Season 7 : Time To Go. Chapter 1: Ecclesiastes 7:1

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Chapter 1: Ecclesiastes 7:1

“My friend, he gave me only one packet of bullets. If you want more, we must ask him but i am sure he will demand for money” The Ghanaian weed seller said to me.

I looked at the digital clock on my phone and it read 00:12.

“Brother, this time of the night is dangerous for black men to be doing business outside. Where do you live? I need to check out this metal properly” I said.

“We are not going to my place. Check it out here” he replied.

We were inside his small Volkswagen Jetta along the road and the packing lights were on.
I was sure the cops would stop to check us out if they happened to drive past that area.
People like the man has been to prison several times and were ready to go there again. Things such as guns didn’t worry or scare them.

“Alright, i will check it out when i get home. Take me to Kraianest station” I said.
He drove me to the Kraianest station and drove away.

I crossed the road and walked with the gun to Robin’s apartment.

Since i had the keys, i quietly opened the door and entered.
Robin was in the sitting room watching a movie with Precious. They were throwing that peanut to each other’s mouth again.

“I told you to mind when you go out in this Bijlmer especially now that Chigbo and his people are watching you. They can kill you here” Robin said.

“Not when i have this now” I said as i brought out the Hand gun and massaged its short nozzle.

“Where did you get that?” Robin asked with his eyes wide open.

“It doesn’t matter, does it? The important thing is that i can atleast fight back before going down. We are moving to Almere tomorrow” I announced.

“Guy, your parents who raised you will be disappointed if they find out that you now handle guns. They raised you with the fear of Jesus Christ” Robin said.

“Robinson, that is just the difference between us; belief system. You were among the people who raised me when i was in JS1. It was you who made me the class prefect in JS1B. You even used to force me to do Frog jump. That was part of my paramilitary training, that was raising me with the fear of Adolf Hitler. In the case of raising me with the fear of Jesus Christ, i appreciated that from my parents but Jesus would not have allowed the Jews to murder him if he had a good semi-automatic machine gun” I said and we laughed.

“Brother, did you say we are moving tomorrow?” The female voice said.

“Yes Precious, i found a new place. You will be visiting us whenever you want” I said.

“Am I not going there with you?” She said and looked at Robin.

“No, Precious, my cousin here is lonely. You will stay with him” I said and ran up the wooden stairs to the room where the Unofficial Mrs. Zuby was reading the Bible.

She didn’t say anything or even acknowledge that someone entered the room.

I looked down on the Bible page and read two lines inaudibly.

‘A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death is better than the day of birth’ Ecclesiastes Chapter 7 Verse 1′.

As i pondered what the Great Wise Holy book meant there, Maria interrupted.
“Where did you come from by this time of the night?”

“Outside. I went to the Central station to buy something” I lied, knowing that she would think i went to buy weeds.

“I thought you promised to stop smoking weeds?” She said.
“You forced me to make that promise and i did to make you happy not that its what i wanted. I don’t have any plan of fulfilling that promise” I replied.

“People are out there trying to kill you while you still take risks to go out in the night” she said.

“Read Ecclesiastes Chapter 7 verse 1” I said.

She looked into the Bible and after some moments, she looked at me.
“You just read that from here now” She said.

“Read what?”

“You just read that the day of death is better than the day of birth” She said.

“Oh, where did you see that?” I asked.

“See it here” She pointed at the book of Ecclesiastes Chapter 7 Verse 1.

“Don’t worry, i am not going to die because we are moving together to the apartment together tomorrow” I said.

“Have you told Precious to prepare?” She asked.

“She is staying here with Robin”

“No, not a chance. That’s not how it is done. If he wants Precious to stay with him, he should come and tell us” Maria said.

“Let me tell you a small Story. When the white men came to my village in the olden days, our people pursued them away by all means. They took their belongings and went to Enugu City. Enugu City was still all bush then. The Ngwo and Nkanu people who owned the land welcomed them with open arms. They settled in Enugu and today, Enugu is one of the best Cities in Nigeria. We must learn to open our minds up to the things that we don’t know; that is the only way we can study them especially when they are harmless. Precious doesn’t belong to you or me, we are just her guardians. We must do everything to make her happy and allowing her to stay with her boyfriend is one of them” I said.

“But she haven’t said ………”

“Said what? She doesn’t have to say anything. I saw it in her eyes, she wants that freedom and she is getting it. Don’t you want to have the privacy to make love in the Kitchen and sitting room?” I said.

“Or do you want her to seduce me first before you sanction her to stay with her boyfriend?” I continued.

“Seduce you, what do you mean?” She stammered.

“You heard what i said. Don’t you know that she could seduce me if we continue to live together or maybe, i could stumble on her naked body one day and make a mistake” I said.

“You won’t dare try that, right?” She said.

“I didn’t say i will try, i said i could make a mistake of even thinking she was you. Maybe in the dark after smoking weed or drinking whisky” I said and smiled.

“Devil. You are joking, aren’t you?” She asked.

“I am sure i am joking and the only way to avoid all this things is just to let her stay with Robin” I said.

“Then she stays with Robin” Maria said and started beating me playfully with her two hands.

“But she will follow us to know where we are living” She said.

My Maria was just the sweetest thing on Earth when she was happy; that was who the bastards raped in Italy and expected to go free.

Maybe i should return to Italy for more punishments.

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  1. Konmight

    Don’t return to Italy ooooo. They’ve gotten enough punishments. Well done Boss. Lord Be With You.

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    “but Jesus would not
    have allowed the Jews to
    murder him if he had a good
    semi-automatic machine gun” I
    said and we laughed”
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    this guy

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    u always covert every event to ur advantage and security

  4. Crave4Stan

    The last two chapters are among the best in this series. Ride on bro.

  5. Quinine

    “I didn’t say i will try, i said i could make a mistake of even thinking she was you. Maybe in the dark after smoking weed or drinking whisky”
    This place really got me laffing.

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