3: Crush Your Enemies Totally

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“All Great leaders since Moses have known that a feared enemy must be crushed completely. (Sometimes they have learned this the hard way.) If one embers is left alright, no matter how dimly it smolders, a fire will eventually break out. More is lost through stopping halfway than through total annihilation: The enemy will recover, and will seek revenge. Crush him, not only his body but spirit”

According to one of my greatest writers Robert Greene, allowing the enemy to survive was not ideal; they would always come back.

It happened to me with Aunty Joy of Venice, the floating City. It happened with Aunty Adesuwa of Naples, it happened with Chigbo and it was happening again with Ikenna. They always returned with a revenge.

Looking back at my own life, i have also returned in several occasions against my enemies.
It all boiled down to indoctrination of our minds. There were different levels of crimes and the punishments against them were never the same.
To crush an enemy totally has two acceptable methods; the permanent crushing which was Death and the temporal crushing which was permanent damage to the person.

I was raised not to hurt anybody. Killing a fowl during Christmas was a big job for me but when a snake is pushed to the wall, there would be no other option than to turn around and fight.

Everything i learnt about revenge was done in Europe. The major reason was because, the European system never believed or accepted that a God somewhere was going to fight for them or revenge for them. They believed that the Law and set rules guided humans.
However, most of us Africans who where indoctrinated with one Religious rules or the other, found it difficult to adapt to the set rules in Europe because our interests were not totally covered.

The Western government would never be hundred percent committed when a Black man killed a Black man but if a black man killed a white, hell usually let lose.

I was never a killer because i believed in the second chance in the sense that the victims would learn from the past and move on; a very dangerous trend.
The worst i have gone was shooting Clement and Ralph in the legs.

As it stood at the Amsterdamspoort, i would have shot Ikenna in the head if i had a gun with me.

He hit my left eye and wounded me; Blood was coming out of my left eye. Maria was crying there while someone called the Ambulance. Ikenna has eventually disappeared before the ambulance arrived with a police vehicle.
The entire Nigerian people loitering around Amsterdamspoort has disappeared from the scene.

I was seated on the floor holding a handkerchief on my left eye before the ambulance arrived.

“She is coming with me” I said to the male Nurse who was asking Maria who she was. He opened the door for Maria to enter and sit beside me; she was carrying a nylon bag containing some if the things we already bought.
I wasn’t going to leave her behind, the enemies could harm her.

We drove to the Amsterdam Medical Center (AMC)  not far from Amsterdamspoort.

Amsterdam Medical Centrum

The Nurse cleaned my eyes with wools and some unknown liquids while we were still inside the Ambulance bus.

As soon as we arrived at the hospital,
I was taken to the Emergency room where i was sedated.
I wasn’t sure how long it took before i slept and i didn’t know how long i was knocked off by the drugs but when i woke up, i was given some carbon Rays of my eyes. Blood had nearly covered the inside of my left eye if not for the quick intervention of the Medics.

When i was brought out to the general hall, three Police officers were waiting to question me.

A doctor asked if i could talk to them or if he should tell them to go.

“Don’t worry; i will talk to them” I said, knowing that they would return if i didn’t tell them what they wanted to hear.

The female Police among them was the one asking the questions.

“Do you know the man who did this to you?” She asked.

“No, i have no idea” I answered.
Maria, who was standing near me changed her facial expression immediately.
She was sure i knew Ikenna because she was there when i mentioned his name at the Amsterdamspoort.

“I didn’t see him, he came from behind and hit me with something, i think it was with a bunch of key or some small metal” I said.

They asked other unrelated questions such as when i came to Holland from Paris, how long i have stayed and how long i intend to stay.
They also asked if i knew anybody who would want to hurt me in Amsterdam in which i told them that i knew no such person.

I loved the law so much, it made the society livable because without it, humans could have turned to cannibals.
But every problem does not require the law to handle irrespective of what the lawyers believed.

What was it the Police wanted to do if i fingered out Ikenna as the person who attacked me? Probably throw him back to jail.
I have witnessed people who committed crimes against me sent to jails without having the opportunity to show them that no single person has the right to commit crime.

I didn’t want the police to go hunting for Ikenna. I could have easily described him to them and even told them he was a Nigerian Young man released from Prison recently after two years. I could have told them the offence he committed that took him to prison. I could have said a lot of things that would have helped the Police to know it was him who slapped blood out of my left eye but i didn’t want them in the case.

I wanted to go home and relax and think and plan. I wanted to have the joy of finding the bastard by myself.

To be on the safer side, i assumed Ikenna was not done with me yet; i assumed he wanted me dead and would still come at me if we happened to meet each other again.
As a result, i made a quick decision; to find him first and when i did, the mother of all Wars would commence.

The only thing that would satisfy my quest was to stand on top of the motionless body of the bastard, spitting on it.
He took a part of me in a public place but i would take the whole of him in a secret place.

Life started and ended the same way; all in a matter of seconds.

But first things first, i needed to go home. I needed to go and console Maria. It was true i was the one who got hit but i saw the pains she was going through all because of me.

I was sorry for my woman.

“When you show yourself to the world and display your
talents, you naturally stir all kinds of resentment, envy, and other manifestations
of insecurity… you cannot spend your life worrying about the petty feelings of others

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  1. Dejust

    a cold war is abt to happen among my countrymen, God pls save the children, teach the fool to be wise, empower our noble n soldier to fight n to survive nd come back home with song of victory,


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    Trouble brewing again. How will this play out eventually? Still following though…

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    I guess Maria will be your wife if not the mother of your kid/s right now

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    so are u going to put that gun in use? Remember u have only one packet of bullet

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