5: Support From The Gods

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“Precious, please go to the Kraianest shopping mall, there is an Igbo Woman that sells Kolanuts there. Buy Igbo Kolanut (Oji Igbo) for me. Make sure you ask her before buying it, i don’t want Gworo (Hausa Kola)” I said.

She hesitated a bit before agreeing to do it. I knew why anyway; she was a little angry for the way i talked to her the other day.

When Precious arrived, she came with the Igbo Kolanuts.
Since there were two rooms in the apartment, i entered the spare one and locked it while she entered the main room to stay with Maria.

I wanted to talk to my ancestors. Maybe they were angry due to the way i ignored them ever since i left the village.
My ancestors unlike the white imposed Gods, were never greedy. A kolanut or half glass of Palmwine was enough to appease them. They never demanded for Dollars or Euros unlike the Gods of T.B Joshua and David Oyedepo.
They never cared about private jets.

“Ndi Ichie I greet you” I began in Igbo.

I talked to them with the Kola in my hand. I asked them to guide me through the murky waters i was about to enter. I promised to to sacrifice a ram for them in my compound if they protected me.

While meditating, a holographic image of my Father placed his hand on my head for some moments, then it disappeared before i could open my eyes.
The older ancestors has sent him to bless me and eat my Kola because when i finished my prayers, i couldn’t see one of the Kolas i put in a small plate in front of me.
For some minutes, i wondered if the Kola Precious brought were three or four. I had asked her to buy four and i believed she gave me four but there were only three of them when i finished my prayers and opened my eyes.

“Precious, Precious” I shouted as soon as i got back to the sitting room.

“Brother” She responded and walked out to the sitting room.

“How many Kolanuts did you buy?” i asked.

She said she bought four for 2 Euros.

“I saw only three here” I said while looking at her.

“No brother, i gave you four. I am sure” She said.

“Its OK, i just wanted to be sure of something”.

“Sure of what? What are you doing with Kolanuts, i have never seen you eating them” That was Maria coming out of the room.

“The doctor recommend it at the hospital, he said it helps the eye to heal faster” I lied.

“Which hospital and when? I was there too” She countered.

“He said it in Dutch, do you understand Dutch language” I asked.

“Only you knows what you want to do with it” She said to me, as i threw a piece of kola inside my mouth and started chewing.
She laughed.

What happened to one of my Kolanuts?
There were no rats in the apartment yet and even if they were, a rat has to be as big as rabbit to be able to lift the size of Kolanuts i left in the plate.

I had a feeling my ancestors answered my prayers or may be relayed it to God the Almighty wherever he may have been.

Come to think of it, i have always believed that if God wanted to hear our prayers, he could have wanted us to relay them through Our Ancestors. It was highly unlikely that He would want us to bypass our forefathers and elders and say our prayers directly to him. Even though i believed that the God almighty, the Alpha and Omega, the Jehovah, Allah, Mesiah controlled everything we did but each individual must have a Personal Chi (God) that managed and interceded for him or her.

My prayers has been answered and that was it.

A day after i returned from the hospital, I went down to the nearest cyber cafe and checked my email.
Sure, the pictures from Nando were there. I printed them and returned upstairs.

It didn’t take long for the Reverend father to call me.
He said he wanted to visit me and see what happened to me and to pray for me.

“I can pray for myself Father. As a matter of fact, i have prayed for the whole year and i believe my prayers were answered” I said.

After a few more attempts to convince me to see him, he gave up and cut his phone.

An hour later, I took a Snoda to the Church.
Father Jude was surprised to see me.
He said Chigbo and his friends left less than an hour ago and that he would have loved to talk to us together.

“I had a feeling there were here as well. It was the reason i told you i was not coming. I told you last time that i will not be in a compromising position with Chigbo and his people again. Look at my eye, the Doctors said i would be lucky if i use the eye again. One of his people did this to me in Amsterdamspoort. This is the kind of people you want me to have negotiations and agreement with, they are dangerous drug dealers and will not hesitate to kill me. If you reached any agreement for me, please tell me so that i can leave before they return” I said.

“You don’t have to be afraid, this is the house of the Lord. No weapons fashioned against…” He was saying.

“Reverend skip those craps and tell me what you discussed with them. I prefer a bulletproof vest to the house of the Lord during a gun battle. I thought that by now, you should have known how i reason” I said.

“They still insist that you will pay them 800,000 Naira or what happened to you will happen again. But i was able to talk them down to accept half of that money. That was why i wanted to see you. You understand i have nothing to gain from all this” he said.

“Where are you from, i mean your state of origin?” I asked.
He said he was from Anambra State.

“You see what i mean Father, it has always been about money for all of you from that State. Nothing else matters except money. It is in your DNA. Anyway, i have heard what you said. Tell them that i will pay 250, 000 Naira and nothing more. I relocated newly to this Country and don’t have much money” I said.

He shook my hand and said that he will invite them again to try to convince them to take the money.

I left him and took a Snoda back to Almere. My proposal to pay 250,000 was just a joke, I had no intention of paying anybody anything. It was just a ploy to buy time and wait for time to strike.

The war was at hand.

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  1. horlabiyi

    I wanted to say something about the 250k but……………………….

  2. GTPlus

    Bia, Zuby, u mean to tell me now, that one of your kolanuts disappeared after your prayers? Havnt heard of that before.

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  4. Dejust

    are u giving ur gods kolanut to collect it back or are u just trying to know whether they. answer meditation prayer,

    search ur pocket!!!!!

  5. lilvonz

    I’m enjoying your fiction. What started as a ‘real’ enjoyable story has turned to an unbelievable story. Im feeling the plot tho.

  6. obumsway

    the war must just start , nothing better than the war must start !!

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  8. DMayor101

    Sometimes I wonder if these experiences are Zuby’s true life experiences but the depth of the details with which he tells the stories are nothing but compelling. I must say Zuby’s experiences are the sum total of like that of 10 or 20 people’s experiences combined together. Great story telling ability sir. More ink to your pen.

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