100: Captured At Last

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I spent three days in Helsinki Finland. Not because i wanted to wait and pick up the money as Obi said, but because i felt at peace.
I was unreachable and untouchable up there at the North end of the World. It was too cold but it was better than looking over my shoulders on daily basis.

As the days went by in Helsinki, i began to think about the advantages and the disadvantages of European resident permits.
Italy did great by legalizing me in the system but it also meant that i was tied to them. I was required to return to Italy every other month each time i traveled out. I was required to work with the permit in Italy since it wasn’t eligible to work elsewhere. I was required to renew the permit every year at the foreign office.
I was practically tied to the country and the only way to escape was to drop the documents and forget it but if i did that, there was no way i could be able to travel around like i did.

After the third day, i collected 28,000 Euros and swallowed it. Bola had instructed me to swallow it instead of carrying it inside my hand bag.
As i flew from Helsinki to Amsterdam, i prayed that Bola be arrested and locked up like Basil.
That would mean another 28, 000 Euros for me. It would bring back life into me and would make my enemies shut their mouth.
I also had the option of flying straight to Italy with the money.
I would change my phone number and disappear to another city; Bola would never find me and even if he did, killing me wasn’t going to be an option. He would want to get his money first. But unfortunately, i didn’t want any more chasing from the people i wronged. The whole thing was becoming a bad habit on my side.

I stole from Ano and claimed it was God who wanted to liberate me.
I stole from Basil and claimed that God also wanted to lift me high.
I sold Angela, one of Madam Philo’s girls and claimed that i needed the money to travel to Africa.
Madam Philo’s case about Angela was still there waiting to break in Castel Volturno. As long as Mary was there, it was only a matter of time before she got into a good relationship with Madam Philo and when that occur, she would tell Philo that it was I who sold Angela. All hell would be let lose and Castel Volturno would be too small to accommodate two of us.

The best option for me was to simply deliver the Money to Bola, pick my payment and return to Italy. After that, i would then start to plan on how to relocate to another city.
Castle Volturno has served its purposes. Trying to hold on to it was never going to help me.

There was also the case of Jacob who went to prison as a result of my tricks. He could be out from detention at any time and would add to my list of enemies out there. It seemed there was no where to hide at that moment.

Back in Amsterdam, Bola was waiting for me at the Schipol International Airport. He didn’t see it fit to follow me to Brussels on my way to Helsinki Finland but he saw it as caring to come to the Amsterdam Airport to welcome me. I didn’t blame him, i had a lot of his money and from what i found out before swallowing the drugs, they were about three men who owned the Cocaine.
If i had decided to fly to Italy with the money, three of them would be planning on how to find me. Some would even use diabolical means to either track me down or kill me. It was good that i returned their money to them; that meant less enemies and less troubles as well.

After counting and making sure the money was complete, Bola said i needed to rest for one or two days before heading to Italy again.
I didn’t argue about that, i just nodded and told him that i would do as he said. The truth was that i was reluctant to return to Italy. If i found another business deal in Amsterdam, i would grab it.
I figured that if i returned to Italy with a lot of money, it would help my relocation bid a lot.
To leave Castel Volturno, i needed atleast 5000 Euros. I needed to have enough to be able to pay for a new apartment, settle in properly and still have enough left to take care of myself before i could find something else to be doing.

Bola promised to take me for shopping in Amsterdamspoort but i refused. I didn’t tell him i was afraid of Basil, I only told him that i didn’t need new clothes and shoes.

“Just give me the money in cash” I had said, just to make things look like i wasn’t rejecting his gifts.

After the first day, I told Bola that i would leave the following day. He said he would give me my money as soon as i was ready to go.

At the agreed 3 Euros per gram multiplied by 700 grams of cocaine i took to Finland, i was supposed to get 2100. Five percent of 28000 amounted to 1400 Euros, that was the amount i would get for bringing the money back from Finland.
In total, Bola owed me 1400 plus 2100, that amounted to 3500. That was what i made in the Finland trip.

However, trouble started when i asked Bola for my money the next morning. He said he has no cash in the house and that i should wait for another two days.

“That will not happen” I had shouted, “You better give me my money or you wont like what i will do here.”

Bola was able to calm me down and said he was going out to borrow cash from his friend to settle me.

My bag was ready. I have finished my bath and put on my clothes. I was ready to go. I just sat on the Sofa with my bag, waiting for Bola to return with my money before i moved.

I heard the door lock being turned from outside. Bola had finally returned from borrowing the money for me.
My heart rejoiced as i stood up to demand for my money instantly.

But my World turned upside down when Bola opened the door and walked inside the apartment.
Walking behind him was Basil, followed by Solomon from Hungary.

“Hello Maria” Basil said, “I heard you ran away from Passion NightClub when i entered there last week.”

There was no mouth to talk, no strong legs to stand and no eyes to look in Basil’s face.
I was just a dead wood standing in the middle of three black men…

But if I had to choose a single destination where I’d be held captive for a very long time, it won’t be in an apartment in the 17th floor of a tall building in Amsterdam

– Maria

This Marks the end of Season 2. Season 3 follows immediately.

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