104: George, My True Friend

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Chapter 104.

Since i had no bags with me, i didn’t return to the hotel. The sudden disappearance of Miss Alicia was a little suspicious. I had given her her simcard when i wanted to go to the foreign office. I would have gone there with the simcard but i wasn’t sure i was going to come out of there.
I had given her some money but it didn’t take me much persuasion to bring her to France from Italy, i had hoped that she would be very hard to persuade after everything that happened to her in Paris.
“In the game of intelligence, every little thing should not be overlooked”.
I was in a happy mood after getting the 6 months permit from the authorities; therefore i didn’t care much about the Paris thugs and even the cops who were looking for me.
I took a public train to the Gare Du Nord and took the metro to the restaurant where Amara worked. I had called George and we met in Gare Du Nord. I had also called Nonso Ukeh and told him to meet me at the restaurant. He was there arguing with Amara before we came. I made it clear to him that i was in a happy mood and that there was no need to fight. I ordered for foods and drinks for Nonso, George and two other people who were there before i came. I told everybody to drink and celebrate with me for the new resident permit. I had also told Nonso that i had used a master key to get into his apartment to get my letter. I knew he didn’t believe me but i wanted him to have some doubts about whether it was Amara who did it or not. I was just creating a problem for Amara and didn’t want more for her.
It was already around 7pm, when i left the restaurant with an excuse to go and buy a card. I already told George to claim that we didn’t know each other before then. I had told George to claim that i had just seen him somewhere near the restaurant and asked him to follow and drink.
Before we left, the total amount of our drinks, foods and fresh fish had risen to around €220.
It was the last money Amara took from me for going to get my letter. I had paid €500 earlier and i considered that enough.

George called later and asked where i was so that he would come. His demand had made me suspicious because he could have been arrested by the cops if the restaurant management had decided to call them.
I had told George that i was far from the area and would call him as soon as i return to Paris Central.
As for Nonso Ukeh, i didn’t care what happens to him. He could be arrested for all i care. I pitied him a little bit because he lost his leverage for getting money out of me. I could have easily given him €500 but then he wanted to be the Igbo man and lost. He was lucky to have eaten some free food and drinks because i wanted to get at Amara. She will pay from my €200 and complete it from the €500 she got earlier. I didn’t think i went out of line, €500 was about N100,000 in Nigeria and we were both Nigerians. That was enough in my own estimates to steal a letter from an unsuspecting boyfriend. She would have refused to return The money if she didn’t find the letter. Things worked two ways in my own world.

There was nothing else to do in Paris but i needed to wait and meet with George the following day. He had done enough to warrant the wait. I was only scared that he might have told the cops that we were friends after i left the restaurant without paying. We would have gone out of the restaurant together but that won’t be good. The Amara and her master would have suspected foul play immediately but “sometimes in the game of war, you need to save your head before helping a friend”

I found another hotel and lodged. When i settled down, i called Nonso Ukeh and asked for what happened at the restaurant. He said that George actually left without incident but also said that Amara was very angry. Her master had asked that she pay the money herself and she had paid.
Nonso asked why i did that since he knew i had some money with me.
I told him that the girl owed me some money that she received by holding on to something i needed badly. I had to pay her the money to get that thing from her and that it was the repayment of the money that we feasted with. Nonso pleaded that i give him some money; any amount but i shouted at him and cut the call.

I called George the following morning and told him to tell me where he was so i could come there. He demanded that i tell him where i was; i did. However, i left the hotel and walked across the road. There was a newspaper and tobacco kiosk ran by an Algerian man. I went into the kiosk and positioned myself where i could be watching the front of the hotel, then i bought a French newspaper and pretended that i was comprehending what was written on it. It took over 30 Minutes before George came. He was alone. I called him to the Kiosk and asked why he insisted on coming to see me.

“My friend i need some money to travel to my country. My grand mother is sick and she need me there for a week or two. I wanted to come because i can not ask you for money if you come to me” He said.
“George how much money are we talking about here?” I asked.
“€1000 please. I will give you the money back when i return to France. I traveled to Lyon two days ago to meet my friend there but he has no money” He continued.

“See George, i will give you €1000 now. Go and see your mother and don’t worry about returning the money. You have done a lot of jobs for me and you deserve the money” I said.
He stood up and hugged me before i handed five pieces of €200 notes. When he left, i returned upstairs and prepared for my last day in Paris before heading to Sweden.

One thing i believed about George was that he will work for the money someday. I knew that if i told him to pay back, he could start to avoid my phone calls. It could be when i needed him to do something else but due to the debt, he would not take the calls.
Human beings are one of the most insensitive and clever creatures; to live happily with them, we all need to make them relax at all times.


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