7: The Capture: I Know You

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Around 4pm the following afternoon, Shortie called and said he was in Gaasperdam. I had called him earlier in the day and told him to meet me at the dam.

I arrived at the dam around 2pm and waited with a bottle of Hennessy until they came.
He was with two of the men i saw with him the day before.

“You said you know his apartment now” Shortie asked when they settled around me.

“Yes, Wesserplein 60” he lives there.

“Give us our money, we will do the job this night” he said.

“I am going there with you, you get money when  we get him” I said.

They agreed and joined me to drink the Hennessy.

We separated later and went our different ways.

Wesserplein was close to African Kitchen. It was logical to agree that Chigbo was most likely to be eating out in African Kitchen. For the lack of a better logic and mental agreement, i went to the African Kitchen and waited patiently like a Python.

He came around 7pm to eat. I was with my gun and already made up my mind to shoot him there if he tried to start anything.

“I heard you said you will pay 250,000, i won’t touch it. You will give me the money complete” Chigbo said as soon as he saw me sitting down.

I ignored him and five minutes later, i went into the bathroom and called Shortie.

He is in African Kitchen now. Hang around his house, i will beep you as soon as he finished his food” I said and went back to the eating hall.

Chigbo left at ten minutes past 8pm. I believed he must have been thinking that he was winning the war.

I didn’t know how it happened. But when my phone rang, i went outside and answered it.

“Come to the place now, we are with him, Bring our money” The voice said.

I wasted another five minutes before leaving African Kitchen through the back door.
I busted in front of the gym and walked across the small canal to Wesserplein.

When i pressed the bell at No 60, the door was opened instantly.
I climbed the stairs leading to the first floor apartment and entered the already open apartment, then i closed the door behind me.

“Aha! Thank God my brother is, Wait, you. It is you who…” Chigbo was saying.

He was seated on a single seater sofa like a king while Shortie sat opposite him with a gun.
He was not tied or restricted with anything but the distance between him and the gun was very dangerous to think about Starting anything; he knew that.

“How many of you live here?” I asked.
He kept quiet.

“This is the last time i will repeat myself” i said as i got up and went to the windows.
Two of them were open, i closed and sealed them up; then rolled the plastic curtains down to make sure nobody could see activity from inside the apartment.

After the windows, i went to the kitchen and found a cellotape and a Large Nail in one of the cupboards.
I searched for ropes to tie his hands but found non; therefore i went to the room and picked up the bedspread.

Back in the sitting room, Chigbo watched as i tore the bedspread with a knife until i got two rope sized pieces.
I am going to tie your hands so that you don’t make any move that could force me to put a bullet between your eyes. I will not seal up your mouth so that you can be able to answer my questions. Each time you refuse to answer my question, Something will happen to your body. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that i can’t do that” I said as my phone started ringing.

It was from Maria.

“I will call you soon, i am busy” I said and hung up.

“You, bind his legs” I said to one of the three guys who were watching us.
He took the piece of bedsheet and tied Chigbo’s Legs.

“His Hands too” I said again.
He binded Chigbo’s hands together with another piece of the cloth.

“Gentlemen, this is where our agreement ends. Here is your money, i will take care of things from here” I said as i brought out the money i got from Robin and handed it over to Shortie.

He counted the notes and said it was complete.
I wanted them out of the place because five young men seemed like a large crowd in the apartment.

Before they left, I said “There are more Jobs to be done. I have your phone number, i will be in contact with you”.

A bottle of Johnnie Walker was sitting beside the Television, i picked it up and took a long sip directly from the bottle before keeping it on the center table.

“Who own this place?” I asked.
He kept quiet again.

I picked up the brown plaster gummy tape and went behind him, then i held his struggling head and sealed his mouth.

“You had the opportunity to answer me but you didn’t, now you won’t even have the opportunity to cry out” I said as i picked up the long nail i got from the Kitchen.

I returned to his back and placed the tip of the nail on the back of his neck; then with enough energy to push a two tonne vehicle, i drove half of the long nail inside his neck and pulled it out instantly.

The tape on his mouth prevented him from shouting. He struggled as blood pumped out of the hole i made at the back of his neck.

“Chigbo let me tell you a little story. It was me who shot Clement before he relocated to London. I know where he lives in London. My network of friends located him and they have been motioning his movements ever since then. I pay them for that job. I also know his compound in Agbudu Nando as well as your compound in Akata Nando. Your father fell from a palm tree, died and was buried in the Bush. I know that your mother sold foodstuff at the local market and I know your sister Juliet who just wrote Jamb. I have pictures of all of them” I said as i brought out the pictures i printed from the internet and show him.

Tears were running down his face but the gag couldn’t allow him to cry out.

“I came here to kill you and after killing you, i will turn to a witch and fly down to Nando, then i will kill your entire family in Nando. Look at my left eye, i can’t see a damn thing with it as we speak. Somebody did that to me; your friend did that. I want to know where he is, so let me ask you again. Who owns this place?” I asked again.

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  1. Lagos Boy

    I am the first to….

    I am loving this, i tot you wanted to nail him like jesus

  2. prugged

    Hmmmm Zuby most times u do things I wonder if u are really human,men dis is outrageous man. like forcing a nail to once neck with bear hands…but I understand,man has 2 do what man has 2 do 2 survive

  3. obumsway

    zuby killing some one is too extreme and bad !!! You should nt take any one’s life no matter what the situation is , for if you are the one, you will still do as they did !!!

  4. mark10

    Wow! Nice one Zuby, did you do ur research on nailing someone on the neck, that it wont kill tye person?
    I dont want to sound like i am asking too much, but since we are used to reading alot, and nairaland is not functioning, could you please add another update to this?
    Thanks boss

  5. Eunisam

    zuby,this is wickedness in higher version.i imagined myself in d position of chigbo.tie my leg,hand and mouth.chuuuuh! Is enough punishment.if i hear!

  6. Eunisam

    I need like 5 update to keep me less busy from being busyless.house wetin una think? #5updates a day untill nairalandkingdom come

  7. Nze Josh Dannyboy

    Oya from this stage moving forward, if you no get liver, Abeg, skip the scenes. This is the critical moment in Zuby’s tale…

    Bloody torture things

  8. great289

    We’re going into a quiet period to
    concentrate on bringing back Nairaland.
    By the end of the week, we will be able
    to answer your questions. We are sorry
    for allowing this to happen.
    This what nairaland ve to say on their facebook page

  9. babajide

    All this torturing you are sharing, there’s God oooooooo, But never mind if you kill my dog you better hide your cat. It has been long i comment on this blovel but i confess you have been making great job in keeping me busy, But Bros tell me where did you get that bayo Story from, its a masterpiece and one of the best short story i ever read in a long time.

  10. aao

    chai Zubby, all theses nails you are driving into neck, diaris god o. wow, u had one such mean heart way then. An eye for an eye, not an eye for a neck. Looking forward to the next episode. Thank god this happened in t he past. I hope and pray you have changed ur ways.

  11. kaybaba

    Shai dis zuby don almost dey turn to devil as each day break me here all d way from Akure am afraid of u o

  12. Dejust

    the lack of a better logic and mental

    zubby what does this phrase mean?

    are u witch or a wizard or a beast …….

    this ur interogation system lool like russian gang own….

  13. Eunisam

    in other news.Today 26 june is my supposed birthday and Today is the year’s middle day. We have completed 183 days and we still have 183 days left in this year. So, “Have a happy 1/2 year, hope 2 see u @ d end of the remaining 183.Eunisam.

  14. solomon sly

    Zuby,zuby,zuby hmmmmmmmmm watch out for those guys u’ve hurt in the past,u won’t know who will come after u at the end of the day. Even if u are in Nigeria I know one of them will come after u if truly ur story is real. I will advice to always watch out at all time. Take care and God bless u for the girls u have rescue out of the street. Take care.

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