101: The Last Girl – You can’t go yet.

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“You will do that in the train” I nearly shouted as i grabbed her hand and started walking towards the door.

“My shoes and clothes are in her place. Please let me see if she can bring them to me” She pleaded.

“Queen, i will buy new ones for you but we need to leave this place now”

“Baby why are we in such a hurry, is anything the matter?” she asked.

We were already on the corridor, heading towards the lift.

At that moment, i recalled that i didn’t even tell her anything about My enemies all over the city. But how was i even supposed to tell her that i was a fugitive in the city?
In actual sense of the situation, she was right since she knew nothing and i had to say something to make her follow me easily, otherwise i would risk making her suspicious.

“I have a serious appointment in Amsterdam and if i miss it, i could loose a business deal worth 50,000 Euros. If you wish to pick your things up, you will have to come to Amsterdam alone. But we can also ask your friend Jane to send those things to you, i will pay” I said as i pressed and waited for the lift doors to open.

Queen didn’t say anymore word, she just followed me like a ram whose owner was dragging to the market to sell.

We got down to the ground floor and came out of the lift.
As we walked out of the massive complex, I waited for the security agents to shout ‘Hey stop, you haven’t paid for the wine you took’. But they only waved and thanked us for lodging in Novotel.
It was either they didn’t know i took the drinks or the drinks were included in the money i paid for the room.
Why didn’t they tell us about it at the reception, i might have grabbed the beer to drink inside the train too.

Some cabs were already in front of the Hotel before we came out.

“Gare Du Nord” I bent down to the window and said to the cab in front.
The driver waved me to come in.

I opened the door and looked at Queen to do the same on the back door but she stood one place.

“I am leaving you here if you don’t enter the car now” I said.
She stood where she was without saying a word.

I entered the cab and asked the driver to move.

Twenty meters away from the spot where she was, i looked back and saw her still rooted to the same spot.

“Stop. Wait for me here, i will be right back” I said to the driver and jumped down from the car.

I walked fast back to Queen and saw her crying.
I hugged her and asked what it was.

“My passport is in Jane’s Place” She said.

“Stop crying, you should have told me before” I said.

“Come on, lets go to her place then” I said as i held her hand and pulled her lightly.

She followed me and entered through the back door i opened for her.

Another glitch has surfaced and it seemed that each time i wanted to escape, something would held me back. I wanted to believe in superstition for once and agree that it was a bad sign that something was about to happen to me.

It was difficult to leave Queen behind. I didn’t even give her the 500 Euros I promised to pay and she didn’t even ask about it.

I said some prayers inside my heart as we drove to the area where she said Jane lived.

Darkness was still there but the early risers were already out.
Public transport has started working and some coffee shops were already open.

Inside the cab, i asked Queen what she wanted to bring along.
She said she was taking her luggage which contained her clothes and shoes and some documents.

“Why did you have to leave your Passport in the house?” I asked.

“I have my travel card here with me and i am scared of losing the passport. If anything happen to it, i would have to return to the UK to process another one. It is a new one because the one i used when i was not up to 16 years expired back in Nigeria. This one will expire after 10 Years” She said.

I wasn’t really paying much attention to what she was saying.
All my concentration was on how to get her things and disappear out of Paris as fast as possible.

Before i could ask another question, a call came to my phone.
I fumbled inside my pocket and brought it out.

“I am with the girl now; we are back to my place” he said.


I cut the call without saying a word; he should have started to learn how i behaved by then.

I was struggling to come to terms that my life could be in danger out there in Paris and there he was safely in Amsterdam talking to me about picking up a girl.

I didn’t know why everything about this Tina was going wrong. It was her who called me when i was having the kiss of my life in the bathroom of room 311 at the Novotel.
I had called her Witch and later decided not to give her such name.
The second call about her had come as early as half past 5am just to tell me that she has arrived in Amsterdam.
I would examine her when i returned to Amsterdam but at that moment, there were some more pressing issues.

Jane lived along a major road and someone as far as 100 meters up or down the road could easily see and know who i was.

Unfortunately, Nigerians loved to Live together in Europe which meant that other Edo people, my great enemies, must have also lived in that part of town.

We stopped along the road and paid the cab driver.

“My friend, please wait for us. We want to get our bag and go to Gare Du Nord” I said.

The Taxi driver checked the money i paid him and nodded.

We pressed the bell and waited. One minute later, we pressed the bell again but nobody opened the door for us.

“Call her phone immediately” I ordered Queen.

She brought out her phone and dialed Jane.

Jane picked it up after three seconds.
“Open the door for me” Queen said and waited.

“What, where?” Queen said.

The way she looked at me told me that something was wrong.

“She is not in the house” Queen said.

Damn! How could i have forgotten the kind of work they all did there in Paris.

“Where did she say she is?” I asked for the sake of saying something.

“I don’t know. She said she will be back in two hours” Queen said.

Here we go again.

” Never assume that the person you are dealing with is weaker or less important than you are. Some people are slow to take offense, which may make you misjudge the thickness of their skin, and fail to worry about insulting them. But should you offend their honor and their pride, they will overwhelm you with a violence that seems sudden and extreme given their slowness to anger. If you want to turn people down, it is best to do so politely and respectfully, even if you feel their request is impudent or their offer ridiculous”

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