103: The Last Girl – Everybody knew it.

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The single room apartment where Jane lived was the most dirty and untidy place i have seen in Europe.

“You didn’t tell me you were coming with him” Jane protested as soon as she opened the door for us.

“We will be out of the way in a few minutes, sorry about that” I answered.

“Queen, get your things and lets go” I said.

“Where are you taking her?” Jane asked.

“I found a new apartment for her. She will come to take you there when she is ready” I lied.

Queen who was dragging out her bag, stopped midway to say something but i made sure she didn’t.

“Baby you will show her the place when we finish furnishing it. Just get your things and lets go first” I said while looking at Queen to make sure she said nothing.

I was also determined to leave her behind if she had said something. I expected her to know why i lied on her behalf.
Jane could be a stumbling block for her travel to Amsterdam if she knew what was going on.
Besides, almost all the Edo people there in Paris were somehow connected. If Jane knew what was going on, she could, out of jealousy, decide to destroy our plan.

“I don’t understand, you just met her last night and now you are getting her a new apartment. I don’t believe this” Jane said.

Here we go again.

“Is anything wrong in doing that?” I asked calmly.
It was that moment when i needed Queen to say something but she kept quiet.

“Listen Jane, it is my money that i am spending and that is because i like Queen so much. If she doesn’t want, i can easily forget about the place. I am doing this because she said she lived in just one room with you and that there was not enough space for you two” I said, taking into consideration, the things i was seeing in the room.

“You can also move in with her when you are ready but trust me, if you people waste my time, i will forget about this and leave here. There are other things to do with my money” I said with confidence.

“Queen, have you seen the place?” She asked.

What a question.

She didn’t even ask Queen if it was true, rather she asked if she has seen the Place.

At that moment, i knew that answering that dangerous question could raise Jane’s suspicion even more; therefore i kept quiet.

“I have seen it and it is nice” Queen said with a smile.

“But why didn’t you tell me when you called?” Jane asked.

“I am Sorry” Queen said.

Apparently Queen didn’t know how to tell lies or perhaps she wasn’t comfortable with lies. I liked it somehow that she didn’t like telling lies but there were necessary lies.

Necessary lies were necessary when needed.

Forinstance, the Story of Peter in the Bible came to mind when Necessary lies were needed.
It was Peter who told the enemies that He didn’t know Jesus. They were going to kill him if he admitted that he came with Jesus but to save his neck, he told a necessary lie by denying that he came with Jesus.

“Just be careful. There is one man that comes to Paris to take some girls for rituals. I heard he entered Paris some days ago but was chased by some of our colleagues in Marcadet; then he disappeared and nobody has seen him again” Jane warned.

My right hand started shaking as soon as she mentioned the ritual man. I had to quickly put it inside my pocket to grab my phone.

Out of confusion, i called Madam Model of all people. I only realised it was her that i called when she started ranting.

“Sorry Madam, things changed. Please send me names, i will see if i can send you the money before the end of the day” I said.

While i talked to Madam Model, i paid maximum attention to what Jane was telling Queen. I was absolutely sure Queen would have Decided not to follow me if not that i promised to help her get her documents in Nigeria.

“I will be very careful” Queen said.

“What do you mean somebody is doing ritual in Paris?” I turned to Jane and asked.

“No, They said he doesn’t even live in Paris but comes from either England or Germany to pick up the girls here. Then he will go and use them for rituals” She answered.

Thank God she didn’t mention Amsterdam.

“I don’t believe there is anything like that here in Europe. Who told you that?” I asked.

Jane said she heard it from one Madam Peace who said she heard it from one other Madam whose girl was taken away by that Strange man.

For some unknown reasons, i wanted to sit down and start calling all the girls i rescued. I wanted them to talk to Jane and Queen and assure them that i was not a Ritual man and that it was me who came to take those girls. I wanted Jane to know that it was all lies geared at enslaving the minds of the girls to keep them working for the Madams forever. But i knew that i would have to explain so many things to her before she could believe me; things i didn’t have time to do.

Jane was up to 20 years and for some reasons, i decided long ago not to help girls from 20 and above.
I would call Jane later and tell her my stories, and make her help me spread the news in Paris and Beyond, that the girls who were taken were not used for any rituals but were living happily in different countries of Europe.

Queen was already heading outside when i gave Jane 100 Euros and said, “Thanks for helping Queen. I think i love her and i am going to do everything i can to make her comfortable in Life. If we get Married someday, i will remember you forever”.

She became emotional and i thought i saw tears coming out of her eyes as she watched me followed Queen out of the room and took the bag from her.

“Stop a cab” I said as soon as we came out.
I had brought out my phone and hid near the wall while pretending to be looking for a contact to call.

The blue Renault Megane stopped in front of us and asked where we were going.

I first of all leaned on the door and said, “Can you take us to Amsterdam?”

“That will cost you a lot of money” He said.

“Tell me your price” I said.

“700 Euros Sir” He said.

“I will pay 600 Euros my friend, lets go” I said as i grabbed the bag and threw it in the trunk.

“The human tongue is a beast that few can master. It strains constantly to break out of its cage, and if it is not tamed, it will turn wild and cause you grief”

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