2: Unexpectations

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Although it didn’t belong to her but she was making use of it.
The Italian Resident card that belonged to Linda was going to expire in another four years. If Precious didn’t get into trouble that required fingerprinting her, she could survive with the card for that number of years.

The Police has stopped us as we drove into the Christopher Columbus Quarters is Almere and has demanded for our permits. I feared that they could find out Linda’s permit didn’t belong to Precious but when she handed it over to them, they just checked if it was original; and handed it back to her.

The major problem was that i had a gun with me. I knew they weren’t going to search us as long as we had genuine permits but one can never rule out intelligence. Someone could have alerted them that i had a gun with me but i also doubted it because only Robin, Maria and Precious knew i had a gun. The Ghanaian who brought it to me didn’t know where i lived but he has my phone number. He could have given my number to the cops to make them track me but the chances were very slim because he knew i would implicate him too.
All in all, i never ruled out any possibility until the cops left without searching us.
I didn’t even blink because i already knew that any small misbehavior could trigger suspicion which could lead to search.

I was sure that the security control in that area was going to be high. It was a new haven for the whites, Not for blacks. Only a few middle class blacks from Suriname and Antilles lived there.

I was sure the cops that searched us were permanently stationed there. It was good anyway because they now knew us and won’t bother controlling us again.
Luckily for us, they were not in the immigration department because if they were, the issue of whether we were eligible and allowed to live in Holland could have arose.

We got up to apartment 202 and arranged our things. As expected, Precious loved the place as well.

“Brother this place is beautiful” She said while we arranged our bags.

“Thanks but don’t dream of living here, you are returning to Robin, he needs you more than we do” I said, a little harshly.
I didn’t care if she would get hurt or not. It was a deliberate act to push her to the edge a little bit. I already decided that i won’t allow her to cling to me like she has been doing right from Sweden. It was time she start her own life. She can hate me that moment and can even stretch the hatred to months or years but i was looking at the long run not the immediate future.

Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena Station

Robin was stable, he was even building a bungalow somewhere near Nike Lake Hotel in Enugu. He could take care of the financial needs of Precious better than me because i already have Maria to carter for but above all, he was going to take care of her sexually and intimately. That was one thing she has been denied by circumstances since we met.

Precious stormed out of the apartment and took the lift to the ground floor. Maria attempted to rush and beg her to return but i stopped her.
“Let her go, she is not going to live under the Oshodi Bridge, she is going to a well furnished two bedroom duplex that has no other woman in it. The problem should be whether Robin will welcome her and not whether Precious agrees to stay with him. Precious should have even bribed us to arrange her staying with Robin. If she is clever, she could just get pregnant and her life starts from there” I said.

“But you should have explained this things to her” Maria said.

“Don’t worry, we will buy her a tangible gift to apologize later” i said and moved to the room.

Precious staying with Robin was a big opportunity for me to move her on. Ever since she started to live with us, i have been thinking the best thing to do for her and the best place where she could go or fit. I already considered sending her to the UK and that seemed to be my best option.
There was no work for her in Western Europe; the citizens had no jobs let alone an illegal immigrant from Nigeria.

When we finished arranging our things, we took the train back to Bijlmer to buy foodstuffs and some other things we needed.

We were still in Amsterdamspoort when my phone rang; it was an unknown caller but the phone number was visible.
When i answered, the voice said he was Father Jude from African house.
He asked if i could come to the Church immediately.

“Father, i have told you to stop giving me difficult options. You promised to give us appointments and now you are asking me to leave everything i was doing and rush to your place. I am busy now. Give me appointment” I said.

“Please go now so that we can get over this matter and  live a quiet life” Maria said.

“Alright Reverend, I will be there in thirty minutes” I said and as soon as i put my phone back in the jean pocket, a slap blinded my eyes. I felt something metallic hit my left eye; i thought it was a bunch of keys.

I didn’t see it coming, the person had come from my back and hit me in the face.

In other to minimize his attack, i had staggered to where three men were standing and talking. Before my attacker could hit me again, he was restricted by two of the men whom i didn’t know; they saw when he attacked me.
It took about two minutes for my eyes to clear before i was able to see who it was.

The bastard has been released from Prison the day before and despite leaving my bears to grow to change my facial structure, he was able to recognize me.

The merciful Dutch authorities has been kind enough to let him live in the Netherlands after serving his jail term. And his best method of celebrating that was to Slap stars out of my eyes.

There were positives to take from the incident because i believed it was good that everything was happening at the same time. It would have been better if all the other enemies came at me at the same time so that we could get over it at once.

But as for Ikenna, he has made another silly mistake. I have always believed in the 15th Law of Power which advice that we crushed our enemies totally.

I didn’t finish Ikenna totally when i had the chance and he came back to hunt me.
But he just made the same mistake of giving me a chance to fight again.

Someone will surely Burn in hell this time but it was not yet time to think about revenge.

“If you are unsure of a course of action, do not attempt it. Your doubts and hesitations will infect your
execution. Timidity is dangerous: Better to enter with boldness. Any mistakes you commit through
audacity are easily corrected with more audacity. Everyone
admires the bold; no one honors the timid”

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  1. ahmed

    I don tire for all dis ur trouble self, don’t do anything dat wud make dem hurt maria again, cause if I hear, I wud track u down and….

  2. charles

    Zubby d wrongest place to try n settle down is that Holland/biljmer honestly u shd hv opted for Germany or that small town that borders france , Switzerland, Germany and Austria where nobody knew u.trust me…..
    Wahala today wahala tmrw one day d wahal a might consume you o!

  3. obinoral

    Officer duru will explain better. Anybody that slap zubby is in trouble. No amount of apologies can erase that slap.

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    I’m confused here oooo. How did he get into your apartment in the first place abi you were making the call outside? Ikenna just bought a big job for himself.

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    read and comprehend.reading is one thing comprehension is another thing. Read d slaping paragraph again and u will understand it better. In the previouse episode,zuby said ‘whenever i face any challenges in life,the first thing i do is to analyse the issue and the next thing is to creat a timeframe to solve it’ what do u undestand by that statement?

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    Go and buy the book – “48 laws of power” by Robert Greene.

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    I ve a copy of d book 48 laws of power it has helped me a lot.infact,all runners need d book.

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