4: Fvck the Laws

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“You have some missed calls” She said.

We were in a Snoda returning home to our apartment in Almere.
She was still crying softly and i have tried enough to stop her but i knew what she was going through.

She has been there at the Hospital until hours after i was released.
She was the one who signed as my next of kin before treatment started. It was required as a standard rule in case something went wrong.
  She was the one who told them i had no insurance card before they forwarded the bills to the French authorities.
She had every reason to cry.

The way i saw things from the Snoda back to the house, my days in Europe was coming to an end. It was time to do some cleaning up and go home. I no longer belonged there.
The signs were all over the place. The gods that wanted me back home has started giving me signs.
I would respect the wishes and the signs of the gods but before then, i would try to push one last discipline war against my enemies.
If i succeeded, their people back home would be spared but if i failed, their people back home would feel the heat.
Getting my revenge in my fatherland would be the easiest of all because i knew the people, the language and the mentality.

“Did you answer any of the calls?” I asked calmly.

She shook her head indicating that she didn’t.

I scrolled through my call logs, there were about 20 missed calls.

Kempering Bijlmer Amsterdam

Robin has called seven times and eventually sent a text message. He said he heard i was attacked and was taken to the Hospital.
When i called back, he said he was with Chigbo, the Reverend Father and some other people.

“I just got released from the hospital, tell the Reverend i can’t come again” i said.

“Hold on, He wants to speak with you” Robin has said before handing the phone to the Priest.

“I heard what happened to you. I am sorry but that was the wish of God, You must take heart. When can you come?” The Reverend said.
I cut off the call without saying a word and scrolled to the next missed call.

I almost called the Reverend an Idiot if not that he was far older than i was.
Someone nearly got killed and it was the wish of God. I knew it long ago that he was going to say some rubbish like that.
It was the reason why i asked that Chigbo write his agreement down on a paper.
Who knew what the Priest would have said if i was killed. Of course it would still be part of the wish of his God.
He may have been right but the truth was that it wasn’t my own wish to be hit in the eyes. My own Chi (God) would never wish me such thing. If we really had one God who controlled all of us from the sky, why would He or She want one of his Children to kill another one? why would he allow that?

Ajegunle was the next on the list of missed calls.
I called him back. He was excited on the other side of the phone.

“We just returned from Nando, It is just after Aguleri” He shouted in Igbo language.

“You and who?” I asked.

He said he went with his girlfriend.
I didn’t blame him, there was a lose 20,000 Naira in his pocket.

“What did you find out?” I asked.

“Everything, we even met Chigbo’s mother and his Sister. They said his father, a wine tapper died three years ago. Oh boy, her sister is very pretty, you will like her” She shouted.
The Phone was on speak out and Maria heard him.

“You silly idiot, did i send you there to look for women for me? Tell me the things you found out” I shouted.
Not that i was really angry about the news about the fine girl but Maria would never like to entertain such news; therefore i needed to shout at him.

“I got the pictures of their house and the mother and sister as you directed. I told them that my friend who knew Chigbo is traveling to Holland and will give them the pictures. His village is called Agbudu. We gave the mother 1000 Naira” He said.

“Very good. Did you find something else?” I asked.

“Yes, there is another village called Akata Nando where we went. One Okada man took us there. He said that is the village of Clement but he said Clement never returned to Nigeria for the past 15 years. We met his Father too and told him that Clement’s friend sent us to say Hi. We gave him a bottle of Hot drink. He told us to greet you and he also said his last son Ikenna live in Amsterdam too” He said.

“Good Job. Do you know how to send an email?” I asked.

He said he didn’t know what email meant.

“Go to a cyber cafe, tell the manager to transfer those pictures from the Camera Memory card to the computer and then send them to me. I will send you a text message now. Show the manager the message and he or she will know what to do with it” I said before cutting the call.
I sent him my email address immediately.

The third missed call was from the Reverend father. I believed he called me earlier before Robin went there. Apparently he wanted to know why i didn’t come as i promised; i skipped it.

The fourth was from My elder brother in Nigeria. It seemed someone has called him with the bad news.
When i called him back, he said something different.

He wanted to know when i will return to Nigeria to get married and start a different business since it seemed that i was no longer interested in sending any vehicle to Nigeria.

“I am in a car now, i will call you as soon as possible” I told him and cut the call.
I wasn’t going to start discussing marriage in the presence of Maria.
The last time he called, he said he was ready to make the first wine carrying to the girl they found for me.
I wondered why he and his wife were very interested in that particular girl. It seemed the plan was not just to bring me back home, something else was involved. I was going to find out eventually but at that moment, i just needed to go home, rest, evaluate what happened to me, make plans on how to go about it and wait for my chance.
Yea, it was all about chance.

Back in the apartment, I relaxed in the sitting room with a mirror. There was no Television Yet, therefore i just viewed my face in the mirror for several minutes.

Maria was busy in the Kitchen while i stared in the mirror like a woman who was preparing to go to a Nigeria Church.
Parts of my face has swollen. Traces of blood could be seen in the wool which they used to cover my left eye. Small pains were being felt. Medical Drugs were on the table in front of me.
All because of one bastard called Ikenna.

My offence was that i sent him to prison for trying to claim little Samson; My Son.
The little boy i nurtured right from when he was conceived.
And just because he had sex with the mother, the boy must belong to him.

Fvkk the laws that bind such nonsense. When i said that i wrote my own laws, that was one of the reasons.
– Zuby.

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  1. Dannyboy

    It seems you let your guard down at the Biljmer mall where you and Maria went to buy things,thereby affording Ikenna the chance to attack you. That was unlike you!

  2. Crave4Stan

    Chigbo and Ikenna will be scared to death when they find out what you’ve accomplished with your foot soldiers back home. Waiting. . .

  3. prugged

    Men Amsterdam is getting tougher by d day…in other news#bringback our nairaland…. Who ever is responsible

  4. Lagos Boy

    Trouble on the way, settle the scores once and for all boss


  5. Dejust

    the battle is not for the strong, nor riches for the wise Alone, time and chance happen to them all.

    first thing first! know your enemy

    unused weapon draw no blood


  6. Eunisam

    controlling Nigeria from netherland! Wow what a security. I beg one hail mary to for the super eagles jare

  7. horlabiyi

    Ikeena about to get the dose of his medicine. #BringBackNairaland

  8. kaybaba

    Zuby u cant win all d time u are humans u know..u nt invincible to ya enemies

  9. egbo mike

    I think ajegunle is dead now!a true soldier he was’ a soldier by birth”I wish heaven got a ghetto”if there is a ghetto for true thugs I will see him there.

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