105: Recovering Miss Tina

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At the Kraianest daily Market, we bought some Kilograms of Chicken, more rice, more beans, Okro, Egusi and may other things we needed in the house.

As it stood, we were already three in the house and i was sure Tina would be coming as soon as she heard i was back in town.

I wondered what that super pack called Chike was doing with her. I wasn’t worried because Tina was already in the street; therefore she could handle sex. Where i was concerned a bit was what would happen if Tina refused to have sex with Super Pack, That could lead to something else and the last thing i needed at that stage was to carry out a revenge on anybody.

I naturally appreciated the fact that the gods saved me from the Paris troubles. It was required of me to stay low in Amsterdam.

After buying the things we needed, we took a Cab to Almere.

I called Tina as soon as we got to the house.
The girls had occupied the Kitchen. Somehow i wondered what kind of food Queen would know how to cook but there was no need underestimating her without giving her a chance.

“Brother are you back?” That was Tina on the phone.

“Yes, I am back” I said, “Is Chike there with you?”

“He is in his room, i am watching a film in the Sitting room” Tina said.

I told her that i would call Chike immediately, and i did.

“Where do you say i should bring the girl? And you should mind how you send me on errands, i m older than you” He said.


“Bring her to the Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena, I will be there in thirty minutes” I said.

I took a train to the Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena.
A round Glass house was newly constructed opposite the Ajax FC Stadium near the Arena. Chike was waiting for me near the place; Tina was with him.

As soon as she saw me, she ran towards me and hugged “Brother welcome, Have you seen Kate?”

I ignored her and concentrated on the environment. I didn’t still trust Tina. She came to Amsterdam without me; therefore there were chances that she came with someone else.

Chike was advancing towards me as well and i have looked him all over to make sure she was alone as well.

Madam Model haven’t ranted enough since she left Amsterdam, she could have reached an agreement with Chike to track and trap me down. There was nothing desperate people could not do because of money.

One of the reasons why i offered to give Chike another 1000 Euros was to discourage him from reaching any agreement with Madam Model whom i believed was also going to offer him some money to help trap me. It was something i did in the past and since i hardly looked down on people’s intelligence, i felt that Madam Model Could do the same too. However, my doubt was that she was never going to offer Chike anything above the one i offered.
I already gave out 1000 and made Chike believe he would get the next one easily.

There was no one else with Chike as he came to where i was standing. But the problem, as i figured, was that he would ask for money. He tried to do that on the phone already But i didn’t respond well.

I looked up as he approached, “What’s up Man?”

He smiled “I am good, did you meet that woman in France?”

I looked at his face, “Yea i did. She asked me to thank you for taking good care of her.”

He knew it was sarcasm. “What do you mean?

“She told me everything you said about me. Did i tell you to discuss about me with her?” i said.
A window of opportunity to make trouble seemed to be opening up for me and i was determined to probe it as much as i could.

Chike looked confused. “What did she tell you?”

“I am not here for question and Answer. Wait there Tina, let me have a word with him” I said as i pointed Tina to go to a point.

“Forget The Paris Woman. We have other deals now. But mind how you talk when you are with this people. I returned with three girls including this one. Their Madams will begin to search for them anytime from now, if they haven’t started already. I will invite them to Amsterdam for negotiations. That is where you come in. Your place will be our meeting point. So any amount they agree to pay to get their girls back, you will know. Your percentage will be 15 percent of the total money they paid. Large part of the money will go into relocating the girls either to the UK or Ireland or any other country in Europe or even to Nigeria depending on what the girl want. The rest will be mine. Your share can be increased depending on the roles you played in each negotiation” I said.

He looked at me suspiciously. “How much is 15 percent?”


“15 percent could be anything depending on the amount of money we receive. Take forinstance we get 100,000 Euros for the three girls, your outright payment will be 15,000 Euros, do you understand me?” I asked.
The reason to use huge amount of money to give example was deliberate. Since Mr. Gym didn’t know the meaning of percentage, it was better that i used big amount. I even wanted to use One Million Euros as the example but it would have been very difficult for him to believe such amount was realizable.

He nodded in an attempt to make me believe he understood me, though i doubted he did.
“But what about the 1000 Euro balance you owe me?”

“Let me be honest with you Chike. You are not getting that one. I expected you to keep this woman until i return from Paris, we would have made more money from her and that was where i hoped to pay you from but you allowed her to go. You have not done a 2000 Euro job yet” i said.

“Where do you live?” He asked.

“Ijburg, I stay in Ijburg, the newly man-made Island from Ij Lake, but we can’t all go there together. Only the whites live there and they would call Police if they see three Africans there at the same time. I will invite you but please make sure you come alone”

He promised to come alone when the time comes.

I waved at Tina, “Lets go”.

We all walked down to the Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena station where we parted ways.
Since i didn’t want Chike to know where we were headed, we ventured into the shopping Malls.

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