100: Our Destinies

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“Tim, they will stop in Rochester. The girl has some money but not British pounds. She can’t buy train tickets on her own let alone finding where to change the Euro to Pounds. Please go there now because they called and said they have crossed over to Dover” I said.
“I am at work now and can’t leave here. Let me see if i can beg my wife to go there” Timothy had said and cut off the phone.
The taxi driver had been worrying me to give him the balance of their money since the woman called and said they already crossed to the UK. I had called Tim to make sure he was going to receive Esther at Rochester but unfortunately he was at work. As a result, i decided to hold on to the balance of the money until i make sure that Esther was safe in the UK. I wanted to even add more money for the woman to drive her up to London but it was safer for Esther to use train from Rochester. Their vehicle was registered in France and was subject to more controls than the vehicles with UK numbers. The British drove right handed vehicles while France was left handed. It was usually better to fall in line with whatever new culture or system you found yourself in.
When they got to Rochester, they parked their vehicle somewhere and called us back. I told the woman that i will instruct Esther to give her another €100 if she agrees to take her to London; she agreed. I called Timothy back and told him that they were on their way to London. He asked for their phone numbers so that he would know where they will stop. I sent him Esther’s number since it also worked there in the UK; though receiving calls cost money.
Tim called back later and said he directed them to a park near his workplace. It seemed Madam Crosser knew London very well.

As soon as Tim called back and said he has seen them, i handed €1000 to the already half drunk taxi driver who stood up and left the place immediately.
I also left the place and went back to the hotel with a different taxi. The one who was with me was already drunk and the French Police were known to detect drunk drivers from every angle.

I got to the hotel and picked up my bag. There was a small security risk staying there until daybreak. The taxi driver already knew where i was and he also knew that i had some money with me. When i was about to give the woman crosser the €1000, i had intentionally brought out the Envelop that contained the €10,000 i received in Berlin. I made them see the money to assure them that their money was available. I needed the woman to know that i wasn’t going to tell her there was no money after doing her job.
The act had served its purpose and it’s time to secure the money; therefore i left the hotel and took a cab straight to the Lille Metropol Central station where I boarded a train to Paris. I arrived Paris Gare du Nord very early the next morning and took another cab to a hotel near the Magenta station. I was tempted to go to the Prostitution ground in Marcadet to look for another teenager to rescue But on a second thought, i decided against it. My cup was already getting full in Paris, it was a matter of time before one of my numerous enemies stumbled on me. It was better that i left France for the time being. I had some money with me but that wasn’t my major strength, my major strength was that i could call money from anywhere if i ran into trouble. I was sure Ify could atleast afford €1000 to send to me especially if i promised to send it back. I was sure Jennifer could send money to rescue me if i got a hold up somewhere; she had become lucky and landed herself a husband that was gentle and above average in money. I was also sure that Kenneth, Joe, Johnson and my elder brother could send money to me if i demanded for it. The same applied to Robin in Amsterdam.
After a quick thought about the possibilities of receiving outside help from those people, i smiled within me. All my efforts to liberate those girls wasn’t for nothing afteral.
My dream of retiring early in Nigeria was actually being realised. I had dreamt of leaving Europe and retiring early back home in Eastern Nigeria. I had managed to build two houses in a city. It meant that i would never have to worry about Landlord again. It meant freedom because what was really remaining was food which i knew wasn’t going to ever become a problem. I was raised up in the farm, i could start farming when i got home. We had fertile lands. My parents, despite being teachers, were also farmers. I was taught to produce my own foods very early in life. We cultivated yams, cassava, pepper, vegetables and more. We had palm trees in our lands in the village. Everything i needed to survive was there. Therefore my retirement was going to be interesting. I had always loved Farming and had hoped to start a mini farm sometime in the future. It was going to give me so much joy watching the fruits grow, going into my farm to pick up garden eggs and tomatoes. It was going to look more natural than running around the cities buying one thing in Lagos and selling it in Onitsha.
But when i looked back at those plans of mine, i discovered that i was going to start such things when i get to about 50 years. As it stood then, i was not even more than 30. It meant that i had another 20 years or thereabout to survive in the harsh streets of the cities. Life was going to be boring for me at an early stage, especially when i stopped drug business and rescue missions. Trading was good but i was never designed to become a trader. I was designed for a different purpose. Right after my secondary school, i had traveled to Onitsha to join my brother’s business but less than a month later, it became apparent that i wasn’t meant for that. I would go to the market with novels and while others ran around looking for customers, i would sit one place and read. People said that i was useless and lazy, if only they knew what i was destined to do at a young age, If only they knew how many people i would later rescue from danger
If only they knew- Zuby

“It’s true that I have been hurt in my life. But it’s also true that I have loved, and been loved. and that carries a weight of its own. A greater weight, in my opinion. It’s like that pie chart we studied in schools. In the end, I’ll look back on my life and see that the greatest piece of it was love. The problems, the runs, the rescue operations… those will be there too, but just smaller pieces. Zuby

This marks the end of Season 4. Season 5 begins here Season 5: CHANGING MARIA

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