102: Unexpected Settlement

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“Here is what happened. I work for an organisation that rescue teenage prostitutes here in Europe. However, i make their Madams pay after each person i rescued. The money you were supposed to withdraw was from one of the Madams but she tried to be clever by informing her friends here in Paris who in turn lied to the Police about the money. They wanted to arrest me but i disappeared before they knew what was going on” i said to Alicia at the first compartment of the Eiffel tower restaurant.
“How did you even disappear? I knew you entered the barber shop but when we came there, nobody saw you” She said.
“It is easier to succeed when you know what could happen next in life” I said with a smile.

Alicia said she was detained for three days and when the cops finished whatever investigation they were making, they told her to leave Paris.
“They also told me to alert them anytime or anywhere i see you again. They asked for your name but surprisingly, i didn’t know it” She said.
“Well i wanted to show you Paris for a day or two before the incident happened. I remember you said i must give your your full percentage of the money but unfortunately, we couldn’t get it. I called you here again because i wanted to return the money to you since i succeeded in withdrawing it in Berlin. I will give you €2000 before we part ways again. I felt bad for what happened and that is the major reason why i invited you here. So enjoy yourself while we are still here” I had said as i brought out the €2000 i had carefully arranged for her when she agreed to come.
“Since you are a principled young lady who believe so much in business, you are to be paying for your own expenses starting from now on. Infact you started paying right from the flight ticket from Bologna” I said as she laughed out loud.
“I have €2000 now, therefore i think i am capable of doing all that. But you are a strange fellow. I don’t believe an Igbo man could just give out this amount of money out conscience” She said.
“You don’t know much about the Igbo people. We are too good at taking care of people especially women. Although not everybody but a larger percentage are very good people” I said as we stood up to leave the restaurant.

“If you are going to stick around with me, i would like you to dismember your mobile phone now. This cops could have tapped into your line. This Europeans are capable of doing anything. If you are sure that you are not interested in selling me out, just do what i said. But i also need to warn you that if anything happen to me here in Paris because of you, i will find you later and when i do that, you will regret selling me out” I said.

Alicia brought out her mobile phone and handed it to me. I dismembered the gadget and threw it back into her bag without the sim card which i put into my pocket.
We got down from the tower with the lift and joined a tour bus to the Notre Dame Cathedral. As expected, there were hundreds of tourists standing in line to see the arts and Statues inside the Cathedral. It was a massive Church building only second to St. Peter Basilica in Vatican City Rome.

Before the evening, Alicia had fallen in love with me. She would hold my hand as if we had known each other for long. She would give me her handbag to carry for her as if i was the boyfriend. In one of such occasion, i refused to carry her bag.
“Look Alicia, we don’t do this where i come from. Women carry their own bags. I know the Ghanaians respect or bow to women’s demands too much but where i come from, men have more commanding rights. I don’t say it is right or wrong but i grew up to see that and it is in me now. I am not trained to be a lover boy rather i am a soldier” I had said.
She was very disappointed after what i said because she even believed that she was doing me a favour by giving me her bag to carry.

We concentrated our tour in the Champse Ellisse area where i was sure the Benin Madams and their thugs won’t do anything if they found and recognized me.

Inside a cinema hall, i called Nonso Ukeh and told him that he has until the end of the next two days to produce my letter. He said he has found the girl who took it but that she was still denying that it was not her.
“I don’t care, just get the letter or leave Paris” I had said.
“Are you in another trouble?” Alicia had asked after hearing what i said to Nonso.
“I never depart from troubles Alicia, it is part of my life now but i wish to severe our relationship anytime soon. I am to renew my resident permit card in a few days time and i have a feeling that the French Authorities may decide not to renew it. It means that i could just decide to go to Africa and never return here. They expected me to be doing some work with the permit here in France but i never worked for one day, rather i had been controlled by the German Authorities in Berlin and they reported the control to the French Authorities. I had also been controlled at the Skavska Airport in Nykoping Sweden and they must have reported that to the French people too. A lot of odds are against me but i am not scared. If they don’t renew it, i will just get a ticket and leave Europe for good” I said.
“But i will miss you if you leave Europe” She said.
“Then do something about it. You have a red passport which means that you can actually have a fake marriage with me and get some money for it” I said.
“I know but there is some trouble, i already had an arranged marriage with a Ghanaian in Italy and it will require another three years to be able to get a divorce approval and do that again” She said.

We finished our cinema and drove back to my hotel. I called the DHL Enugu and they said my document already left Enugu for Lagos. They said it will leave Lagos for Paris the same night and will be at the DHL facility in Paris by 12pm the next day.

Back in our hotel, Miss Alicia drank half glass of the JD we bought on our way home and got drunk. She was all over me even before i removed my cloths. Action time again.

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