107: Home and away

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Maria didn’t pressurize me to go out that evening. She also decided not to ask me to eat the food she left in the kitchen. She was hoping that I asked first.

On the other hand, I was getting involved with the area boys. It was only a matter of time before we meet again. I had decided to keep funding their drinks until I meet face to face with Kola and the rest of the group.

During the whole weekend, I lived between My place and Maria’s. She did the same too. She would come and stay with me for hours, then she would demand that I follow her to her place. We had sex three times during the weekend.
I had managed to convince her that there was no need to go to night clubs all the time.
”We have both gone to clubs many times back in Europe, we shouldn’t be doing that often down here. This place is not like Europe, its dangerous out there in the night” I had said to her. She agreed after some persuasions.

On Sunday evening, I called Jude my friend who had gone to Ondo state for the marijuana business. He had returned to Lagos a day before. We scheduled to meet the next day.

I called Ifeanyi and asked him to come to my place on Monday afternoon as well.
It was time to make plans on how to follow Chukwudi. His two weeks was getting closer and I had a feeling that he wasn’t doing anything.

Baba, the Alaye called. He said he had explained to Kola that I was not angry. According to him, Kola was angry at me. He asked why fear even allowed me to discuss him in his absence.
I told him to set up a meeting with Kola. We needed to know each other very well.
It seemed that Kola had the belief that people should be afraid of him, probably because he smoked weed or had a gun. These were the two things I did too, I smoked weed and I had a gun too and it was all in a foreign Country.
In Nigeria, someone was trying to scare me away from an area as large as Surulere. Why would I live with fear in my own Country.
It seemed Kola did not read the history of Biafran war.
Wasn’t it his fathers who fought for one Nigeria? Was Awolowo and his squad not deny my own fathers the freedom to be on their own?
What was their reasons if not that we co-existed in peace?
Now a tout had taken the laws into his hands and was determined to terrorize everyone else.

Like it or not, I was going to meet with Kola and try to talk some sense into his head. I would be expecting another slap. He would have the chance to keep laughing first.
It was true that I had not started giving much thoughts to Kola but it was also a matter of time.
There was a case of N200,000 on the horizon, it required more of my time and concentration. Kola and his N10,150 would have to wait.
I was already living in Surulere.

On Monday morning, Baba Called me. He said Kola wanted to see me at a place called Kilo. There was a place along a small canal where they smoked weed. I told him I would be there in an hour.

”There are crimes of passion and crimes of Logic, The boundaries between them is not clearly defined.”

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  1. Oga zuby I must confess I have never followed a story this much,but what beats my imagination is your God gift of writing,you are really talented,more grace to your elbow.I hope this is just the beginning of more and wonderful writing of yours.max abiodun

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