11: Against the Lord

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The UK bound girls!.
It had suddenly flashed on my mind after my making out with Maria.
I had rushed to where i kept the little handbook the lady gave me at the boat terminal in Stockholm. On the second page of the handbook, i found the first stopping point of the group. They were going to leave Stockholm and sail down south through Baltic Sea until they get the the extreme end of Sweden, then they will sail right through the water channel between Malmo and Copenhagen until they come out to the North sea through Goteborg. Out there in the North sea, it would be a one way ride to the United Kingdom. In the UK, their first stop was to be in a coastal city called Sunderland which was very close to Newcastle Upon Tyne. After that, they will sail south to Middlesbrough for a night stop. From Middlesbrough, they will head to Great Yarmouth which was a coastal town in Norfolk very close to Norwich. Although there were heading to London from Yarmouth but i wanted them to stop at Yarmouth. The Viking boat taking them to the UK was on a chatter and would stop them at several locations for sightseeing. They were to lodge at the Hotel Victoria in  Yarmouth for two nights. There were some historical places to been seen in the town and the towns around it.
There were also dates and times of every stop in the handbook; therefore i called Peter, a friend of mine who lived in Ipswich town and told him that i had two girls that i would want him to welcome.

Peter was a friend who did trading business with us at the used vehicle spare parts market Ugwuagba Obosi back in late 90s. He traveled to the UK while i was living in Germany in 2004 and we haven’t met again since then. He was happy when i called him on the phone but when i told him what i wanted him to do, things changed. It seemed Mr. Peter had become religiously transformed in a way that he claimed it would be a sin if he indulge in helping illegal immigrants into the UK.
“I am a Pastor now and i can’t do such things; i am sorry that i can’t help” He said on the phone.
“Wait Peter, The two girls are no longer illegal, they took asylum here in Sweden. I just want them to stay in the UK due to language advantage and culture. I will give them enough money to sustain themselves until..” i was arguing but Peter Interrupted.
“That is not the issue. It is not my duty to welcome or bring people to this country. This is against the ways of God i serve. I am sorry i can’t help” He said and cut off the call.
I became angry and frustrated at the man. How did he conclude that God will be angry with him for helping people? He was an illegal immigrant and now he has found God who frowns against immigrants. Didn’t he read in his Bible that all the Israelites ever did was migrating from one place to another. Even as late as 1948, they still migrated from all over Europe to the lands of the Palestinians? If there was one thing i hated from Gullible Africans, it was stupidity. There was a white friend of mine known as ‘Uncle’ back in Amsterdam. He was from Liverpool but lived all over Europe. He was also a member of the IRA who fought the British Imperial masters to give full independent to the people of Northern Ireland. Uncle had a brother whom he told me lived in Norwich City. I had spoken with him once on a phone when Uncle wanted to sell a right handed BMW to me in Amsterdam. His name was Jacob.

After several minutes of searching through my old simcards, i found Jacob and called him. It took me two minutes to introduce myself to him but when he eventually knew who i was, he asked if i was in the UK. He had once told me to call him if i ever visited the UK.
“No, I am not in the UK but two of my friends will be coming in three or four days. They are coming with a boat and will be staying for two nights at the Hotel Victoria. I want them to disappear from their group and take asylum. I need your help to pull them out of the hotel” I told Jacob.
After having a little laugh, he asked that they call him as soon as they get to the Yarmouth.
Mr Jacob, though a black man, was an Irish born and citizen with mentality. I needed him to get the girls out of the hotel and into the town but i still need a real Nigerian to pick them up from him. His brother Uncle was a crack addict who used to test cocaine products for me back in Amsterdam. I had a feeling that Jacob, having participated in the IRA bombings, must have been a crack head as well and a prolonged stay of the girls with him could lead to a rape. Since it could still take another three or four days before the girls got to Yarmouth, it gave me enough time to make more arrangements.
Timothy, my cousin in London could have easily done that Job for me but the nature of his work won’t permit him to travel from London to Norfolk for that extraction operation which could turn sour.

After making arrangements on how the girls will be extracted, i called them. I had given them both mobile phones and loaded the sim card up with airtime. I was sure the phones will work in the UK but due to the charges, the cost of receiving calls over there was going to be very high.

“We are inside the water now. The boat is like a flight, very beautiful” Blessing shouted.
She said they were allowed to watch the water from the edge of the boat. They were apparently happy.
I reminded them that they were not returning to Sweden and to remember to call me at every station they stopped to look around.
Blessing was average at reading and understanding; therefore i was sure she was going to be able to tell me everything i needed to know about their locations.

After eating what Maria cooked, we played and chatted until it was time for bed.
The following day was Tuesday and we were going to court. The entire Lulea girls had been fixed one way or the other. I didn’t know where Sharon and Peace were kept but i was sure they were fine wherever they were. I needed to sleep and rest for the next day.

” I am so clever that sometimes
I don’t understand a single
word of what I am saying”

Dedicated to the missing Chibok Girls.
We are all born blind here and we remain blind due to the evil our fellow human do against us.

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    • olenyi

      Nice of you ZUBY to remember the chibok girls.


  1. Kaybaba

    God bless oga zuby for your love and concern towards humanity tanx for remembring d chiboks girls but,we are waiting maybe u can help resque them from d hands of dos bastard calledd bokoharams

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    Any thing dat has a beginning must have an end…boko haram will surly by God’s grace end soon..tnks for dedicating dis update to d chibok girl…I pray dey retune save and sound

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    Yea! Oga Zubby thanks for remembering our gals.
    Nice update in btw.

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    Hope the Girls will be released now that Almighty America has volunteered to be part of the rescue team. Oga Zuby, Many thanks for the dedication as well as the updates.

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    Nice and lovely update. We all need to stand up and fight for our dear country. God Bless

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    Hmmmm, now I’m thinking of going on a cruise ship, sounds like great fun.
    Let’s see what happen in court, I hope joy gets what she deserve.
    As for our girls, I pray they all come back unharmed, that the BH guys only held them as hostage and nothing more. Can only imagine what their families are going through…its such a shame.

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