36: The full takeover

After shipping my BMW X5 down to Nigeria, I had about €15,000 left with me. I called my supplier and bought two bags/kilos of weeds. I invited Marko and Bolaji to come to Berlin.

I told Bolaji to come with money. I gave him 600 grams and asked him to go and start distributing them to the new African arrivals in Brandenburg. He was scared of the quantity. He was used to buying 100 grams at a time. I tried to make him understand that 600 grams was just 100 grams multiplied by 6. It was all about mathematics but he was still scared. He agreed to take 200 at most. With the level of his panicking, I figured he could throw the stuff away at the sight of the first Police uniform, therefore I agreed to his 200grams at-a-time proposal. The only problem was that I didn’t want frequent visits to my apartment. It was bad for security.
He paid for the 600 and took 200.

Marko came two hours later. I lectured him on how to deal on large quantities. He had never been a dealer, he was just a smoker. But I figured that if I could train him properly, he could be a very important retail outlet for my syndicate. There was also the issue of trust but in the game of drugs, there was a very large room for trust and risks. If one was not willing to take risks or trust his partners, he would be limited to his dealings.
I lectured him for hours on the security of the drugs and himself.
I laid down the laws of a drug dealer from number one to number ten. I asked him questions between the lectures and when I was satisfied that he could handle the business, I gave him 100grams to start with.

Three hours after Marko left my house, he called me again and said that he had finished selling 100grams. He wanted to return to Berlin for more but I told him to wait until the following day. He was on a speed mode and that was bad for drug business. Avoidable mistakes usually occured when a dealer wanted to sell everything to everybody in a very short period.

When he returned to Berlin the following day, He returned the money for the 100grams he had sold.
I gave it to him at €400 but he sold it at €8/gram as I had instructed. He made €400 profit in one day. He was very excited and told me that he went to the local night club with his girlfriend. Money had come and the good news was that the source of the money was a solid one.

I gave him 200grams and told him not to return to Berlin until three days. He got home and sold the whole stuff in one day again.
The advantage he had was that most of the smokers in Brandenburg knew each other. It was the same thing everywhere in the World. All he needed to do was to call his friends and tell them that he had weeds for sale.
He even told me that some of his friends bought from him only to go and sell at a higher price to their own groups. That was exactly what I wanted.
The business chain was gradually increasing which was why I wanted Marko to slow down a bit. I knew the Police would catch him someday but I hoped I would have made a lot of money from him before then.

Bolaji on the other hand, was being cautious in his dealings in the HEIM. He was afraid of the Arabs and naturally afraid of the cops. He finished his 200grams in three days and returned for more.

I called Johnson and told him that I had some stuff too. He visited Berlin and took 700grams. He wanted to be the semi-boss down there in Brandenburg. In one week, I had distributed the 2kilos and made over €1000. It wasn’t much but it was a good beginning.
Ozoigbondu had returned to business.

A week later I rented another new apartment. The frequent visits to my place was becoming dangerous. Every German citizen was a police spy. They would call the police if they suspected any unusual activities.
I had hoped that my madam would return someday soon and it wouldn’t be such a good idea to introduce her to drug business.

Money had started coming again and it was a welcomed development. I had don a great job in avoiding Nigerians to monitor my movement. Whenever there was nothing to do, I would go to the shipping company owned by a Nigerian and join them to load fridges, spare parts and other African bound items. I would struggle with the others to make sure that we shared everything equally.

Rumour was flying around that Ozoigbondu had no money anymore, some said that I had squandered my whole money in Portugal. Some said that Jennifer ran away with my money. I enjoyed the rumours because it made them stop asking for money from me.

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