6: Ajax Supporters Club

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“Who is this?” I said on the phone.
The caller ID was hidden. It was in the evening and i was relaxing with Maria in the room.

“Stupid Man, don’t you recognize my voice again. What i did to you was just the beginning. You will run from this Europe” The voice said.

“Ah Ikenna, how are you. You didn’t ask about your son before issuing threats, that is unethical” I said calmly.

“Thank God you know he is my son, i will find him one day. It is just a matter of when i get my resident permit” He said.

“You should open your sim caller ID so that i can call you back when your credit is exhausted. You shouldn’t be scared since you are a man” I said.

“You think i am scared of you, i didn’t even know the number is hidden” He said and switched off his phone.

When he called back, the phone number appeared; it started with +34. The bastard has gone to Spain.

“I see you are no longer in Holland. How are you going to chase me out of Europe from Spain?” I asked.

“Just watch and you will see” He said and cut the call off.

Out of Anger, i got up and started wearing a black Jean trouser.

“Where do you think you are going?” Maria asked.

“To the Reverend Father” I lied.

“I don’t believe you”

“You don’t have to believe everything i say” I responded as i grabbed my black Pullover and started putting it on.

She grabbed and held it.
“You are not going anywhere” She said.

I was about to shout at her when i saw that tears has started forming in her eyes.

“Please allow me to finish this problem once and for all. It will keep coming back to hunt us if we relax and try to forget about it. I want to go and see the priest. I will be back as soon as possible” I said calmly.

She looked into my eyes and said that she will follow me.

“No Maria, i need you to stay here. I have enemies loitering in the dark all over Amsterdam. They could hurt you. Meanwhile i need someone to stay behind and tell my people the truth if anything happens to me. You are the closest thing i have in this Europe. I will be careful out there” I said as i removed her hand from my pullover slowly and put the cloth on.

I picked up my gun and went downstairs.

Out on the lonely street, i walked all the way to the train station and took a train to Diemen Sud Station near Verein Stuartweg and walked down from the platform.

Where i was going in Venseerpolder was close but since i had a firearm, i didn’t want to risk being controlled by the cops.

I took a Snoda to the little business square in Venserpolder where i formally lived with Nonso during my first time in Amsterdam.
Nonso was still in Prison for kidnapping a Romanian.

There was a bar that was reputed for harboring criminals inside the square, i entered there and bought a bottle of beer.

A football match was showing on the large flatscreen TV.
About five young men were there drinking and smoking, I joined them.

Ajax Amsterdam was playing AZ Alkmaar and from the look of things, The entire men were Ajax supporters I joined them and became an Ajax supporter as well.
As the matched progressed, i monitored their drinks until the first person finished his own, then i ordered more for all of us.

We joked and talked about football and Africa and Suriname until the Match was over.

We all got out at the same time and when it was time to separate, i said “I am looking for one Suriname friend of mine called Ricardo. I have gone to his place but he wasn’t there. Do you know him?”

After looking at each other, the shortest guy among them said he knew Ricardo. He said Ricardo was in Prison and asked why i was looking for him.

“He used to do some small jobs for me” I said and kept quiet.

“If you have any job, you can tell us” one of them said.

“It is OK. I will talk to only one person and he will communicate to others” I said.

They immediately and Unanimously selected the shortest one to discuss with me. It seemed he was the hitman.

I took him to a corner and said,
“There is this guy who wants me dead. That is why i am looking for Ricardo. I want to hit him before he hit me. He is a Nigerian”.

“Do you know where he lives?” Shortie asked.

“I don’t but i can find out in a day” I said.

“Then find out and let me know. What do you want us to do to him?” He asked.

“I want him captured first. He need to reveal some information to me. You won’t kill him, i just need the information” I said.

“How much are you going to give us for the Job?”

“You tell me” I said.

“You give us 1500 Euros, we get 300 for one person” He said.

“Alright, give me your phone number” i said; he did.

“I will find out where he live, then i call you tomorrow” i said and left them.

I walked to the Venserpolder metro station and took a train to Kraianest to see Robin.
He was in when i came but complained about why i didn’t call him to tell him i was coming.

“Have you found out where Chigbo lives?” I asked.

He said he knew where he lived in Gein.

“He lives in Wesserplein No 60, why do you ask?” He said.

“I just need to know the places to avoid venturing into the area” I said.

“Father Jude said you agreed to pay 250,000 Naira, is that true?” he asked.

“Yes, where is Precious?” i said, trying to change the topic.

“He also said Chigbo refused the money”

“I don’t care, that is the last i will give him” I said.

“I need 1500 Euros. That should be able to cover 250,000. I will transfer the money to you in Nigeria” I said.

He went inside and brought the money for me.

“We will talk on the phone, greet Precious for me” I said as i opened the exit door and walked outside.

Inside the train back to Almere, i called Shortie and told him i have found out where Chigbo lived. He promised to call me the next day in the afternoon.

I got home and met Maria reading her Bible. She didn’t say a word to me until i finished removing my clothes.

“Did you see the priest?” She asked.

“No, i didn’t go there again. I went to borrow some money from Robin, i have agreed to pay Chigbo and have my rest” I said.

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  1. kaybaba

    Where are the first to commenters ?anyway chigbo don enter one chance singing #bringbacknairaland

  2. Tochi

    Chigbo will soon see what he is looking for.
    Oga zubby ride on sir.
    But you offend meoooooooooooooo.

  3. Eunisam

    zuby when are we going back to business? Boys are not smiling oh we now goes borrowing to execute a war. I beg lets do business b4war.

  4. Ruffhandu

    Zuby, I wanted to ask. You don’t care about making money as you spend it? That’s not ok. All the money you spent in Italy, relocation (I imagined paying about N100k for taxi from France-na maybe from Naija to S.A), you rented an apartment for #2,600, now you’ve gone aborrowing.
    I have been thinking what next you’ll do to raise money, go back to drugs? or clamp down on an italian mama? I figure you’ll make Chigbo and co pay all you’ve spent dealing with them (that’s your way).
    I would have offered an advice if not that this is history already.

    • Zuby

      The reason we make money is to protect ourselves.. health..security..fun..etc..not to save them in a bank and suffer..

  5. Dejust

    if u say safety is expensive, Then try accident….

    win the war against ur enemy, Then pay ur soldier with the loots and take their land as possestion .

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