105: Going to Surulere

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We got to Surulere and parked the truck in front of the gate.

As I walked to the compound to open the gate from the inside, I saw some group of four young men approaching the truck. Initially, I thought they were passing but when they stopped behind the vehicle, I knew they had come for something.
After opening the gate, I walked back outside and asked the truck driver to go inside. He had alighted from his truck and was pointing at me as the owner of the properties. He was speaking Yoruba Language with the men, which unfortunately, I couldn’t understand.

”Na you get this load” one of them asked.
”Why are you asking” I responded.

A hot slap landed on my cheek.
”I dey ask you question and you come dey ask me question on top” he shouted.

I bent down to let the unexpected wave of pain calm down, then I raised my head again.

”Na you get this load” he asked again.

I nodded in affirmative.

”Your price na N5,000” he said.

N5000 was the reason why the unknown guy hit me.
”N5000 for what” I asked.

”You still dey ask me another question abi” he said as he moved forward to hit me again.
I saw him coming and stepped back.

”Kola, carry one thing there, make we dey go” he shouted.

One of them climbed to the back of the truck and brought down my DVD home theater machine.

”OK, I will give you N5000” I said.

I brought out my wallet, counted 5 pieces of N1000 notes and handed it over to the one he called Kola.
He was a tall guy of about 6ft with four tribal marks in each side of his face.

He counted the money and said that he had off loaded my DVD. As a result, I must pay him another N1000 for the off load.

No argument, I just handed him another N1000 and they left.
I didn’t look at them as they left, I just touched the left side of my cheek where he had slapped me with his right hand. It was still hurting.
I tried to recall the last time any body slapped me. I hate slaps. I prefer boxing or kicking me. Slapping was like an insult to me.

Kola and his crew had just insulted and assaulted me. They wanted money and I was right to ask what the money was for.
It was wrong on their own part not to have explained why they wanted the money but sometimes, ethics didn’t work in the street.
N5000 wasn’t such a big deal for someone who just paid almost N600,000 for an apartment.

My cousin was explaining who they were to me. He was saying something like Alaye and area boys but I wasn’t listening. I was angry. I had heard about Alaye before.
I was angry at the fact that my fellow Nigerians just slapped some stars out of my eyes. Angry that they didn’t give me a chance to ask them what the money was for. They just wanted the money and they believed that they must get it from me.
People who behaved that way never lasted long in this life. Life itself was all about convictions.

We must learn from children all the time. If you wanted to take a kid’s toy or biscuit, you must give him or her some kind of explanations or at least give him or her something back.

Those boys tried to alter the natural laws and people who did that never lasted long. They made enemies through the use of force. It was true that I made enemies but it was through revenge.
Any of my enemies who tried to do something else after I had taken my revenge would obviously be starting a new war.

”Oga, sorry oh, I dey try to talk to them but they no wan hear” the driver said to me.
He could see the anger in my eyes.

I walked across the road and bought a bottle of cold water. It cooled my head a little as I washed my face with it and poured some on my head.

Kola and his group had just won but knowing who I was, it was only a matter of time before I find out who they were.

”Carry the things upstairs” I said to the two labourers who came with us.
The driver helped them as they off loaded the properties and carried them upstairs.

As soon as we were finishing up, another group of two boys came.
They demanded for money too but the driver told them that some four men had taken money from us.

”Ah, Kola and Ade don come before us here again” one of them said.

As they turned around to leave, I called them back.

”Area, eyes wey see go chop anyhow” I said as I handed them N1000 note.

”Omo You be correct guy” one of them said as he hugged me with one shoulder.

I told him that my name was Austin and that I was moving to the area that day. I Also promised to buy them drinks in the evening if they called me.
I gave them one of my numbers and took theirs, then they left.

We finished arranging the properties upstairs before the truck and its occupants left. I added N1000 to their money since they helped me arranged the stuff.

My cousin said he liked the house so much, it was closer to Lagos Island where he had a shop and Surulere was a busier area compared to the Barracks area.
An hour later, he left for Idumota.

I took time to fix the DVD cables and every other electrical connections.
Headache had set in due to the unexpected slap. It made me angry more.

”Life inevitably throws us curve balls and unexpected circumstances that remind us to expect the unexpected. These curve balls are the beautiful unfolding of both Karma and the current situation”

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