11: I Can’t Marry You

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“When was the last time you had sex?” He asked.

“I don’t know, women don’t answer such questions” I said.

“What about you, did you sleep with those girls you took away?” I asked.

“Never, i don’t work like that. The moment i begin to do that with them, it would be difficult to achieve my aims” He said.
I believed him.

We ended up making passionate love that night. It was difficult and unbelievable to think that it was happening. Zuby was a man i was thinking of killing or atleast rendering incapacitated a few hours ago but there was I, kissing every part of his body with so much passion. It was like a dream but the truth was that it was a dream i loved. Madam Philo would be furious with me if she ever found out what i was doing.

The fact was that i was floating on my own down there in Italy. I might have collapsed because i had no strong guardian and adviser. With Zuby around me, i would not fall victim of my own creation any more.

We renewed our vows and promises that night. He sincerely told me how sorry he was to hurt me in Italy. He said he would make it up for me if i just relax and follow his lead.
Right inside my heart, i have already resolved to stay with him. The only problem was that it was difficult to convince him that i was no longer planning to harm him. He was too jumpy and watched over his shoulder at every given opportunity.
The following day, he took me to a Rev. Father who lived not far from us. The priest was a Nigerian who was in Sweden to study a course.
When we were settled at the Priest’s place, Zuby introduced me as his friend who arrived from Italy. He said we were engaged to get married but quarreled and separated.

The priest counselled us on how to live together happily. He praised me separately for teaming up with Zuby to fight street prostitution. He also assured us, after spraying us with holy water, that God would protect us in our new endeavour.

It was at the Priest’s place that i learnt everything that happened to Fatimah. The priest was part of the plan to send Fatimah to the convent.
I was wondering whether Zuby told me the truth about Fatimah or not.
It meant that i had to forget about Fatimah returning to me. She was no longer mine and like Zuby said, i was scared of Holy Ghost fire.

Back in our apartment, Zuby convinced me to lure Alice to our place. He said he wanted to ask her something and promised not to harm her.

While we waited for Alice. We went out and bought Swedish sim card for me.

I made calls to Italy, telling my friend Precious to pack up some of my things and send them to Sweden. She was naturally curious as to why i suddenly decided to live in Stockholm.
I just told her that i would return and that i would send my share of the house rent when and if it expired before my return to Italy.

The truth was that i didn’t know when i would go back to Italy. I was no longer in control of my plans and i loved it that way. I was a disaster simply because I managed my life alone back in Italy. I traveled to Amsterdam to carry drugs whenever i wanted. I was sure if there was a man in my life then, he would have stopped some of those travels.
When i called my Mother in Nigeria, she said some people from Onitsha came to visit her and that they have all drove from Benin City to Ekpoma.
I had excused myself and cut the call, then i turned to Zuby and said, “Did you send anybody to my parents?”

“Yep, i did. My people has been on my neck to find a wife and i think you are the wife. So i send my people to visit your people and make some formal introductions” He said.

I didn’t know the next thing to tell him. That was totally strange.
I was with him the whole day and yet, i didn’t know what he planned.
There was no need fighting it because that was the kind of news my parents wanted to hear.

All i could be able to say was, “I told you that i can’t marry you. You are too dangerous for me. Our agreement was to do business with you and make my money, then we will go our separate ways.”

“Maria, i am still afraid of you. I have a feeling you are really into my plans and i love that but i would be more secured if i make you my wife. I am sure you can’t harm your husband. So this is part of my security. Now come here and give me a kiss” He had said.

He was right, he was more secured knowing that we were married. I didn’t know how he plan for the marriage and i wont be surprised when he comes up with his plans. I just have to wait for him to announce the marriage plans.

When Alice eventually arrived, Zuby seized her phone. He asked her to promise him that she wont call Italy to sell us out. He knew Alice was angry and could call Madam Tessy who would call Madam Philo who would spread the news all over town. It could easily jeopardize our plans in Sweden since Zuby was planning to hit the Mamas in Napoli and Castel Volturno.

We were able to eventually convince Alice and made her promise not to sell us out. Before she left, Zuby gave her some money and promised to give her more if she did what was asked of her.

I pitied Alice. That was the second time i was taking over his man.
Although i knew Zuby before her but she had hoped that she has found a boyfriend only to be devastated with the news that he was actually my man.
Back when we lived together with Aunty Philo in Italy, Alice had taken me to a sex party in Napoli where her man named Max switched from her to me. She fought us but didn’t succeeded. Max and I would go on to become lovers for a while and when i stole money from Milan and returned to Castel Volturno, it was Max who stood as the guy who bought my freedom from Aunty Philo. Alice, known as Lilian then, was angry and devastated and i figured it was one of the reasons why she disappeared to Sweden without telling me.

The best thing to do as Zuby suggested, was to find a new apartment where Alice would not find us if she did anything. We were leaving the one room apartment for good.

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