104: The Last Girl – Safe at Last

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lf hours to get to Amsterdam through Antwerp Belgium, Although we stopped for refreshments and petrol on the road.

It was when i was settled in the car and out of danger that i actually took a good look at the girl sitting with me inside the car.
Some flashy lights and fear had configured my brain to see her in a different way since the last night through the Morning.

Queen was extremely beautiful; even better than what i had seen.
By mere looking at her, i could easily find out that her beauty was a mixture of different tribes.
Since she said her Father was from Edo State, it could be that her mother was from somewhere else. It was time to ask her.

“We will soon get to Amsterdam, where was your Mother from?” I had turned and said to her at the back seat.

She said her mother was a combination of Liberian Father and a Turkish Mother but Married to a Nigerian Man.

What a combination of cultural Confusion.

The French taxi driver stopped us in front of the Almere Apartment. I paid the remainder of his money and thanked him after bringing out our bag from the trunk.

Queen watched as i opened the door to the building; she was tired and it showed very clearly on her face.

“Lets go up Sweetheart” I said. I thought i meant it when i called her Sweetheart. It was really from the bottom of my heart, if there was such thing.

We got to the apartment and unlocked it. Everything were the same way i left them.
Most of my things were already taken away when i was running, but in Europe, as long as you were on the run, which was the case most of the time, you would never take everything from your place.
The first thing i learnt as a runner was to first of all, pick up my documents and money; every other thing was secondary.

Queen Collapsed on the sofa and lay there. It didn’t take her two minutes to close her eyes and slept.

I left her there and carried her bag to the second room.

In the kitchen, i checked what i left there. Some foodstuffs were still there. In fact everything needed to cook Rice and stew were there except meat. It meant that i had to go out and buy chicken in the Mall.
That was good because i wanted to use that opportunity to pick Kate up. She didn’t know I was already in town and so was Tina.

But wait a moment, it meant that i just brought three girls to Amsterdam. I wasn’t sure how i was going to take care of all of them at the same time. The money i had with me was not more than 4000 Euros. Of course it could take care of our foods and transport for more than half a year but there were other reasons why i assembled them. It wasn’t because of food.

I called Robin “I am back in Amsterdam”.

After asking where i was, he said i should come and pick up Kate. It seemed the relationship between her and Precious wasn’t the best.

I was beginning to believe that Precious has a mental or understanding issue.
I knew she was perhaps, trying to protect her man by alienating every other eligible woman but what about me; she nearly raised her voice on me the last time i was there.
Something was wrong but being someone who believed in allowing every adult to make his or her decisions, i decided that i would allow Robin to deal with the issue. But the bad news for Precious was that if Robin ever asked for my opinion on what to do about her, i would lean on the side of ‘Throw the bitch away’.

“I will be there in thirty minutes” I said and cut the call.

As i opened the door to go out, she said, “Where are you going baby?”

“Please sleep and rest, i need to go and pick up some foodstuffs” I said.

“I am coming with you”.

“Alright, lets go” I said.

I knew that Queen was scared, who wouldn’t be scared under such arrangement.

The Jane bitch back in Paris had said that there was a Ritual man on the lose. No matter how comfortable Queen was going to be, she would definitely remember that at all times.
I believed the reason why she took the risk of following me was to get her documents back in Nigeria.

“Can i take my bath before we go?”

“No, you cannot. I want to get over with the stuffs and return to the house immediately. Then you can take your bath” I said.

“Baby you don’t know how to take care of a woman” She accused.

“Yea, i guess that is because i have never gotten so close to one as much as i am doing now. Lets go or you wait here” i said.

Queen reluctantly followed me outside where we waited for five minutes without any sign of a cab, then we walked to the station and picked up the public bus.

The bus stopped us at the Bijlmer Arena where we took a Snoda to Kraianest where Robin lived.

Kate hugged me as soon as we came inside the house. The next thing she did was to run upstairs, picked her things and declared she was ready to go.
There was really a problem in the house.

“Precious, i need you to go to the Street Market and buy me some meat” I said with a smile.

“Can’t this girls go and buy it for you?” She returned.

The slap flashed across her face in a second.
It was from Robin.


That’s how you teach some bitches that we were not yet ready for democracy.

“I think something is wrong with your head” Robin shouted at her.

“Lets go girls, don’t ever be like her” I said to my concubines.

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