8: Information By All Means

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Chigbo made a sign indicating that he was ready to talk.

“I have a gun with me here, it means that if you make any move or any noise, i will shoot you but if you behave your self properly, i will not kill you” I said as i pulled off the tape on his mouth.

“Are you a spirit or a human being?” He managed to say while trembling.

“I am both human and spirit but i am the one asking the questions here, not the other way round”

“I would have just accepted the €1500 you gave those people and forget the rest of my money” He said, tears were still running down her face, while the blood gushing out from the back of his neck has decreased.

“It was never about giving you money Mr. Chigbo. It was about accepting that what i did to you and the rest of the people from Nando was wrong. It was also about defeat and blackmail because you could have either returned for more money from me or alert the others that i gave you money. They would then rush here to force me to pay them too with the silly belief that i have become scared. It doesn’t matter if i spend millions executing my plans. Let us return to the topic at hand” I said.

“Do you live here alone?”

“It belongs to my friend, the one you took his picture” he said.

“Where is he now?” I asked.

“He went to renew his papers in Spain” he said.

“I see. I guess Ikenna traveled there with him because he called me from Spain”

He nodded, indicating that i was right.

“It means that Ikenna is with him now, why did you tell him to run away after hitting my eye? I m now certain that it was you who told him your friend was going to Spain, he could not have known that” I asked.

“He didn’t run away because of that, he went there to make resident permit” He said.

“You are going to make a call to Spain now. Tell your friend that one of your friends is coming to Spain from France tomorrow and that you want him to help welcome him to Spain. Tell him that he was also coming to apply for a resident permit and that he has money with him. Where in Spain did he go?” I asked.

“I don’t know the name of the city but i have heard him mention Alicante” He said.

“You will ask him now. Tell him that your brother will call him from France very soon as well. If you behave properly like i said, i won’t kill you” I said.

Chigbo said he didn’t have airtime in his phone.
I called Robin and lied to him that i needed Lyca recharge Card but didn’t know where i could buy it around Almere Poort.
He said he was sending  Precious to buy the card for me.

Ten minutes later, i received a message with the airtime pin codes. But before then, i continued my little chat with Chigbo.

“You understand you started what is happening to you now. I know that if i let you live, you will return to fight me one day, but…” I was saying when he interrupted.

“I won’t ever disturb you again if you let me live”

“I have recharged your phone now. You will talk to your friend in Spain, what is his name?” I asked.

“Patty, Patrick but we call him Uzu Awka, ” he answered.

“You will tell him that your friend’s name is Emeka and that he is coming from Paris” I said.
He nodded before i moved over to where he sat.

After locating Patrick’s phone number with Chigbo’s help, i dialed it and put the phone on speak out.
I wanted to make sure i heard everything Patrick would say, he could detect irregularities from the way Chigbo spoke and i needed to know if he did to avoid running into a trap in Spain.

“Chigbo Kee Ije” Uzu Awka boomed from the other side of the phone.
Chigbo said he was fine, his voice was low and he sounded like someone who just woke up from sleep.

“Why you dey sound like that, is everything alright?” Patrick asked.
Patrick already detected abnormalties and was asking if everything was alright.
I quickly picked up the nail again and stood up.

“I am alright, everything is OK, how are you” Chigbo said immediately he saw the nail, his voice has returned to normal.

“One of my friends wants to come and apply for paper in Spain. I have given him your number, he will call you this night or tomorrow” Chigbo continued.

“I hope he is coming with money because the place Ikenna and I sleep here doesn’t belong to me” Patrick said.

“Yes, i already told him to go with a lot of money” Chigbo said.
“Good then, tell him to call me” Patrick said before asking about me; the bastard also remembered to ask if i had paid the N250, 000 i said i would pay.

I nodded in an attempt for Chigbo to tell Patrick that i have paid, he understood and said i already paid.

“Make sure he paid the entire money, we will teach that Wawa boy some lesson in this Europe. You are even soft on him, If i were you, he will pay 2 million naira” Chigbo said and laughed.

Imagine such strong words coming from a coward who started shaking like a baby when i took a mere picture of him.
I cut the call.

“I am going to Spain to bring Ikenna back here. He will pay 10,000 Euros for my eye treatment. The Doctors here said that i need an immediate operation in Budapest Hungary and that it will cost approximately 6,000 Euro including transport. I have added the money I gave to the assassins who located you here and the money i am going to spend on going to Spain. The grand total stands at 10,000 Euros. If you have the money here, you can give me so that we forget about traveling to Spain” I said.

He said he didn’t have that kind of money and never even saved up to that amount since he came to Europe during the first and the second sojourns.

“I will go to Spain tomorrow. I will take your phone along with me, so that you will not be able to tell them that i was coming. Above all, i am taking the phone because you could call your people and warn them in Nando. My boys are currently quartered in Nando, they rented an apartment for a month and are waiting for my command to carry out a disastrous massacre of your people. If you try to contact Patrick or Ikenna through any other means, i will know because they will disappear and if that happens, i will give order to the boys in Nando to burn your place down” I said.

“Somebody is coming here to untie you before tomorrow morning, but if you are able to untie yourself before then, fine”

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