104: Sooner Than I Hoped

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Chapter 104.

Ano stayed on top of me as i massaged his back slowly. His manhood was still inside my cunt. I had managed to release my clutches from holding his waist but he still remained inside of me breathing heavily. He would kiss my lips occasionally, smiled and put his head on my boobs.
I caressed his back professionally, drawing meaningless patterns on his back with my fingers.

I made sure all the residues of his sperm entered inside of me before i massaged his butt and pushed him aside on his back.

“Did you enjoy it?” He asked.

Some things were better said without opening the mouth, therefore i nodded with a smiling face and asked if he enjoyed it too.

“You are so sweet” He said.

Whether he meant it or not was his business. I had just cemented our relationship. What remained was what he would do when we return from the club. One good thing was that he already knew i wasn’t going anywhere when he saw me. If he as much as offered me to stay for a week in his place, i would stay for a month. It was game on. I was even going to ask him to allow me to stay with him.
His fears would only come from the fact that i could steal something from his apartment and run away. But the way things looked in the apartment, the only reasonable thing i could steal was the Television. I didn’t believe he had money in the house. European young men never kept money in the house, except the drug dealers. Their cash was always in the financial system machines and they moved around with assorted money cards that enabled them to withdraw money anywhere in Europe.

Ano went to the bathroom, cleaned himself and returned to my room. As he started putting on his cloths, he asked me to do the same.

“We are running late, put on your clothes and lets go out” He said.

I almost told him that i wasn’t interested in going to any club but on a second thought, i decided to play along. He was the master, the owner of the place, i was new and needed to do as he said. He could get suspicious if i decided not to go with him. That could be dangerous for me and could facilitate his sending me away. I needed more time alongside him to gel together before making such demands and decisions.

I stood up and went to the bathroom too. After cleaning myself, i returned to the room and started putting on my clothes.

Ano objected to the Jean trouser i brought out and asked that i put on a gown. Fortunately for me, i had two sexy gowns with me.

I chose the red one and put it on. It was a party gown i admired so much. Purchased back in castel volturno, i had taken the gown everywhere i went.

“You look gorgeous” he said when i finished putting it on.

I thanked him for the compliment and tears started dropping from my eyes. I couldn’t tell if they were genuine tears or not but it was a card i wanted to play to get him to like me more.

“What’s the problem baby” He asked as he came close and held me.

“Nothing, its just that i thought i was going to sleep in the street this night, but you came” I lied.

He hugged me and said i didn’t have to worry.

“You can stay with me until you find a place of your own” He said.

It came sooner than i expected. I had been scratching my head over how i was going to tell him that i wanted to stay with him. But a simple tear drops did the trick.

I hugged and held him for long and cried on his shoulders until he reminded me that we were late for the club.

As we walked out of the apartment, he put the keys into my small hand bag and carried it by himself. He was playing the perfect gentleman, the kind of things i never got from anybody in Europe.

Back in the car park, he opened the front passenger door and asked me to go in, then he closed it, rounded the car and entered through the driver’s side.

Ano switched on a loud music and asked if it was disturbing me.

“No, its OK” I said, even though i didn’t know what the music was talking about.
Sometimes we had to give up what we want for what was right.
Although i was a girl, but everything didn’t have to be about me.

As he drove away, i wondered how i was going to cover the issue of work.
Ano worked in day time, prostitution thrived more in the nights. It meant that if i were to be working from his apartment, he would have to be home every night without me. It would never work out that way. I almost cried out as i tried every kind of permutations to find out if there was a way out; there was non. I was simply going to give up prostitution if i was going to stay in his apartment or at least work during the day time.

For all the thirty minutes it took us to get to the club house, i wasn’t able to come up with any solution to the issue of work-time collision.
I would have happily and easily give up Prostitution to be with Ano, but i needed money. I needed to be paying Aunty Philo, i needed to send more money home. If i had wanted to just remain in one place and play the perfect girlfriend or wife, i would have not left Jacob in the first place.
It seemed i had jumped from one frying pan to another, a cooler one, but i was still in a frying pan.

Somehow, i decided to forget about the nagging issue for that night. I would think about it another day.

Ano held my hand and my bag as we walked into the night club house.
A lot of English speaking white men were there. I suspected that it was an English or American club. A few Black people suspected to be Nigerians were also there.
The music was mostly American hiphops from 50 Cent, R.kelly, DMX and JaRule. People danced while i sat on a long stool and sipped on the drink Ano had bought for me.

I was enjoying the club until a stranger came and asked me to dance with him.

“No, my boyfriend is here” I said.

Boyfriend? Was Ano already my boyfriend?

“Dont worry, he asked me to dance with you” He said.
He was a black man as well but it didn’t matter. I didn’t want complications at that time.

“I dont know how to dance” I said.

“I will teach you” He said.

“No, find another girl” I said.

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