11: Goodbye Nina – time to go

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None of the Prison authorities paid attention to my accusations and crying, they simply stood there and waited until four other people came; three men and a woman.
The woman had some medical equipments with her.
One of the guards had produced a key and opened my room, then she held my hand and led me outside where the other people were standing.
The large flashlights in their hands made the vicinity looked like it was during the day.
The two prisoners on the right hand of my room were standing up and looking outside to find out what the problem was.

Inside my prison cell, the female authority whom i suspected was a nurse, examined the lifeless body for a minute or too. Then she came out and said something in Arabic before she left.

Two men went into the room and covered Nina with  a large cloth from the stretcher, then they carried her out and put her on top of the rolling metal.

I was still crying. “Where are you taking her again, where are you taking my friend again?”.

Nobody said anything to me but two of the men were standing on each side of me. Somehow, i knew they were there to stop me from doing anything stupid.

As they rolled the corpse away through the corridor passageway, they locked my door and asked me to follow them.
I had wanted to tell them that i wasn’t going to sleep back in that room, the room must have been filled with all species of ghosts and spirits.

I followed them to the administrative block where they opened a standard room with a good bed.

“You sleep here. We will give you a new place later today” a female authority had said.

I was tired and worn out and felt headache as well. There was no need to continue crying because it could only led me to sickness and then they would come to take me to their slaughter house like they did to Nina.

Without thanking the lady, i walked slowly into the room and sat on the bed as she closed and locked the door behind me.

That was the last time i saw Nina.
The day was a Friday and it was the day we were usually released on time to play.
The female authority who had shown me the good room had unlocked the room around 8am and handed me a small tray pan full of wonderful foods; fruits, biscuits, milk and Honey.

‘Why did they do that, did they think that i was going to go on a hunger strike, and decided to make me an offer i won’t reject?’

I believed it was to make me feel cared or whatever. I wasn’t going to die of hunger and since i was hungry, i took the tray pan and started eating right away.
My situation was that of hopelessness already, trying to go on a hunger strike would make things worse.

After eating my food, i was taken away to a new cell block where a single Ghanian girl lived. Rather than being excited that someone new had come to keep her company, the silly young woman was angry that i had come to share her room with her.

“What happened to your own room” She had asked.
She knew who i was, she had seen me many times at the dining hall but we Spoke to each other. I didn’t know where she came from and i doubted she knew mine, or may be she knew.

I didn’t reply her question, i just sat on the bed and stared at the wall.

After three more unanswered questions, she gave up.

The freedom bell had gone earlier than other days that morning and we had gone out.

Jasmine was eagerly waiting for me near the dining hall. She had rushed towards me when she saw me coming.

“Marie, what happened, i heard your friend died last night” She had asked before hugging me.

I said calmly, “Yes, they took her body away early this morning. She died”.

I didn’t cry again, i didn’t feel anything, i just narrated what happened to Jasmine as if i wasn’t affected by Nina’s sudden death.

“Tell them you don’t want to stay in your room again” Jasmine had suggested.

I told her that i was sent to live with a Ghanian young woman who was far older than i was.
Jasmine adviced me to go and meet them again and tell them i didn’t want to stay with the woman.

“They could ask me to return to my previous room and i don’t want to be alone in that room” I had said to Jasmine.

Jasmine did not join other girls to throw the ball that afternoon, she stayed with me and tried to console me at every given opportunity.

While we sat together and watched others played, my mind wondered over what happened earlier in the day.
Nina was gone for good, i didn’t hear that from anyone else, i saw it myself.

Who was going to tell her people what happened? Aunty Pamela or Aunty Philo or me. I didn’t even know her people, though if i ever got to Lagos again, i would defiantly locate where her mother sold food items and tell her.
I would ask questions until i track her down but the real issue at that moment was whether i was ever going to see Lagos again or not.
I had a feeling that seeing Lagos again could be impossible but like Jasmine told me, Tomorrow was always unpredictable.

The rest of the week went by without much incident. No one else died. I wondered why it had to be my own friend that died.

My new roommate had eventually come to terms that i was there to stay with her. We were not yet best of friends but we had started to talk to each other.
We had been able to establish a casual friendship that had so much limits. The best we had done together was to sit beside each other once at the dining hall and the day we told each other where we came from; that was it.

Exactly 8 days after Nina died, they came. Two of them from the hotel where i was lodged with Nina when we came to Libya.
A female authority had come and told me that some visitors were looking for me.
My heartbeat had increased.

“Who are they?” I had managed to ask.

“Follow me, you will see them now” She had said as she unlocked our door and waited for me.

I had followed her to the reception where other prisoners were seated with their visitors.

I recognized him as soon as i saw him.

I walked to his table and sat opposite him.

“Where is your friend?” He asked.


” When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy. When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.”

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