103: I am leaving if..

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”Please don’t go, I beg you”. Maria turned and said to me.

At that moment, it dawned on me that non of my friends or relatives knew exactly where I was.
I had just made another mistake of following someone to her house without telling my people.
I was going to continue the risk until daybreak.

Maria held my hand and pulled me slowly back to the room. We sat on the bed and talked until she was able to tease me back into removing my cloths.

My phone and my wallet was among the things Juliet could have stolen. There wasn’t much money with me that night, just a little over N10,000 left but my phone, I wouldn’t forgive anybody who stole my phone. My phone was my lifeline. I already had Chukwudi to deal with, I needed no other distraction.

”Thanks for understanding me” Maria said as she pulled my Trousers down and squeezed my balls.

The usual sexuall smile had returned to her face.
I got up and removed my entire clothes except the boxers. Maria had laid down on the bed with her back. One of her legs was raised up and bent on the bed.

I pulled the gown up to her waistline and slipped two fingers into her well shaven matured cunnt.
She moaned softly as I pushed the fingers in and out of her. She spread her hands wide in ecstatic manner.
Few moments later, her cunnt became wet and slippery. She had climaxed once and was begging me to fvcck her.

I stood up and pulled down my boxers in one fast swoop. I grabbed the wallet on the table and brought out a condom.

”I don’t use Gold circle condoms” Maria said from the bed.
She got up quickly and headed for her bag. The night gown had covered the cunnt I was looking at a few seconds ago.
It seemed like taking a biscuit away from a two year old kid but I endured it.

Thirty seconds later, she brought out a Durex condom and opened one. I walked like a goat to her and she slipped it perfectly on my dicck, then she bent down and pulled off the entire nightgown.

Her two balls dangled like bats hanging head-down on a tree branch.

I pushed her back down on the bed and slowly climbed her.
The old missionary style never disappointed as I slipped my dicck inside of her and started pumping. She was an expert.
Her waist vibrated in rhythm with my thrust and sent sensational pleasure waves to my brain.
Some minutes later, she turned me around and mounted. She pumped and vibrated her waist until I couldn’t hold back the sperms any longer. I busted out the thick liquids into the rubber and collapsed under her. She smiled as she climbed down and tore some tissue paper to remove the used condom.

I laid on the bed beside Maria and tickled her Tips. She was also hovering her hand all over my body until my dicck woke up once more.

”one more condom” I said. She smiled and jumped up to her bag.

The second rounds was always better. It simply meant more time since it took the sperm longer period of time to come out.

I turned Maria face down on the bed and mounted her from behind. Her slightly protruded buttocks made the cunnt to be visible from behind even while she laid flat on the bed. Still I put a pillow under her to bring the buttocks even higher.
The cunnt opened up as I slightly spread her legs apart.
In one sweet swoop, my dicck entered inside her and started moving in and out slowly.
There was no need to rush anything since it was apparent that she enjoyed it.

”Do it harder baby” I heard her say. It was time to increase the tempo and that was what I did.

”Ooh Fvck me baby” she said over and over again as she climaxed and climaxed the second time before I came.

I pulled out my dicck from her and caressed the entrance of her cunnt slowly with my hand. She felt good and relaxed after several seconds.

I got up and removed the condom from my dicck, kept it on the floor and moved back to the bed alongside her.

She came close and perched on my chest as we touched some sensitive parts of our bodies until the sleep came.

We woke up around 9am and went to the sitting room. Julie had already packed her bag and was waiting for transport money back to Benin.

”Maria listen, I don’t know what you promised this girl but if you wanted to help her, you can still do it. I don’t need to be feeling guilty of being the reason why you sent her home” I said.

”I am going back to Benin, just give me money for transport” Julie countered.

Maria tried to talk her down but she had decided to go long before I even met them. She wasn’t happy all along and I wondered why. Perhaps she didn’t like the kind of life Maria lived. She must have seen numerous men in their apartment and figured out that it was only a matter of time before her life turned into that. She might even have been forced to sleep with a man against her wish.
I guessed she was looking for money to run away but that didn’t explain the missing watch.

I didn’t want to get too involved with them anyway, therefore I just waved the thoughts and asked Maria to drive me back to my new house where I left my car.

Sometime after 10am, Ifeanyi called me. Chukwudi had been spotted at the wharf.

”I want you to approach him slowly. Greet him and tell him that you were looking for a clearing agent who could clear your brother’s Mitsubishi bus coming in from Germany. He will definitely tell you that he is an agent. Ask him how much it would cost and get back to me” I had told Ifeanyi.

He called me back later and gave me updates.
As expected, Chukwudi had jumped into the deal and said since it was a loaded bus, it would cost N220,000. Perfect!.
Ifeanyi had collected Chukwudi’s two phone numbers. One of them was the same with the one Chukwudi gave me.

Chukwudi had given me one number and gave Ifeanyi two. The criminal characteristics continued.

I asked Ifeanyi to come to Surulere. There was a Chicken restaurant at the end of Adetola street, we met there an hour later.

He told me everything that transpired between him and Chukwudi. Chukwudi had promised to clear the car in two days and even said that he could start work with his own money as soon as the bill of lading got to him.
I expected that. I was actually banking on that because I had hoped to persuade him to clear the vehicle with his own money and get the refund at the point of collection.

I called Johnson who said the car had been shipped and the bill of loading would be in Nigeria by the following tuesday which was three working days away.

I gave Ifeanyi another N2000. His money remained N13,000 although he didn’t see it that way but it was left for me to teach him mathematics later.

” We must expect reverses, even
defeats. They are sent to teach us
wisdom and prudence, to call forth
greater energies, and to prevent our
falling into greater disasters.”

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