107: Encounter With Death

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Mr. Williams stood there and watched as i ran towards the dwarf wire fence.
As i got closer to it, i became scared; the Dutch authorities could have connected the metal barbed wire to electric grid, just to electrocute any living thing that could enter the rail tracks to cause the trains to derail and kill people.
In the past, i have heard rumours that something like that existed. Although i had my doubts but i also knew that nothing was beyond the white people. Those were people capable of doing anything because they thought far into the future unlike we black asses who were trapped in the moment and our emotions.

Yea, We Africans were just victims of fate. We were trapped in the moment and we were unable to see beyond the immediate danger.

As i got to the Fence, i stopped and looked back. Should i touch the fence and find out if i was going to be electrocuted or should i just run back to the platform and face my enemies?.

Mr. Williams was standing at the platform while the other two who saw what i did had started running up to where Mr. Williams was standing.

The train i heard its sound earlier had reared its ugly face and was running fast towards me.
The worst of it all was that the small space between the Fence and the coming tain, where i was supposed to stand if i didn’t jump, was not big enough to contain me. It was going to be very close to the train when it stopped and if i had to be there, then the train must touch my body and push me on the wire.
Then if the fence was connected to the power grid, it would still electrocute me. And that would be if the train didn’t knock me dead or unconscious before that.

At that moment, it seemed that the best option was just to run back to the platform. Whatever the idiots planned to do to me, killing me wasn’t one of them.
I had a feeling that they were just hounding me to beat me; Africans were good at that.
‘Beat him, show him you are stronger and that would be it’
What they hoped to achieve from that baffled me. Maybe just to have the bragging rights of ‘I am stronger than him’ even when they knew that three against one in any competition was never fair.

As the train comes closer, the driver started slowing down from afar; but not that far. He had just rounded the corner from the Duivindretcht Station where he left one minute earlier.
He would definitely stop where and when he wasn’t supposed to do so but the bad news for him and me and everybody who cared for us was that wherever he was going to stop, he would reach where i was first.

The rail metal tyres were screeching on the track as a result of the break pressures which was stronger than normal.

The Ghanaian bastards were waving frantically and shouting for me to run back to the platform.
‘Kamback, Kamback’

Their hands were in the air, signifying the lost of hope of me making it either way.
To them, i was as good as dead.

Then like someone woken up from the dream, I placed my hands on the wire. It didn’t killed me. It wasn’t connected to the electric.

Somehow, the situation had turned to the fact that there was no way i could run back to the platform.
It was already too late. The screeching train would get to me before i could cross over to the platform.

Normally, the trains were always very close to the platforms; almost touching it. That was because when the train doors opened, passengers just got out to the platform. It meant that there was supposed to be no gap whatsoever between the train and the platforms.

The worst of it all was that even if i started running back to the platform. I was still required to jump up to the platform which was almost up to my stomach level.
Such heights were not something humans just stretched their legs and climb, i was required to get there, hold the concrete platform to support my weight which i was going to lift.

All those things were already late and i knew it. That was the reason why i had no other option than to touch the fence.
Since it didn’t killed me, i held it and jumped over to the other side at the same time the train breezed past me.
As i jumped, my left leg hit the body of the passing train but it wasn’t enough to break any bone.
I had made it to the other side of the fence and that was what mattered.

The next thing was how to disappear before the cops showed up. It would take them just three minutes to get there as soon as the train driver made the call.
Even the passengers won’t wait for the driver to make the call, they would do that on their own.
The call was free and everyone had a cell phone. The only thing that could save me at that moment was to jump down the 10 meters from the track level to the ground, then disappear.

The flood lights at the Ajax training center were already on.
The under 18 Feeder team were training in one of the lush fields.

I quickly jumped down to the road at the same time the train halted. Some passengers had seen me and i was sure the next thing was to jam the Police Free toll line with calls of a black man, late 20s to early 30s, average height, who attempted suicide, but was saved by the splendid job of the train driver, who not only applied his breaks appropriately, but also ensured that the victim was safe before he drove past the scene.

The white and orange stripe vehicles of the Dutch Police would be all over the place, with blaring sirens, coloured top lights and slim fit neat police officers, walking around the Strandvliet Metro Station, looking for any clue that would lead to the possible arrest of the black man.

I won’t allow myself to be arrested or captured. I had three teenage girls who traveled from Paris to Amsterdam because i promised to help them.
Their lives would dramatically dive south if anything happened to me. The house rent was expiring in a few weeks and i was sure they needed me to be around. I was their only hope in Amsterdam.

That and other factors motivated me to jump down to the ground and disappeared to the fields.



This is for you Miss Ogechi Linda Adom.
My good friend and Attorney.

The beauty who touches each life she enters, beaming joy on everyone she meet. May the love and happiness you share with others return to you tenfold. I wish you many more happiest of Birthdays

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