107: The New Job

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Chapter 107.

“Where did you learn to make this kind of food?” Ano asked in the middle of eating.
I had thought that he would eat a few spoonfuls and resign since he said he had eaten before coming back, but No, Ano continued eating until the rice remained a little.

“I grew up with my mother back in Nigeria. She thought me how to cook so many kinds of food” i said.

We continued eating until the food finished and when i asked if he wanted more, he shook his head and said he has had enough.

“Was the money i left for you enough to make this food?” He asked.

“Yes, and i have 15 euros left from it. I will give you now” I said as i stood up to get the money.

“No, no forget it. I just wanted to make sure it was enough” he said.

I was determined to play the perfect trustworthy girlfriend. He trusted me and left his place for me. He accommodated me at a time i didn’t know where i was going. The least i could do was to make him happy and i was determined to do that.

“So what kind of work do you plan to do here in Milan?” Ano suddenly asked.

I looked at him squarely in the face and said, “I dont know, i can do anything. I finished the asylum process last week and they said i could do some menial jobs but i dont know what to do. The only thing i saw black girls do here is prostitution. That was what my Aunty wanted me to do but when i refused, he threw me out” I lied.
There were necessary lies. The necessary lies were very good when they were geared at making things better harmlessly.
Even Peter lied in the Bible about not knowing who Jesus was. He would have been killed for nothing if he had accepted that he knew Jesus.
I was sorry for telling lies to a man who had welcomed me in his life and house even when he didn’t know who i was.
Ano must have noticed that i was harmless. What could a teenage African girl possibly do to him?

“I will ask some friends to see if you can work in their businesses. The problem is that i think they will ask for legal documents” He said.

I stood up and hugged him for several seconds.

Tears started running down my cheeks and when he asked why i was crying, i told him that i never knew i would meet someone as good as he was.
At that stage, i promised him that i would never make him feel bad intentionally.

That was how i started living with Ano.

Two days after cooking the rice, the stew finished. It finished because Ano would eat it whenever he returned from work. He said he liked it and asked that i make another one. I didn’t cook another one right away, rather, i located an Afroshop and purchased Egusi. I was going to try out another dish and hope that he liked it too.
He did.

Ano was a black man, though a British citizen. I wondered if he had eaten such foods back in the UK. It was most likely he did because i heard that there were numerous black people, especially Yoruba people all over the place in the UK. He could have known a few of them who cooked African foods for him. I wasn’t interested in asking Him. I wasn’t even interested in asking him so many things. I didn’t know what could annoy him, therefore i chose to let him come up with almost every topic to discuss.

I had turned to his girlfriend in no time, satisfying his stomach and his dick. He had bought some bumshots for me which made me look sexy at every given time in the apartment.

Ano would grab me from the back and start kissing me at every slight opportunity. The kisses would end up in sex sometimes.

We lived happily and i missed him whenever he went to work. Everything was perfect for me except that i had no job yet.

Jacob had called several times. I ignored his calls several times especially when Ano was around. But the few times i answered him, i told him that i was alright where i was and that i wasn’t planning to return to him anytime soon. He would say he missed me so much and that he would not ask me to do anything if i ever returned again.
He could have been serious about that but the truth was that i was assured a better life with Ano and that was what every girl ever wanted.

One week after moving in with Ano, he found work for me.
It was in a McDonald Restaurant. He said he knew the manager there. I didn’t know how he did it but he said he had also found someone whom i would be working with her papers.

“My ex girl agreed to give you her papers to register for the work. Its because they pay their workers through the electronic system. You must have an account in a bank before they can employ you. Anita would be receiving your money every two weeks, then she would be giving it to me for you” He had said.

My Joy knew no bound as he made the announcement and the arrangements he had done so far. He was a saviour and i didn’t know how to thank him. Not only that i was going to work finally, i was going off the street prostitution. Something i never thought would be possible.
I didn’t even know how much i was going to be paid at McDonald and i didn’t care. Whatever i was going to be paid must surely be more than the 100 Euro offer i got from Madam Chinwe, which was meant to feed Jacob and I.

Two days after the announcement, i followed Ano to the restaurant. I was shown around the large facility and was taken to the Large store room where i was shown the equipments i needed to do my work.
I was going to be a cleaner. It wasn’t the best job in the World but it was good.

Ano explained to me that the Italians were racists and that many of the whites would run away if i worked in the food serving department.
I understood him. Blacks were not allowed to serve foods to the whites. It was a backward discrimination against us but we didn’t have to complain too much because we were in another country. We were expected to obey their wishes whether they liked it or not.

Before we left the facility, i was given a T-Shirt with the inscription ‘McDonalds’ boldly written in front of it. I was also give a face cap with the same inscription.

We returned home and Made love.

Welcome to the New Year. We continue to Run until you get tired.

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