100: The Last Girl – Understanding Women.

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“Brother, I am in the train now. I called Kate to come and pick me up but she said she didn’t know anywhere”

“What?” I shouted.

That was Tina on the phone, telling me she was in the train heading to Amsterdam.

I quickly looked at the digital clock on the phone screen; it was past 2am.
Why she was not scared to wake me up by that time of the night baffled me.

If Tina wasn’t really working for Aunty Franca, then i would commend her bravery and courage to travel to Amsterdam without making proper arrangement with me.

The truth was that i was just being passive with her. I only wanted that she stopped disturbing me but she meant it all along.

“Its very late Tina. Call me when you get to Amsterdam” I said and cut the call.

Kate was already with Robin, sending another girl to them in my absence could cause issues.

The only option was Chikelue.
But he believed i sill owed him.
He could decide to hold on to her until i paid him but why should i care?
He could hold on to her for all i care. It was part of my own understanding of diversity.
I could then get to Chikelue through Tina. He could witness what i meant first hand if i got him involved.

I called Chikelue immediately.

The background noise confirmed that he was at a Night club.
“How far, are you back?” He shouted.

“No, go to the toilet, let us talk” I said.

“I m in the toilet now, but i’m in Passion” he said later.

“A girl is coming to see me in Amsterdam. Go and pick her up at the central station by 6am. I will send her your phone number to call you” I said before cutting the call.
I didn’t want him to say anything.

After the call to Chikelue, I wrote a text message with his number and sent to Tina, then i crawled under the blanket and covered myself.

“Who was the girl?” the voice asked.

“You should be sleeping” I answered.

“I am awake. Who is she?” Queen asked again.

“You will find out who she is when we get to Amsterdam tomorrow” I said.

“Tell me about it now” She insisted.

Nagging Detected!

Why were all women too Jealous? What was she expecting to hear from me after just one night?
Not that we even agreed to date each other, i only promised to take her to Amsterdam.

“She is one of the street body hawkers here. I want to help her out just like you. She wants to be free from her Madam and asked me to take her to Amsterdam. I met with her two nights ago” I said, in a bid to end the Question and Answer session.

“Did you sleep with her?”

Hmm, what the hell was wrong with Queen.

Her eyes were as sharp as someone who didn’t sleep the entire night. The Olokun fear returned to me instantly.
It seemed that while i slept, Miss Queen has been wide awake.
What was she doing, why haven’t she done any harm to me if she was really a demon?

“God forbid, why would i sleep with her? I just wanted to help her” I lied.

“But you slept with me” Queen said.

“Baby please let us sleep and discuss this in the Morning” I said in protest.

“No, we talk about it now. You said you love me, remember?” She said.

Hell, that was a joke!

That was one problem with these Western born kids; they took every word serious.
If she was a Nigerian and born in Nigeria, she would have not taken me serious when i said that i loved here.

“I just told you i didn’t sleep with her” I said.

“Baby please don’t sleep with her” she murmured.

Sometimes, understanding women was the most difficult thing to do especially when they are in love with you.
However, it was very difficult to give a name to what Queen was doing.
We just met each other a few hours ago and she wanted to know if i slept with someone in the past.
The only reason why i gave her answers was because of the story she told me about her life.
Not that i believed her 100 percent but if she was able to make up such touching story, then she deserved to me pitied as well.
Chronic liars needed some help because they saw life from a different view point.

I stayed awake to make sure Queen slept before i slept too. I was a little scared when i saw her eyes flashing after the phone call.

I woke Queen up around 5am and asked her to get ready.

“We are leaving now” I told her.

“Baby i still want some more sleep, you know you woke me up in the middle of the night” She protested.

I ignored her and went to clean my face in the bathroom.
When i returned to the room, i started putting on my jean trouser.

“Where are you going?” She opened her eyes and asked.

“Amsterdam, and i am leaving here as soon as i finish putting on my clothes” I said and continued what i was doing.

“Are you not taking me with you like you promised?” she asked as she crawled out of bed.

“Yes, if you don’t get out of there and get ready immediately”.

It was true that her stunning beauty charmed me and that she needed help but i had my own challenges which bordered on Security mostly. If anything happened to me out of my carelessness or out of my likeness for her, she won’t be able to get the help i promised her.

I was determined to leave her in the hotel room if she didn’t get up when she did.

While waiting for her to kit up, i opened the second bottle of wine and enjoyed myself.
The beer inside the fridge would not be touched.
The heinecken beer could have been a better option for me that morning since it was lighter in weight and alcoholic volume but things didn’t work that way where i was born.

We valued more expensive things over our needs in Nigeria.
Since Wine was more expensive and less common compared with beer, i was naturally going to go for the wine.

“Queen, you are wasting a lot of time” I said.

“I am almost done baby”, that was the fourth time she said the same thing.

I wanted us to leave the area before the sun comes up but the girl was bent on making sure our faces were recognizable out there.

When she finished, she brought out her phone and started dialing a contact.

“What are you doing?”

“I m telling Jane that i am going with you to Amsterdam” she said.

This little girls will never understand.

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  8. Ahmadgani

    Chikelue! What a funny character.
    Tina made a bold move by goin to amsterdam and queen, i beleive her characteristicts has to do with oyinbo mentality.

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  17. Ofido Evaristus Omega Nwannem

    Oh…! Zuby, ” but things didn’t
    work that way where i was born.
    We valued more expensive things over our
    needs in Nigeria.
    Since Wine was more expensive and less
    common compared with beer, i was naturally
    going to go for the wine”

    This is soo true

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