10: Reunification Of Enemies

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“We are going to start removing teenage girls from the streets together. You know many Madams in Italy. You will be getting their phone numbers while i do the travels. You will stay here and coordinate the rescued girls. Their Madams would be paying us for their release but we wont release them. The girls will believe us more if they see you or hear your story” Zuby said to me.

It wasn’t the best business in the World but it was better than sitting on a time bomb in Castel Volturno.
What baffled me more was his ability to convince me to stay.
He was my enemy, he was supposed to be afraid that i could stab him to death in his sleep.
He was supposed to be afraid that i could poison him through food.
But Mr. Azubuike wasn’t scared a bit. He has big confidence all over him.

“Are you not afraid that i could kill you?” I managed to ask.

“No Maria, you can’t kill me. First of all, i wont allow you to do that. Secondly, i am going to make you rich again if you just follow my lead. You know i loved you so much, even right from Nigeria. We had a good history together. The only problem was your line of work. We were destined to stay together, so if you succeed in killing me, you may have lost your husband” He said.

What a man.
I came to Sweden to Kill him but ended up loving him more. I was going to stay with him. He was going to be my security assurance. With him, i wont be scared anymore. I even wished that he was there when Bola and Basil were attempting to end my existence, i was sure he would have taught them the lessons of their lives.
Even if he wanted us to return to Italy, i wont be afraid to go with him. I would follow him and wait for any idiot who would come looking for me in Italy.

The whole new development had weakened me and coupled with being tired, i slowly lowered myself on the bed and slept like a baby.

There was no more need to be jumpy or scared of my dreams. My depression has taken a big hit and was instantly subsiding. I was getting normal again, my nerves were returning to normal.  I had just met my security.

I didn’t know what Zuby did when i was sleeping but when i woke up, he removed my clothes one after the other and took me to the bathroom.
He bathed me by himself and massaged every part of my body.
He talked while doing all that. He assured me not to be afraid of him anymore. He apologised for hurting me many times but said he would do the same things again if given the chance; what kind of human was that?

There and then, i knew he was a beast who was being controlled by nature itself.
Such force was always difficult to destroy.

When things felt as if it has calmed down, Zuby asked that we go to the mall to buy food items. Since i had to go with him, i got up and followed him to the big shopping mall at the train station.
I was wondering what would happen to me since i came to Sweden with just one cloth. Alice would have given me a set of cloth to change the one i had with me but it seemed
She has totally fallen out with Zuby, She wont give me anything in a haste.

“I guess you came here with one cloth or did you leave others at your friend’s place?” Zuby asked as we walked past a boutique.

“I came here with one cloth and i have been thinking what to do since you want me to stay here with you” I replied.

He looked up at me and smiled. “Lets go buy clothes for you inside the boutique” He said as he held my hand and pulled me slowly into the boutique.

With a lot of patience i didn’t know Zuby possessed, he waited for over an hour while i selected and tested different clothes.
Eventually, i came up with four different sets of clothes and one flat shoe. The total amount was the equivalent of 310 Euros; he paid and carried them himself. I didn’t know he was caring in anyway.

We left the boutique and went into the food store where we bought a pot and food items before we returned to the apartment.

While i cooked Rice, he said he was going to see a friend called William and left.
By the time he returned, the food was ready.

I dished out food for both of us and we ate together. It was something i never dreamed will ever happen; eating from the same plate with zuby, my biggest enemy.
I had a feeling he wont touch the food if i put his share in a separate plate. He did something like that back when we newly met in Lagos. I was aware that he must be scared of me poisoning him, i would do the same if i were in his shoes, only if he knew that he has managed to convince me beyond doubt that he loved me.
I never really doubted he loved me, in fact, i believed him more when i found out the motives behind his actions. He simply didn’t like seeing the small girls on the streets.

Despite knowing that what we did in Europe was illegal, we still thought we were doing business to make money.

While we ate our food, i vowed to help fight the Italian Mamas. We were going to make money out of it afterall.

I began to realise the reality of what was happening when it was night. I had changed to night wear and lay on the bed while Zuby made some calls. He talked in an encrypted way that made me suspect the call could be about me. He was telling someone in Nigeria to prepare to go somewhere for him the next day. It seemed he was calling Italy to let someone check my place out.

Precious still lived in my apartment. My plan was to call her the next day and ask her to send some of my things to Sweden. I knew she would be surprised at the turn of things but i owed her no explanations.

Inside the bed, the monster made me stay at the wall side of the bed and faced me. The light was dimmed to the lowest while we covered each other with the single blanket.

“You know you are a lovely girl, only that your line of business hurt people” He said.

I can’t help but smiled as he slowly brought his mouth close to mine and before i could say anything, we were deep in kisses. He fumbled with my boobs as we kissed and whispered slowly into our ears.

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