10: Suddenly A Target

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Chapter 10.

We arrived in Onitsha before 4pm. Instead of heading to Enugu straight away, i decided to stop at Onitsha. We took a cab to my elder brother’s apartment where he lived before the incident.
The family had relocated to Enugu Temporary.

I had earlier called my younger brother and told him i would be stopping there. He was at the apartment waiting for me.

I took my bags up and returned downstairs to check if any of our cars was OK. The BMW was there and so was the Mercedes Coup and Infinity FX35.
The Mercedes responded first.

Queen and I with my younger brother sat in front of the house and had a few drinks before i decided to go to Enugu that evening.

The other residents of the building were coming to shake my hand and sympathize with me. They all tried to tell me how good my brother was etc.
Since i wasn’t interested to hear such things, we went up and brought our bags down, then we started the Mercedes and with the drivers licensing i had asked my younger brother to make for me two weeks before, we embarked on a journey to Enugu.
Since i didn’t know the actual state of the car, i decided not to go on a speed.
I drove between 80 and 100 km/h until we got to Enugu around 8pm.
We headed to the Barry Gold Hotel and rented two rooms at 4500 each; one for my brother and one for us.

I had expected that Queen would be uncomfortable due to the weather but somehow, she was happy and excited.

“I didn’t know you know how to drive a car” Queen had said on our way to Enugu.
My younger brother had looked at her and wondered if the girl actually knew who i was. It was apparent to him that Queen didn’t know much about me.
He had asked me who she was and where she came from and to put a stop to the follow up questions, i told him that she came from the United Kingdom to see me.

Queen had also asked who my younger brother was and i told her who he was.

We were tired in our hotel room; therefore we just went to the reception, ate over-priced rice and returned to our room to sleep.
I had a lot of things to cover the following day. I was sure Queen would want to follow me all over the place but i planned to leave her behind in the hotel. It was the reason why i chose a cheap hotel. Paying 10,000 or more in hotels such as Golden Tulip or Ascot was going to drain my wallet faster than gambling.
The room at Barry Gold Hotel had a perfectly working AC, it was all we needed.

We slept peacefully and woke up around 9am. It was time to go and start the business of the day.
My younger brother had called my mother and told her i was in town. She had said she would come to Enugu immediately since the City was just 10 minutes drive from my village.

When he told me in the morning that our mother was coming, i added seeing her on the list of the things to do for the day.

After taking my bathe, i announced the plan of the day to Queen.

“Baby, i have many stressful things to do around the city today. You will stay back here and wait for me” I said. As expected, she said she wanted to follow me.

I had planned to meet with my mother and two sisters, my brother’s wife, Ify the girl they had found for me when i was in Amsterdam and most importantly, the Police officers handling the kidnapping issue.
Those people were not people i wanted to start telling about a new beautiful girl that had followed me from Amsterdam.
There was a way our people understood things.
They pretended to be the most morally upright group of humans while at the same time, they were the worst and the most stupid group.
The moment they knew that i returned with Queen, the topic was going to change from why i came down to why i came with a girl.
Naturally they would want me to die while searching for my missing brother. Anything short of that, and i would be termed a failure.
A lot of things were at stake, most importantly my money.

A lot of my money was with the missing guy and there was no way to recover anything without the proper documents. Documents i was sure his wife must have hidden the moment she heard i was in town.
When i called her on the phone two days before and told her i was in Nigeria, she had asked why i had to come down and had ran to Onitsha for whatever reason best known to her.

“The people i plan to meet today won’t like the idea of introducing a new girl to them. There is a problem in my family right now. My elder brother is missing and everybody is mourning. This is the worst time to bring in a new girl to the picture” I said in an attempt to make the situation clear to her.

“But you dont have to introduce me to anybody. You can just go about doing your business without having to tell anybody about me. I won’t interfere” She said.
Her eyes were becoming weight as if she wanted to cry. She had done that on many occasions in the past whenever she wanted to make me do something for her. But right there at the hotel, i had resolved that no matter the amount of tears that came out of her eyes, she was not going anywhere with me. She was going to stay in that hotel until i return.

I knew what was wrong with Queen. She still had that small doubt that i could disappear and leave her behind. I didn’t blame her, she would be stranded if i did that. But she should have also known that the reason why i allowed her to keep hold of her own money was to be able to find her way out of the country if anything happened to me.
I didn’t have to run away before she got into trouble, something else could happen to me.
I had returned to look for my missing brother whom i was sure was kidnapped by the people who knew him. This people must have known who i was too and that meant that i could also be a target. I was going to be careful how i moved around town but it would be difficult for me to be playing hide and seek while moving with a captivating beautiful girl.

No way, Queen ain’t going anywhere.

“Queen, no matter how much you try to convince me, i have made up my mind that you won’t be following me” i said.

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