In my dream, a woman was chasing me with a knife.
It was in Nigeria.
I had just returned from Market and sat down to eat when a woman busted through my gates with a knife.
I jumped up on top of the roof, she did the same.
I spread my hands and flew, she followed me. We flew for several minutes and each time I looked back, I saw her closing the gap between us.
I landed on top of a Church building, she landed there too.
*Damn, even the Church building won’t save me*

I flew out of the Church building and landed in a tree, she landed in the same tree below me. She was still clutching the Knife.
Then it came to me. The only thing I needed was to fight back.
I remembered that I had a knife at home too, I flew out towards my home and she followed. I got home and grabbed my own knife. She landed in the middle of the compound. I came out with my own Knife and confronted her. She started going backwards. I pursued her out of the compound and she ran away. I picked up a stone and threw at her, it hit her on the head. She cried out and the sound woke me up.

I looked beside me and saw Jennifer peacefully sleeping. I lay awake on my back and tried to figure out the meaning of the dream.
Who was she?
They said dreams could mean an opposite of what happened.
Was it Madam Grace?
Was it the Olokun herself?

One thing I was pretty sure of was that madam Grace indulged in Petty Juju medicines.
I personally believed so much in Physicality.

During the night before I slept, I had thought about Olokun and the Madam Grace’s threats. I had thought that since she had paid some money without seeing Jennifer, she was left with the only option of taking my name to Juju. I somehow believed that even if I had sent Jennifer back to her after the payment, she would still do something about it.

I laid awake from around 4am until 6am when Jennifer woke up. I was tempted to tell her what happened in the dream but that would have created a lot of panic in her. I waited for a good opportunity to tell her.

If that was all Olokun and Madam Grace could do, then I had discovered the solution; fight back.
I had fought her back physically and defeated her. I had fought whoever it was in the dream and succeeded in chasing her away in the dream.

*One more attempt madam Grace, Just one more move from you; dream or physical and I will bring the war down to your doorstep*

I dialed the room service for coffee and tea. They brought it ten minutes later.
We drank in silence. I had brought a bottle of Jack Daniels Scotch with me from Outside Yesterday.
I opened it and filled my glass to half. Jennifer stared at me as if to say ” why drinking this morning”
But she was gradually becoming afraid of me too.
I pitied the poor girl. In as much as I blamed her for some of my troubles,
my entrance into her life had brought her troubles too.
Destiny had played a large trick on us and it was left for us to fix it. Unfortunately, the larger percentage of the fixing lied with me.

After two gulps of whiskey, I called Madam Grace.

” Hello” a voice said on the other side of the call. It was madam Grace. She was still half asleep.
It was the morning of December 26. Two days after she had lost 5000 Euros to blackmail.

” Madam Grace, I told you not to make any more move. You sent a witch to me in my dream last night. I defeated your witch but you will pay for it” I said and cut off the call.

Jennifer looked at me with a surprised face. She asked what had happened.
I told her about the dream. Leaving out where I ran to the Church for help. I was not ready for ” accept Christ or perish” topic.

My phone rang a few minutes later and it was Madam Grace. She said she had no idea what I was talking about. She said she had kept her own end of the bargain and that I was just being wicked by not sending Jennifer back to her.
I told her to wait for a call before midday.

Suddenly I was in the mood for Sexx. It must have been the Jack Daniels. I turned to Jenny and smiled. She smiled back.

*That was the first smile on her face for a long time. The whole running from madam had deprived the young lady of happiness. I pitied her. Maybe Sexx will bring her back to normalcy. Just maybe*

I kissed her on the lips. She didn’t respond. It was an unexpected kiss.
I pretended not to be interested anymore and as I was about to shift away from her, she grabbed me and pulled me down on the bed. She was hungry for it. The way she nearly tore my cloths out of my body confirmed it.
Before I could say jack, my entire clothing system had been stripped down to the stockings.
She kissed my Joystick and started sucking. The effect of the early morning scotch kept my brain active.
She sucked while my stretched right hand squeezed her bosoms.
I had forgotten how the sweet girl felt and tasted since I began to run.

When my Joystick had gotten stiff enough for action, I searched for my wallet.
Damn! No condom.

I was torn between flesh to flesh and running outside for condom. I believed that running outside would change everything because there was the possibilities of not being in the mood anymore by the time I returned.

I considered what could happen to me if I did it without condom.
Contacting disease, getting her pregnant etc.
The issue of getting her pregnant was quickly discarded since I could pull my Joystick out and pour the Spermss on the bedsheets.

The issue of disease lingered for a few seconds. Then it hit me.
Madam Grace was after me both physically and spiritualy.
If the disease I could contact didn’t kill me, madam Grace was going to kill me.
Either way, I would be dead before I got to 120 years.

* ”Do it, attaboy”. That naughty part of me shouted*

The whole thought lasted for a few seconds as I turned around and saw Jenny laid Unclad facing me with a welcoming smile.

I raised her right leg high and slowly dipped my Joystick into the already wet cunnt.
It was a sweet sensation as I thumped in and out in a manner that made her beg for more.
Her tight cunnt held every part of my Joystick and made me come quicker than usual. She clutched my waist as soon as she found out that I was about to release. I couldn’t pull out.
Damn! I had released inside her.

She cleaned up and we did it the second time.
After the Sexx, I told her that I was feeling a little cold inside my body. I went downstairs to a pharmacy along the street.
It was open. I told the Brazilian lady that I needed some pills that could stop a lady from getting pregnant.
She told me that I needed a prescription from a doctor.
She was alone in the shop, I smiled and slipped a 50 euro bill in her hand.
She smiled and went inside.
A minute later, she came out with a pack of 20 tablets. She said the lady needed only one each time she had unprotected Sexx.
I asked for the price and she said 11 euros. I gave her a ten euro bill and left. She didn’t ask for the remaining 1 euro.

Back in the hotel room, I gave the pack to Jennifer. I had removed one tablet from the card and threw it away. I told her that I had taken mine.
It was for cold prevention.
*The pneumonia killer*.
She took a tablet and kept the remainder in her purse.
Thanks to Language Barrier, the name of the pills and its functions were written in Portuguese…


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