, maybe it will connect soon” i said.
He said nothing. He just continued running like Michael Schumacher with his playstation car as if he didn’t really care about the Hamburg bad news.

We shall see in a few days time Mike.

“What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others”

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